Disclaimer- Nothing belongs to me. Sorry its a bit short but, I had to write it.

Tod Wagner took the tights off the wire in the shower. Why does Mom always do this?
He held them in his hands and turned. He didn't have time to react when his feet toucheds the
light blue liquid. He slipped and hit his head on the floor.

Tod felt the wire go around his neck. His hands went up to try and pull the wire
off but it was like it was actually TRYING to kill him. He kicked his legs, but his bare feet
slid on the tile. He turned to the door and tried calling for help but his voice box was clamped shut.
He felt the blood vessles in his eyes pop and saw the red. He couldn't breathe. A horrible gagging
noise made its way up his throute. Kicking and sliding. He reached his hands out trying to knock
something over. Reaching further and further. Breaths getting short. He could feel his head
getting lighter. He drifted. A light. A bright white light. He turned his head one last time and his
feet stopped sliding.