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Ballroom scene, but the fire underneath. Gonna eat you alive, gonna bring you to your knees.

"Ow, my head."

Went out drinking late last night, I had a blast

Vash sits up quickly, and then almost screams in agony as his body rebels against the sudden movement. He lays back down slowly, but now the sun is in his eyes.

But now the morning light has come and kicked my ass

Vash groans as his stomach rumbles. "Oh shit."

I've got the worst hangover ever. I'm crawling to the bathroom again. It hurts so bad that I'm never gonna drink again.

As Vash makes his way back from the bathroom he tries to recall something of the night before.

And by my seventh shot I was invincible.

He touches his face and discovers his black eye and semi crushed nose and moans. Picking a fight with Wolfwood while drunk was bad. He had to keep that in mind next time.

I would have never thought I'd be this miserable.

Vash remembered bread and water was a temporary solution to mild hangovers. He sat up slowly but the thought of going downstairs for the food was nauseating, which also reminded him that this hangover was not mild. He lay back down and buried his face in the pillow, which, incidentally, smelled like liquor.

I've got the worst hangover ever. I'm rolling back and forth on the bed. I'm worked so bad that I'm never gonna drink again.

"Pain hurts," Vash mumbled.

Won't someone just kill me

Vash decided that a bounty hunter blowing his head off right now might not be so bad.

And put me out of my misery

At least he wouldn't have to feel the pain in his head and the aching nose Wolfwood so lovingly gave him. Then it hit him, Wolfwood!

I'm making deals with God, I'll do anything

"Dear God..."



I've got the worst hangover ever, I'm crawling to the bathroom again

"Vash? Are you ok? I heard you yelling." Meryl says as she enters Vash's room. "Not so loud Meryl, please!"

It hurts so bad that I'm never gonna drink again.

"VASH! You were drunk last night weren't you? I thought you said you'd only gone for a walk and lost track of time! Now you're all hung-over!" "I didn't have that much, and look! I'm getting better already!" Vash lied hopefully, wincing all the time.

I'll probably never drink again

"No you're not! Look! You're cringing and I'm pratically whispering! AND the whole room smells like tequila!" Vash tried to smile, it obviously looked more like a grimace from where Meryl was standing.

At least not till next weekend

"UGH! You are impossible!" she yelled and picked up the nearest thing, an empty bottle, and chucked it at him. It hit him squarely in the forehead. "Ow, my head!"

I'm never gonna drink again.

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