I came out of the bathroom smelling bacon. It smelled like Steve had probably burnt the bacon, because Evie was over.

"Hi Johnny," Evie giggled from Steve's lap as I walked out. I jumped, and half ran to Pony and Soda's room. I was getting used to girls catching me at awkward times in the Curtis house, but Evie seeing me half naked really freaked me out.

"Did I say something?" I heard Evie ask, trying to be quiet, after I had made it to Pony's room.

"Naw, he's just jumpy from last night," I heard Dallas say back. I slipped on my jeans, and one of Pony's T-Shirts.

I sat on the bed and lifted up the shirt looking at the cut that was on my ribs, along with a few scratches, bruised all purple, blue, and yellow. I ran my finger along it and winced.

Then there was a knock at the door, which was loud and forceful.

"You decent?" I heard Dallas' deep voice muffled obviously by a cigarette in his mouth.

"Yeah, yeah come in," I said pulling my shirt back down. He walked in and I noticed instantly that it wasn't smoke coming from his mouth. He had a blade and in his other hand some white tape and liquid.

"How you doin' kiddo?" He asked putting the stuff on the bed and then sitting on Pony's desk chair.


"Doc says we gotta tape your side up after every shower and stuff…" He said, I nodded and lifted up my shirt.

"Where'd ya get this stuff?"

He chuckled, "I had it since me and Steve was 15, remember when we were fixing that beat up motorbike? Sliced my arm right open on the broken windshield…"

I remembered that. I remembered that Dallas didn't even blame Steve for getting him hurt. Even though Steve was the one that told Dally he better fix it up since it was his idea. But Dally wasn't like the other guys; he didn't need to blame other people for his own stupidity.

"Oh yeah," I smiled.

"This stuffs' gonna burn like hell," He said quietly opening up the little bottle of clear liquid. It smelled strongly of alcohol based chemicals and iron.

"Can you grab me the tape?" He asked, gesturing towards the tape on the end of the bed. I reached to grab it and then I felt like someone had diced my side right open, and I went to grab at the cuts but Dallas grabbed my arms so I wouldn't touch it. I grunted and pried my arms out.

Dallas looked at me and smirked.

"You're good, you're good. At least it's over with kid…" It was burning and tingling and my whole right side felt numb except the gash.

He grabbed the thick white tape from my hands, cut a piece with his blade, stuck some toilet paper to it then pressed it against my ribs. Then he pulled out another piece and did it again.

"You know what you need tonight?" He asked with his blade between his teeth.

"What's that?"

"You need to come drinkin' with me, Stevie and Two-Bit." He stated. I thought of my dad who drowned his lost marriage and work troubles in shot glasses and beers. He ended up passed out, and violent.

"I think that's the last thing I need right now, actually."

"Naw, come on kid it'll be good for ya. Take your mind off all this stuff that's been happening lately… come on. I'm buying." Dally said with a wry grin and shaking his white hair out of his eyes. I thought about how happy all the people looked at Dally's parties, and the last time I was barely drunk but still felt happily dizzy and content.

"Yeah sure,"

"You'll come?"

"I'll come,"

The whole gang sat in the living room except Pony. He was at track, and should be home around five o'clock.

Steve and Evie were making out on the couch beside Two-Bit. Two-Bit was bugging Steve something awful. He had already "accidentally" spilled his beer on Steve, made a fool of himself by clapping whenever Evie made noise, and mistaken him for Sodapop by telling him the phone was for him when it was Ponyboy.

"Steve I wouldn't do that for so long…" Two-Bit said now staring at the couple intently.

Steve turned his head, his usually dazed frown on his face and said breathlessly "Why's that?"

"Because a thing as sweet as Evie there 'oughta give you coupl'a cavities," Two-Bit said, with a wink towards Evie. I watched as she grinned widely and giggled. Then she looked at Steve and wiped her face clean.

"Come on Evie," Steve said grabbing her hand and pulling her out the door.

"Bye boys!" She said flirtatiously wiping the corner of her mouth again. Steve looked at Two-Bit daring him to say anything. He just smiled, and waited for Steve to turn his head.

"Always a pleasure, darling!" He yelled, and then walked rather quickly into the kitchen.

