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Chapter 15: Cat and Mouse

It was time, Hannibal knew that fact to be true. They'd met, they'd gleaned all they would from one another. They were on their way to becoming what they were meant to be. All he had to do, was give them a nudge.

He chuckled. A night of fine dining was in store for Clarice and Will...well, Will would get what was coming to him.

Perhaps lamb chops, and a nice Chianti...


Clarice had gone running. She felt so free, it reminded her of when she and Ardelia used to train together. She stayed out as long as possible and a couple hours later, she returned to the house.

She found it transformed. There were candles everywhere and something was cooking. The table had a vase of her favorite flowers and a bucket of ice held a bottle of chilling champagne.

"Hello Clarice."


When Will pulled up to Molly's house he knew something was wrong. The door was unlocked and the house was eerily silent. Will walked from room to room. "MOLLY! JOSH! Where are you guys?"

Will walked into the kitchen and immiedietly retched. There was Molly and Josh, arms intertwined. There was blood everywhere and their bodies were pale. How long had they been there? He threw up again and started shaking the bodies. "Molly! Josh! Wake up! Josh! Dad's here, it's me!" Will knew in his heart they were dead, they probably had been for some time, but he couldn't accept it.

"No!" He choked out a sob. This couldn't be happening. They had so much life to live. Josh, his son, his only son was dead!

A flash of white in a backround of red caught Will's eye. He could make out bold, black handwriting that Will would know anywhere.

I told you, no one will ever be safe around you. No one.

Will ran to his car.


It's all in your head Clarice. You know it. Just another attack. But it wasn't, and Clarice was realizing it with every passing moment.

Hannibal entered the room."It's been so long Clarice. Sit down."

Clarice didn't know what else to do, so she did. What was going on? What was he going to do to her? Why wasn't she running for help?

"Tsk, tsk, Clarice. I never thought you to run from the things you wanted." Hannibal's hand pushed back a lock of hair that'd escaped her ponytail. It occured to Clarice that his sixth finger had been removed.

"I've missed you." Hannibal's hand moved to her neck, sending shivers down her spine. Not the bad kind though. His hands moved across her face. "And I know you've missed me."

Despite herself, Clarice relaxed into his touch. It felt so good. His skin on hers felt better than all other previous physical contact. Why hadn't it felt this good with Will? He could've given her stability. He could've been the home Clarice'd never had. But he couldn't give her this. He didn't incite the passion Hannibal did. Clarice knew that now.

"Have those lambs stopped screaming yet?" Hannibal whispered into her ear.

Words flew out of Clarice's mouth. "Take me with you! I want you Hannibal Lecter." She turned her head and whispered into his ear. "I need you. Take me."

"Oh Clarice," he sighed. "You don't know how long I've waited to hear that."


Will didn't know how he made it home. It seemed as if one moment he was sobbing over his wife and child's dead bodies and the next moment he was back in Treehawk. But he knew he was too late.

Hannibal had been there, he could tell. There was blood splattered on the walls, but Will couldn't find a body. Dead, he thought. Everyone I have ever loved is dead. As at Molly's house he saw a note.

So sorry Will to do this to you. I know she meant something. But you'll get along. I really couldn't let this loose end go any longer. I won't waste time by telling you not to try and find me. I know you will. Until then.

Ta ta,
Hannibal Lecter, M.D

Will lost it. He smashed anything and everything in sight. How could he've been so stupid? He should've known Hannibal would come out of the woodwork. He should've gotten them out, all of them. And now they were all dead because of his stupid mistakes.

But Lecter was right. Will would find him. He'd kill anyone who got in his way. These deaths would not go unavenged. He promised.

He and Hannibal were just alike.


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