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Chapter 1: Alone Yet Not Alone

They were on a hill in the middle of no where. Usagi had noticed that Mamoru had been acting funny, disappearing for no reason and decided to follow him. He had explained that he had never loved her. He had only been after her power and the throne. Endymion may have loved Serenity but they were different people. He hated the fact that his freedom had been ripped from him and hated Usagi because she went along with it. It had slowly corrupted him and he embraced the darkness. He had found that with the right amount of training his power had increased dramatically. That's where he had disappeared to everyday.

Usagi had called the senshi for help, still believing that she could heal Mamoru from what ever spell he was under. They had found her with the help of Ami's computer and the fight had begun. Usagi watched as her senshi lost and died one after another. She tried to help them but couldn't properly attack Mamoru, still believing that he was under a spell.

Tears formed in her eyes. 'Why? What did I do to deserve this?' Usagi thought, holding the bodies of her dead senshi. Midnight blue eyes looked at her evilly.

"What does it feel like? To know that you're responsibly for your senshi's death?" Mamoru sneered.

"How could you do this to me? I love you!" Usagi said, desperately.

"How many more times do I have to tell this? I don't love you! How could any one love some one as clumsy, stupid, lazy, irresponsible and ugly person as you?" If Mamoru hadn't killed her heart yet, then he had just finished the job. Usagi now knew that Mamoru was doing this all on his own and that he wasn't under a spell at all.

Mamoru smirked at seeing the crushed look on her face. He gathered black energy in the palm of his hand. He shot it to her and laughed at her screams of agony. He stopped the beam to watch Usagi drop to the ground.

Her body was screaming for salvation. As she was about to give up hope she heard her friends speak. "Our last gift to you." She disappeared in a flash of white light, followed by a scream of outrage.

In another Plain

"Where am I?" Usagi whispered. There was no sign of civilization around her and she was surrounded by stars.

"Hime, you're on the moon." A mysterious voice answered. Usagi turned around and gasped.

"Minna!" She tried to Haruka but fell right through her.

"Koneko, we died. Our spirit is only here," Haruka sadly stated. Usagi started sobbing.

"I failed all of you! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" She cried.

"Usa, you didn't fail. We wanted you to live. Please, do that for us," Makoto asked.

"Odango! Please, live our lives for us." Rei asked smiling at her best friend. Usagi nodded.

Setsuna spoke. "We are allowed to give you last gifts. I, Sailor Pluto, Guardian of the time gate, daughter of Chronos, grant you passage through the time gates no matter where you are." A purple light came from Setsuna. "I am un-able to give you much because I am also in the next dimension for I have to guard the time gates. But I can only be with you for a short while." She was enveloped in a purple light and came back in her fuku, solid. Usagi ran to her and hugged her, crying in her arms. "I'm sorry hime," Pluto whispered.

"Usa-chan." Minako whispered. "I give you the gift of seeing the tie between two people's heart and soul." A pink light came form her and flew into Usagi. "Goodbye, Usagi and thank you. For everything." She disappeared. Usagi cried harder, causing her vision to blur.

"Usagi-chan," Ami spoke. "I give you the gift of mercury's intelligence and the control over ice. I have also created a version of my computer for you. It was supposed to be a present but here." A blue light came from her and she disappeared. "Sayonara."

Makoto stepped forward. "Usagi, I give you the gift of hand to hand combat. I also give you the power over thunder and lightning. Goodbye and thank you for befriending me!" A green light emerged and went into Usagi.

Haruka stepped forward. "I give you the power over wind and my motor and car to race in." She smirked when her partner shot her a disapproving glare. "Goodbye koneko and keep yourself safe." A yellow light appeared and went into Usagi.

Michiru began. "Usa, I give you the power of the sea and my violin. Sayonara and be careful." A dark blue light appeared and entered Usagi.

Hotaru stepped forward. Smiling sadly she said, "I, Sailor Saturn, give you the gift of stealth and the power of Saturn. Goodbye Usa-chan and thank you for giving me another chance." A black light came from her and flew into Usagi.

Rei stepped forward. "I give the power over fire. Be careful Odango. I will always be your best friend. Please try to be happy. Sayonara." A red light came form her and entered Usagi.

"Minna!" Usagi screamed. She sobbed while Setsuna held her. After what seemed like forever Usagi stopped crying having no more tears to shed.

"Usagi, you have to wake up in your new dimension. I'm not with you in the start because my body is some where else. I am bringing you to the Gundam dimension." In a flash Usagi knew her history there. Oz had killed her family, her real family since they had been transported there, and no one wanted to take her in. she had gotten involved in a shoot out when saving a small girl from being shot. She had done this by distracting them. Not very smart but it was the only thing that she could think of at the time. The people that had started the shot out had then proceeded to beat her.

"I see you have gotten your memory. You must go now but before you go I must tell you that the people that were beating you were the newly formed Oz." When Usagi nodded they disappeared.

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