"Hey, one of you kids go and get Pony for me? I got some stuff to do…"

"Like what?" Sodapop said standing up.

"Like stuff that's none of your business, now can ya go get your kid brother without giving me the third degree?" Darrel snapped. He was in a bad mood tonight, and had to leave for his second job in an hour and a half.

"Fine," Soda said kicking Darry's tool belt. "Anyone up for coming along?"

"Me" I said picking up my jean jacket from the arm chair.

"I'll come too," Two-Bit stated glancing at Darry, "Dally?"

"Well I'm not staying here with Super-bastard," Dally grumbled, he was still sore because Darry and he had gotten into an argument which Darrel had won.

We all looked over at Darry quickly, he glanced at us before starting towards Dallas and we all bolted out the door.

"Is that Pony right there?" Dallas asked pointing to a girl standing with a couple of friends.

"That's a chick, Dally." Sodapop said bored out of his mind like he always is.

"They all look like chicks in these uniforms," He said quietly taking a drag on his cigarette.

"There's Pony right there," Two-Bit pointed to him, in second place. He was running one of those races where they pass the tubes.

"Yeah, go Pony!" Sodapop yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth.

He pulled into first place and crossed the finish line.

"Wow, Ponyboy's a great runner…" Two-Bit said admiringly.

"Gotta crush on Pony, Bit?" Dallas asked teasingly kicking out the bottom of the fence.

"Shut up Dallas, you know you couldn't run like that if your life depended on it." Two-Bit retorted.

"Sure I could,"

"Yeah, maybe if you hadn't started hacking butts when you were four," Two-Bit said, and then did an impression of Dallas' wheezing cough that he had gotten from smoking all these years.

Dallas gave Two-Bit a good hard shove to the ground, then Two-Bit wrapped his arms around his legs and held on for dear life while Dallas tried to get free so he could be the crap out of him.

I saw Ponyboy walking over, his hair was messy, and his face blotchy. He was sweating and panting but gave me his sarcastic lopsided grin. I smiled back and nodded. Suddenly I watched as that girl from the rodeo came running down from the bleachers. Not the girl I was with…that one Pony was all over. What was her name…? Julia?

No, Gina. It was definitely Gina.

She leaned over the railing of the bleachers which were a bit higher than the track. She smiled, she was really pretty. She had on a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up and the front half buttoned, and a skirt that was so short I'm sure the greasers behind her who were staring at her had a pretty good view. I also noticed a pack of cigarettes sticking out the pocket.

Ponyboy was glancing around nervously, but not one of the boys was even aware he was coming. Two-Bit and Dallas were talking to a few girls, who looked a bit older than them, a bit out of their league, and a bit annoyed by them. And Sodapop was talking to two guys from school.

The only one who saw him was me.

Then Gina grabbed Ponyboy's face and kissed him. Running her hands through his sweaty hair and grabbing the back of his neck. I saw his eyes were still open and he was still glancing around nervously, like he was afraid a teacher might see him. Then Gina pushed herself over the edge of the railing still kissing Ponyboy and wrapped her legs around his waist. Finally he closed his eyes, and she pulled away. She smiled and smoothed his messy hair back, kissed him all over his face.

I looked around at the guys again and they were all so oblivious to this.

Gina let herself drop from Ponyboy's grasp; she gave him a kiss then gripped the front of his t-shirt pulling him behind the bleachers. Ponyboy turned his head one last time, smiled at me, then disappeared behind them.

I smiled, and looked back at the track where the girls were running.

That girl was crazy about him.

"Hey where's Ponyboy?" Sodapop suddenly said, I jumped and looked at him.

"I don't know man; I think he already went into the change room."

"Oh yeah?" He said looking around, squinting. "Cool stuff."

Then I saw Ponyboy stumble out form the bleachers, hair askew and shirt all un-tucked. He grinned lazily at me then jogged into the change room before any of the boys noticed a thing.

"Hey, you guys ready to go?" Dallas asked from the door.

"Yeah, I'm ready." I said then went to pull on my coat.

"Two-Bit, Soda?" He yelled, and Darry came out of the kitchen.

"Would ya shut up Dal?" He asked annoyed. Dallas ignored it.

"Hurry up you guys, or I swear to Buddha we'll leave without ya."

