Neon Genesis Evangelion: Altered Destinies

Launch Forty

Misato gazed in awe and horror as everyone around her transformed into a puddle.

"WHAT THE FUCK..." then Misato went puddle too.

"ACK!" Misato yelped as she came awake from a vivid nightmare.

"You okay?" Ritsuko asked her lover. She, interestingly, ALSO looked kind of pale.

"Nightmare," Misato sighed. "Sorry I woke you..."


Asuka gazed in awe and horror as everyone around her transformed into a puddle.

Cursing violently in German, Asuka went into a puddle too.

"Wake up!" a hand shook her awake. Asuka found herself looking up at Mana who appeared concerned, "You were swearing in German."

"Sorry," Asuka made a face.


Shinji gazed in awe and horror as everyone around her transformed into a puddle.

Before Shinji could process what was happening, she went puddle too.

"Ack," Shinji came awake breathlessy.

"Shinji? Are you all right?" Rei asked, looking at her concerned.

"I'm okay. Just an odd dream," Shinji admitted.


Tanya Degurechaff had nightmares, at times, but it was usually the FUBAR laden events of the Impact Wars. So puddling barely registered on her consciousness.

Her wife, Visha, whimpered a bit, but just hugged Tanya closer to her,

In their hotel, the two slept on...


Hikari gazed in awe and horror as everyone around her transformed into a puddle.

With a gasp she came awake in her home, profoundly confused.

With no context to the dream, she got up, had a glass of water and went back to sleep.


Gendo Ikari saw everyone transform into LCL and merge into a kind of over-soul.

As this was one of Gendo's more hopeful dreams he just turned over and slept.


Kensuke Aida gazed in fear and horror as everyone around him transformed into a puddle

As Ken felt himself changing, he knew in some profound way he had failed. "I'm sorry," he managed,,,,

Then awoke with a cry.


Satsuki Ooi gazed in awe and horror as everyone around her transformed into a puddle.

"Da fuck?" she muttered as she came awake.

Shaking off the odd dream Satsuki made breakfast, changed to her uniform then headed into work. "Morning," she nodded to the security guards, who both yawned tiredly. She checked in, then headed up to the command deck.

"Morning," Kaede yawned.

Aoi waved, "Morning."

Satsuki noted both women were tired, as were Aoba and Makoto. "Didn't sleep well?" she addressed them.

"Nightmares," Motoko sighed.

"Dreamed everyone turned to Tang," Aoba added.

"WHAT." several of them yelped.

They quickly compared notes, and determined all of them had had similar dreams. "We need to let command know," Satsuki noted.

"Not it," Matoko and Aoba quickly said

Satsuki frowned at them, but conceded. "I'll go talk to Misato," she said, getting up.

Misato was at her desk, reviewing schedules. She also looked like she hadn't slept well. She looked up and smiled weakly, "Morning. Please tell me there's not a new problem?"

"Possibly," Satsuki smiled apologetically, "several of us noticed something odd." She described the odd dreams, as Misato started blankly.

"Well, shit," Misato cursed, "me too." She called the labs, "Ritsuko. Did you have a nightmare, and did it involve people becoming puddles?"

A beat of silence then Ritsuko answered, "You too?"

Misato cursed again, frowning. "Ok, staff meeting... we need to find out who else had the dreams," she determined.

Gendo, Kozo and every senior staffer was gathered, with Satsuki representing the bridge crew. Everyone there had had the same dream, eerily enough.

"Is it just staff at NERV? Or were people out in Tokyo-3 hit?" Misato wondered.

Shinji offered, "Our classmate Hikari mentioned she had a nightmare too."

"So at least anyone associated with NERV...," Ritsuko mused.

"Psychic attack?" Gendo asked.

"Is it Areal attacking? Or Tabris?" Maya asked pointedly.

"Do we have any idea what their capabilities are?" Misato had to ask.

"No idea," Gendo answered flatly.

Ritsuko got the feeling he was lying, but she wasn't going to push. No point. Thoughtfully she wondered, "Are other NERV facilities being hit too?"

Maya noted, "After Misato brought it up, I called an associate at NERV Beijing. They denied anything was happening there."

"If Beijing was on fire, the Chinese would deny it," Kozo noted dryly.

"Possibly, but my source is usually reliable," Maya answered steadily.

"All right, everyone back to your stations," Gendo ordered. "Misato, Ritsuo, Maya and Kozo, please remain," he added.

Once everyone left the meeting room Misato noted, "It's targeting us because of the Evangelions, or possibly Lilith."

"Or attempting to communicate," Ritsuko offered thoughtfully.

"What?" Kozo blinked.

Maya leaned forward, "You think it's reaching out to Lilith or the Evas, and we're just catching the excess signal?"

"Spill over," Misato smiled wryly.

"Assuming that's true, what do we do about it?" Gendo asked practically.

"Attempt to communicate?" Misato suggested. "CAN we talk to the Angels? Has it even been attempted?" she looked at Gendo specifically.

"Not that I'm aware of," Gendo admitted. He couldn't say what SEELE had attempted, after all.

"The commonly accepted theory is that the minds of the Angels are too alien," Ritsuko said, "there's no commonality to start from."

"We also need to determine where the Angel is," Kozo brought them back to practical considerations.

"It's not coming overland," Misato noted, having already mobilized the sensors teams. "So by sea or flying?" she mused.

"Flight..." Ritsuko looked off into the distance, "we had one Angel come in orbital before..."

"We'll get the telescopes going," Misato got up, then looked at Gendo.

"Go," he nodded.

As they and Maya left, Kozo looked at Gendo, "Have you told Degurechaff, yet?"

"I want harder data than 'We all had the same nightmare therefore it must be an evil plot,' Kozo," Gendo told him dryly.

"Point," Kozo conceded.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city two women were getting breakfast.

"Shouldn't we be at NERV?" Visha asked curiously.

"I don't want them thinking I'm hovering," Tanya said to her with a smile, "besides, I have an inside source."

Just then Tanya's phone rang.

"Yes?" Tanya paused, "What. What. Okay, got it..."

Visha wasn't used to Tanya looking surprised. "What is it?" she asked.

Tanya put away her phone as she answered, "Apparently someone is psionicly attacking NERV staff through their dreams."

Visha blinked as she echoed, "What."

To be continued...