Title: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Author: Mel


Rating: G

Teaser: What did happen to Ethan Rayne after A New Man?

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

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Disclaimer: They're not mine; I just borrow them and then return them unharmed for someone else to play with.


Ethan Rayne sat boredly in his prison cell, out in the middle of he wasn't sure where. He couldn't even use his magick to get out; the cell walls and door were specially made to be impervious to magick. Every so often, someone came to interrogate him or drop off food, but they never actually opened the special glass door, just talked from behind it or did whatever business they had to do through it.

The agents or whoever it was keeping him locked up here seemed intrigued by him. They'd already made several offers to try and entice him into working for the government but he wasn't buying into it. Not that he wouldn't have liked the money, power and resources they could have given him, but he wasn't going to be caught dead working for a bunch of two faced secretive soldier-boys who liked order and keeping things quiet and secret.

He heard footsteps outside his cell, and after a second, he saw two people, a man and a woman outside the door. They looked like more government people-well dressed, expensive accessories, fancy briefcases, the whole thing.

"How many times do I have to say "no" before you people get the message?" Ethan growled. "I'm not going to work for the government."

"We're not from the government. I'm Lindsey MacDonald, and this is Lilah Morgan. We're from a law firm called Wolfram and Hart." The young man held up a business card for Ethan to see.

"You could say we have government connections," Lilah said "But rest assured we're very much our own organization."

"Lawyers? Now what, am I going on trial?"

"No...or at least we hope not" Lindsey shook his head. "We've come to talk to you because we've heard about you. We know you have a great love of chaos and that you're a very powerful warlock. And we've heard that your tendencies run more toward, shall we say... evil. We believe you have great potential to become a major asset to our firm."

"You see, Mr. Rayne, we're called a law firm, but that's only a very small part of what we actually do at Wolfram and Hart. We have branches in every major city in the world and also in places not of this world."

"An evil law firm? Isn't that a bit redundant?"

"That's a good one, but in our case, no. We really are involved with evil in many of its various forms." Lilah replied. "And not just corporate stuff either...Let's just say that we're involved in things that most people probably don't even believe are real and if they did believe it, they'd be shocked. Supernatural and otherworldly things. We're also interested in you because you have connections and you know things. Things about the do-gooders in places like Sunnydale and a certain vampire named Angel."

Ethan wasn't sure what it was about these two, but he liked them. He knew a good person to be connected with when he saw one, and these lawyers or whoever they were certainly seemed to be his type. He smiled an evil, happy smile.

"Oh yeah. I know about them all right. And I like the way you talk. Show me what you're got to offer and maybe we can arrange a deal."

Lindsey and Lilah exchanged pleased expressions as they got ready to make their offer. This Ethan Rayne belonged on their side, and they both had a feeling that he'd go quite far working for Wolfram and Hart.