"I'm coming; I had a reason for being late look at my finger!" Two-Bit yelled shoving his finger into Dallas' face. He grabbed it and threw it away in disgust.

"That's a goddamn scratch…" Dallas growled. Two-Bit smiled.

"I know, but I needed an excuse better than Soda's. He just wants to looks good for the ladies he can't have." Two-Bit laughed, slapping his knee.

"I could get any girl," Sodapop said now, rolling up his sleeves of his plaid shirt.

"Yeah, how about we see if Sandy agrees?" Two-Bit said cockily.

"Yeah do that Bit, and I'll sock your head in." Soda snapped back and put on his shoes.

"Ponyboy!" Sodapop yelled loudly and hoarsely, "Pony, are ya coming?"

"Naw, I can't." He said coming out of the kitchen still with his track clothes on. "It's a school night, Darry ain't gonna let me."

"Okay, come on boys." Dallas said and we all followed him out the door.

We walked to the liquor store first, me and Sodapop stayed inside since we didn't look as old as the other too. Dallas had his fake I.D. with him, plus he hadn't shaved in a while which added to the older man look he was going for.

Dallas came out with two big bottles. Where the hell he got the money I have no idea, he might have held the place up for all I know. But I knew that both of those bottles were hard liquor, vodka. Dallas wasn't much one for beer at parties, because hard liquor got you drunk longer, harder, and faster.

We walked into this guy's house. There were a lot more people than I had expected. It was, like, pitch black in there though. Pretty much the only light source was a few lamps upstairs and the street lights from outside.

There were a lot of people there, more than I would've thought. I looked at around at all the people dancing to the loud country music. It will be nice to let loose, I found myself thinking.

"Follow me to the kitchen boys," Dally said to the three of us. Dallas was so relaxed, you'd think he had already been there for hours and had a couple of drinks too. So we followed him into the kitchen. Since he seemed to know his way around best. He shoved some young 14 or 15 year old guy out of his way and put the bottles on the counter. It was a bit brighter in here.

"Hey kid!" Dallas yelled. "You got any shot glasses?"

The kid, who I took to be the owner of the house shrugged. "Naw, my old man locks 'em in the hooch cabinet," He laughed then stumbled off.

"Well boys," He said taking down full sized glasses "If we ain't wasted, the night is."

"Amen!" Two-Bit yelled swinging an arm around Soda's shoulder. Dally poured us each a tall glass of the clear liquid. He dropped a few ice cubes in each.

"Okay, here we go. Down it, no breaths." He said passing one to each of us.

"1," Sodapop started

"2," Two-Bit said excitedly.

"3" I said before tipping the glass back and letting it all go. I kind of gagged because it just tasted so strong. But I didn't stop. It burned; I could feel it going down my throat real slow. I broke the rules. I took a quick breath, with a disgusted look on my face then finished the last 3 mouthfuls.

We all slammed our glass back down onto the table. Looked at each other, grinning.

"That's some brutal stuff," Sodapop said, his eyes wide.

"Only the best," Dallas mumbled, pouring us each another glass.

We all took it and I sipped it more slowly. It didn't taste so bad this time. In fact in tasted kind of like…candy. Liquid candy and it felt warm. I finished it off, then grabbed the bottle, and tried to pour myself another glass. I set the cup down and grabbed the bottle with both hands, when I poured it I missed the glass by a bit, getting it on my pants. Then I forgot I was holding it and let it spill all over the table.

"Damnit," I said, I think I was starting to get a little bit woozy. I looked over and saw a boy staring at me.

"Sorry," I said, for some reason I felt like this was at his expense. He didn't say anything. "Sorry man." I repeated.

He just looked. "So, how's it going?" I asked picking up the bottle and getting some more into my glass before spilling a bit again.


I looked over and I saw that boy on the ground, slumped against the counter tops.

"How's it going?" I asked him again. He didn't answer, and I walked off towards the music.

Then I realized I was alone. I looked around and couldn't see Dallas' light hair anywhere.

"Dally?" I yelled. Was my voice always that deep?

"Dallas!" I yelled again stumbling with my drink in hand over to the door which was open into the backyard. There was a fire going back there.

"Hey kid," Someone said grabbing my shoulder.

