The sun was rising and with him the life of the forest. There were chirping, barks, and generally all the noises associated to animal life. It's in this environment that two very sated women began to woke up.

Minerva remembered the most beautiful and vivid dream she ever had and smiled happily, through a part of her was a little worried. She shut up this annoying voice and decided to take a little more time in bed. She was usually not lazy at all, there were too much things to do, but she feels to good to really care this morning.

She sank in her bed who strangely smelled of fresh herbs. It was far from unpleasant. Then she brought the cover near her... and her eyes shot open. The delicious and soft cover was the body of a sleeping Hermione Granger!

The body in question stirred, making Minerva own body go rigid, but the younger woman simply nuzzle her malleable pillow and sighed contently with her eyes closed. Meanwhile Minerva was biting her lips wanting desperately to retain her moan of appreciation as her breasts had become diamond hard under the younger woman ministrations. She needed to think but she was snared and couldn't move without waking for sure the slumbering woman.

Minerva breathed profoundly and smelt the inimitable odor of musk. She looked blushing toward her love, her hair was in disarray and her young body was nude and spread in all her splendor for the pleasure of her eyes. She saw that her young lover have gooseflesh due to the morning and fresh breeze and without thinking enlaced her closer wanting to warm her.

Hermione feels good this morning. It was astonishing. Normally with all the things she needed to do in her daytime, she was exhausted at night and fell in bed without taking the time to change and sometimes eat, it made the wake-up call very difficult.

But today she wanted to lounge in her bed without a care for her well filled planning and the world in general. She feels fresh and relaxed, trough tired but she didn't think she could be otherwise anyway.

Her dream of the past night come back to her and she smiley wickedly. It had been one of her most vivid and exhilarating dream and she wanted to remember this one. It would be hard later when she would see her beloved Minerva but right now she wanted to luxury in her erotic memories.

Meanwhile the lady in question was looking at the different expressions of her lover face and found herself aroused by the sight. It was obvious Hermione was remembering their night and that it had pleased her greatly. He made Minerva feels absurdly proud of herself.

She wanted desperately to repeat their lovemaking, but they didn't have time and they needed to talk. It was a necessity even if what she really wanted have nothing to do with talking, more with moaning and breathless expiration.

She bedded her student for goddess sack! She shouldn't have let it happen, and it couldn't happen anymore. She was a professor for thirty year now. She had a good reputation and was respected. She should have talked with the headmaster since the first kiss between her and Hermione. 'no, not Hermione! a student, Miss Granger'

She feels like crying. She couldn't stay at Hogwarts and teach, even if it was all her life. How could she be trusted again with children after what she had done?

In her self grievance and critics she didn't remark she tightened her grip on the woman in her arms, nor that the young woman had raised her head and seen her with this distressed expression on her face.

Hermione had opened her eyes and was faced by a distraught Minerva like last night and like in a dream she held her close again kissing the tears away. More tears come and the older woman sank in the comforting and loving embrace. She was ashamed of herself and so confused.

Hermione waked completely when her ribs were painfully squeezed and in an instant she understood the last night was not a dream, nor that the morning after was as great as she trough when her love was so miserable over it.

She should have more though about what she was doing and the consequence. Why Gryffondor were so rash in their endeavor? She make soothing noise et hugged her beloved close, caressing gently her ebony hair. What could she say that would make the flow stop? Did Minerva regret what happened or what is something else entirely?

She herself didn't regret anything, their lovemaking had been passionate but gentle and loving. She wanted it, even needed it, but not at this prize. She never wanted to hurt her love!

When Minerva calmed she feels foolish and embarrassed to cry. She was a proud woman. Moreover her duty was to care for her student first and to behave accordingly, and here she was being consoled in her strong arms, thanks to carrying so many books at all hours. "I'm sorry Miss Granger." Hermione stopped her at one, raising her angular chin and looked at her in the eyes.

"shh. If you're sorry because of your tears, know that I honored to be private to them. If you're sorry for what happened, know that I'm not. It was beautiful and a memory I will cherish always, even if you decide you don't want a repeat of it."

Her voice caught in her throat at that but she continued bravely. "I understand that you're my professor and that you think this relationship shouldn't be. But be assured you didn't force me. I wanted what happened very much. I love you Minerva McGonagall."

That said she kissed a last time lovingly the speechless woman and went out walking slowly but never turning back.


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