AN: The third fic is from Xenosaga. Another narrative, and also has not appeared on the site. Well, I hope you enjoy!

Machine (Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille Zur Macht)

Human... Hmm, what a simple phrase. To think that at any point in my life I would be debating whether this is what I wanted to be. Yet that life seems so far away. A life that I tried to leave, and yet I'm still here, still waiting, still trying to get out of it.

But, is this the answer? To be something completely different? A man and a machine are two very different things, no matter how much companies try to make us similar. Like that little girl. She may call a human woman her mother, but it can never be true. The little girl is a machine, a machine which wishes to be nothing more than human.

Then what am I? I was once human, but now, something more. I am also a machine, yet unlike that little girl, I do not wish to be human. To be fully a machine, to have none of these memories, to not have to remember what I once was and no longer am. This is my goal, a strange one to all those I have met.

Seeing these human lives though, the love and friendship about them. And seeing that little girl, striving to be one of them, striving to be what I once was. If she cannot, maybe I still can.

Should I stay this way? Neither man nor machine, but both at once? Or take my way out, disappear from the human world and be a machine. That little girl... Maybe she will help my decision. For if she cannot have her dream, maybe I can still try and live it for her.