"Dally?" I asked slowly and turned around to see Tim Sheppard instead.

"Naw, its Tim. I don't see you at much of these."

"Much of what?"

"These parties, I ain't ever seen ya drinkin'," He said.

"Aw, yeah I don't come much." I said.

"Did you say Winston was here?" He asked. I brought the glass up to my lips and nodded.

"Aw, hells bells. I ain't seen him in a while, what's he up to?"

"You know, just been a little bit busy lately- at the rodeo I'm guessin'" I said. I smelt something weird. It smelt like when you burn leaves that are still alive. Kind of herb-y.

"What's that smell?" I asked Tim. He held up his hand. He had a cigarette. Well it looked like a cigarette but it was dirty looking. It was morphed too.

"You want a hit?" He asked, the darker smoke billowing out of his lips and he coughed a little.

"What is it?"

"Does it matter?" He asked. He had a temper like Dally. He held it out to me and I just looked around. Then back at him and took it in between my middle and forefinger. His expression softened.

"Its weed," He smirked "marijuana. Hanging out with Dally and Two-Bit I thought you'd be well versed in all that crap."

I shrugged my shoulders. I took a deep drag like I did with cigarettes. But it was stronger and thicker. It made my stomach jumped and I let the smoke out quickly. I gave a little cough. Tim looked at me expectantly. I took another drag. Suddenly realized all these people didn't seem so bad, even though they were drunk. And it wasn't as cold out here as it seemed when we had showed up. And this drug stuff wasn't for hoodlums; it was for people who had problems. It made them fade away; I'm not going to lie.

"Johnny," Someone was shaking me again. Why does everyone always have to friggen' shake me?

"Come on man, get up."

I groaned. The music seemed really loud.

"Hey, come on. Where'd ya get the weed Johnny?"

"Dallas?" I asked and I opened my eyes. I was lying on the ground on my stomach. When I looked past Dally's crouched legs I saw another guy laying in the same position as me.

"Yeah, who'd you think?" He said grabbing me by the shoulders and tried to lift me up.

"Tim," I mumbled rubbing my eyes. I've never felt so comfy on the floor in my entire life. "I got the stuff from Tim."

I rolled onto my back and I saw a few people around me. My face was wet and I was sweating something awful.

"You feel okay?" Dally asked me, I think he was smoking it too.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. I actually felt pretty good. "What's all the big fuss?"

"I don't know man. Just a bunch of girls freaking out cause you were dancing and you just collapsed." He laughed and I laughed too.

"Come on get up," He said and helped me up to my feet.

"Can you get me a drink Dallas?"

"Yeah sure kid," He said and passed me his. I downed it; tasted just like water now. It felt good and I smiled to myself.

I got away from Dallas' grasp and stumbled sideways, falling onto the couch where a couple was making out.

I looked at them and just started laughing away.

"I ain't ever been this drunk before Dallas," I said stumbling to catch up to him. My voice sounded cool. "Everything is kind of moving in slow motion."

"Yeah, its cool ain't it?" Dallas said an arm around my shoulder, keeping me from falling into the bonfire, but he was swaying himself.

"It's cool," I agreed. He passed me the joint between his fingers.

A girl came up to me and started dancing with me from the music in the house. I laughed as I stumbled backwards and she kissed my neck.

"This is the best night of my life!" I yelled to Dallas and Two-Bit who were laughing away at us.

"C'mon Johnny," A voice said. I stumbled to figure out who it was.

"Watch the lamp!" Two-Bit laughed loudly, and I turned, bumped into it. And I realized it was too late, the lamp lay in pieces on the floor. I laughed stupidly and bent down to pick it up.

I looked over and saw a girl staring at me.

"Sorry… about this…" I laughed. She just stared at me.

"You're bleeding," She finally said.

"Yeah, I got in a car fight," I said jerking my hand wildly at my face.

"No, your hands, they're bleeding." She stated.

"Golly, your right." I said wiping them on my shirt. The lamp pieces had cut them.

"Come on Johnny, we gotta jet." Sodapop said. I knew it was Soda by the way he helped me up, with one hand on my lower back and the other on my upper arm. He swung my arm around his neck and helped me stumble towards the door. He was swaying too, Sodapop didn't usually get drunk. He was a casual drinker. But he took care of the guys when they were stoned, or blitzed to stand.

