Warning : slash : MM/HG and NC-17.

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Troubles with dreams

Hermione Granger was in her transfiguration class . Her professor Minerva McGonagall, a strict woman with long ebony hair in a bun and the most piercing and beautiful jade eyes, was lecturing. Her voice rich of a Scottish accent was low and captivating. Her attentive pupil followed her with rapt attention and was rewarded with one of her rare smiles. When the professor asked for a volunteer, her hand shot in the air.

She found herself near the older woman who made her turn and place herself just in front of her. Hermione could feel the fabric of the professor's robes brush against her causing her
to blush. When she looked for the class she was astonished to see it empty. Where were the other students?

Soon it was no longer of any importance as the older woman was nipping at her earlobe while her hands were gliding along her shuddering body. They stopped at her waist and tugged her willing captive nearer, melding it to her own body.

Hermione moaned and raised her hand behind her to her professor. She untie the bun of her seductress and felt long hair caressing her. It was like silk to the touch and smelled of a mix of old papers, ink, cinnamon and one other thing that was only Minerva McGonagall.

Hermione turned around and looked in sparkling jade eyes. They were holding her more surely than any chains could have and she feels herself falling into them. Her body followed her movement and she found her mouth near that of her love who was smiling gently. Hermione knew then that she was safe, loved and even desired, that she was home.

Just when she was about to kiss this desirable lips that were rendering her crazy, she heard a loud shrieking. The mouth that she wanted and desired more than anything began to move back from her and little at little disappeared completely, leaving her with a deep feeling of abandon.

The noise come back louder than before. It was Crookshanks, her loyal and adored cat. The girls with whom she was sharing her room were trying to give him a make up. Hermione sighed and took off her head from her pillow.

Seeing her mistress waked up, the big orange cat made a dash to her lap. Lavender and Parvati giggled. "Hi Hermione. Sleep well?" then they burst of laughing. The bushy haired girl frowned annoyed. "I mean with all the moaning and whimpering, either you were having a nightmare, either a really good dream...and seeing how you were embracing your pillow and smiling, I'd think it was the last. So who's the lucky guy?"

Hermione 's frown deepened. "there is no guy." The other girls pouted. "oh come on, you can tell us. We could help you. You'll need tips." Hermione rolled her eyes. "thanks a lot."