AN: This is the second fic I wrote. It is a Final Fantasy IX one (aka the greatest game of all time, at least in my opinon.) Not on the site, but a fairly obvious one as well. Also in the form of a narrative, so read and enjoy!

Deep Thoughts (Final Fantasy IX)

These machines... What are they making? Dolls? No...

They're making me.

A shudder raced through my body as I tried to comprehend what was going on before me. The factory I was taken to was worse than any of us thought. The people of Dali have left their fields and their homes to work here, creating weapons.

Weapons... like me.

Weapons meant to kill all others. Weapons that show no feeling or thought of their own. Is this what I am to become? Or was I already one, and have merely forgotten?

We have finally left the horrid place and are at Lindblum castle, but I can't help but stop and wonder. Was I once like those mindless pilots on the airship? Or a heartless killing machine like that monster who attacked us and killed them all. All of those who sacrificed themselves for me.

I wish... I just wish this was all a dream, and I could wake up. But if this was a dream, I would lose all of my friends. They have been with me all this time through our journey, and I won't lose them now.

Maybe I can go on for now. Maybe I can stop whoever is making these... creatures.

But I can't let my friends know what I'm thinking. They saved me in Dali from being sent away, like the others, to be a weapon. But I can't have them fighting all this for me. This is my battle, and I have to do this on my own. I have to find out who is doing this, why this is happening. I have to fight, and make sure those who gave their lives for me did not do so in vain.

But most of all, I need to find out who I am.