"You know Sodapop…" I started. "You're-you're like the rock of our gang…"


"You know, ya dropped out of school for Pony…"

"Only cause he's stupid as a door knob-" Two-Bit laughed slugging Soda on the shoulder.

"Two-Bit, shut up" I slurred, my eyes half lidded.

"I might be stoned off my ass Sodapop, but I mean it. If it wasn't for you, what would we be? I'll tell ya, we'd be Socs. We wouldn't be brothers, not like us Sodapop. We're all brothers, a family."

They were looking at me like I was crazy, Two-Bit was laughing but I didn't care. I meant what I said. Sodapop laid me down in the back of the truck.

I didn't feel good, I rolled onto my stomach and we turned a sharp corner, and I slid forward. My stomach heaved.

I could hear someone calling me. I really just wished they would shut up.

"Johnny, come on." I looked up dizzily and saw the door was open. Someone was grabbing me by the arms and pulling me out. It was Steve, I didn't even know he was in the car.

Him and Sodapop wrapped my arms around my neck and dragged me up towards my house.

"I don't want to go home," I whined, looking at Steve.

"You hafta' Johnny, its two o'clock in the morning,"

"My dads gonna hit me," I said, and I felt like I was going to cry.

"He ain't gonna hit ya, he's already in bed," Someone said, but I saw Soda and Steve exchange this glance. A glance that said, 'we hadn't thought of that...'

"Yeah, he'll still hit me, he always hits me…"

"Your better off here buddy, Darry oughta get just as mad as your old man," Sodapop laughed and they leaned me against the door. I shrugged their arms off.

"'Kay Johnny, we'll see ya tomorrow…" Sodapop said like I was just a kid. Like how he talks to Ponyboy.

"Yeah…" I said and stumbled inside.

I walked in and there was still a few lights on. Suddenly I felt sick, so sick I couldn't stand. I fell against the wall and started to slide down. When I was on my knees I feel down and heaved until I threw up. And then I couldn't stop heaving.

"What the hell are you doing!" My dads booming voice came from behind me.


His voice still sounds the same to me as it did when I was a kid. It always sounded so scary, so intimidating. I used to tell the gang how great of a dad he was. He really was great, but he just had these horrible mood swings. Where every little thing we did would turn him against us.

"I SAID, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" He yelled now, grabbing me by the shirt and slamming me against the wall.

"Good god, are you drunk?" He asked, his face was purple and very close to mine. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Or maybe it was my breath…

"As if you're not a bad enough son, hanging out with those hoodlums, getting jail time… now you're a drunk! You're a drunk now, huh!"

"I ain't a drunk…" I said, and then I looked at him. He made me so mad. I shoved him, hard. He wasn't expecting it and stumbled backwards. I stumbled too.

"But if I was, hell, at least everyone would know who I got it from!" I screamed, and then retreated to the wall again. I didn't usually mouth off like that.

"What are you trying to say boy?" He said, his small blue eyes narrowed. We looked nothing alike. Not even a resemblance. But my moms a tramp and he probably isn't even my dad.

"You know what I'm saying. You're always drunk, and you always hit me, and you hit mom! You just sit at home and drink, you're the reason we have nothing! You're the reason we're dirt poor, and barely have enough to live off of! No wonder mom wants to leave you, hell, who wants to stay here. She'd be gone now, I'll bet, if she didn't think you'd kill her, or me. You're a worthless drunk."

"Don't you have any respect?" He asked me now, not even looking furious, just stunned. He wrapped his fingers in my greasy hair and threw me against the opposite wall. He twisted them painfully and shoved me to the ground, still yanking on my hair. He grabbed me by the neck and pulled me back up to stand again.

"Me and your mother work day in and day out so we can support some lazy kid who ain't goin' nowhere in life. You ain't ever home, you're as dumb as a rake. Don't you think we'd rather just not have had a kid? You think I'm the problem, let me tell ya kid, the problems you…"

He shoved me so hard I fell on my side. I started getting up to scamper away before I noticed a kitchen knife on the ground. I picked it up and held it out like you would a blade.

He looked from me, to the knife, to the door and then back.

"Go ahead… you'll be known for somethin' then."

I walked closer; I didn't feel myself swaying anymore. All I felt is… what's that word? Adrenaline. Adrenaline pumping through every inch of me and I moved closer again, this time he backed up.

"Go ahead kid; get me out of this hell hole."

I felt my eyes widen and I lunged forward at him, then my mom shrieked from upstairs. It brought me back to reality and I dropped the knife and backed against the wall again.

My dad was breathing heavily. Then without warning he picked up the knife and held it to my throat. My breathing quickened, and i was breathing heavily.

"Scared boy?" He smirked and brought the knife a little higher to just under my chin.

I was scared. Scared right out of my mind.

I didn't have one doubt that he would kill me, right then and there with my mother right upstairs.

He brought his fist back and punched me right square between the eyes.

My nose was broken. He knew it. I knew it.

The blood rushed out as I cradled my face in my hands. He straightened me up once again, and I made a run for it. The knife slipped and I felt it cut by my ear. But it didn't hurt half as much as my nose. I stumbled toward the door. My dad gave me a good shove.

"Get the hell out of here! Get goin'!" He said shoved me right out the door and I stumbled off the porch and onto the grass.


It seemed like a longer walk to the Curtis', what with the blood pouring down my face and stuff. But I got there alive and right then that seemed like a damn good accomplishment.

I was back to swaying again and I let myself through their screen door, jumped as it hit the jam behind me.

The whole gang was here except Dally and Ponyboy.

"Johnnycake? What happened?" Everyone was running towards me.

"I gotta sit," I slurred and plopped myself on the nearest chair, cradling my nose again. I felt the bandage by my temple and it was peeling off.

"Is he drunk?" I knew that was Darry. The room went silent. "Johnny, are you drunk? Answer me, now."

"I don't know…"

"That ain't gonna cut it Johnny, have you been drinkin?" He said more firmly.

I moaned and nodded my head. I was gonna be sick again.

"Johnny why the hell would you drink? You know what it does to ya!" Darry yelled.

I moaned again and heaved.

"Jesus Christ…" I heard Darrel say. I heaved and it hurt so much. I fell to my knees and three up again. All over their floor, if I didn't feel so horrible I'd probably feel guilty.

I got up and leaned against the chair closing my eyes.

"Nuh uh. Your dealing with this now…" Darry said grabbing me by my coat and sitting me back on the chair again.

"Come on Dar, leave the kid. He don't even know what the hell's going on!" Someone yelled. I noticed Ponyboy had woken up.

"I can handle Two-Bit getting drunk, and I can handle Steve and Dally and even Sodapop."

"You can?" Sodapop asked quietly.

"Shut up." Darry said and Sodapop smiled. "I can handle them getting drunk, but you ain't like that. I know, and you friggen' know it Johnny. Hell, we all know it."

"I can do whatever I want with my life Darrell," I said, and everything went silent.

"Yeah Johnny, you're right. You want to end up like Two-Bit in a few years, hell go ahead, who am to stop ya, right? But I know you don't have to. You don't have to end with no future like Dallas and Two-Bit."

"What's so bad about ending up like me, huh?" Two-Bit exclaimed now.

"What's so bad is that you aren't even going to remember this conversation tomorrow!" Darry snapped. "Johnny you don't gotta be like that, but if you want to, fine. Do it, ruin your life for a few hours of fun. Let your dad win." He said and I snapped my eyes up.

"Who are you to talk Darry?" I said standing up, then swaying again. This was getting me mad now; I didn't want to be drunk anymore. "You ain't got any more of a future then Dally or Two-Bit. You ain't got a chance at any job you wanted 'cause you blew your chance back in high school."

Everyone was silent again, watching me intently. I've never said anything like this before and I really don't know why I'm saying it now.

"Johnny," Sodapop said quietly. I looked around and then back at Darrel. He didn't have any emotion clear on his face. Just a blank stare like how I remembered him at the funeral for their parents.

I stumbled backwards and fell down hitting myself off the table.


"Glory, don't let him hit his head!"

I looked dazedly over at Ponyboy who had the same stare on as Darry, looking at me like how I look at my dad. Scared, and I blacked out.

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