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I decided to make a prequel to the CCS series, because I've always wondered how Touya and Yukito first met, as well as the thoughts that must have been running through their minds. It would have been nice if Clamp had made a fourth season or OVA dedicated to those two getting together. (sighs)

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Summary: Touya and Yukito's (Yuki as he will be called throughout the story) first meeting and it's an instant connection. I tried to make all of the info in this story as accurate as possible. From the suffixes to the exact day they met, I made sure there were no mistakes. I watched the anime closely, so that I wouldn't miss any info that might have been important for this fic! If you notice anything inaccurate, please tell me so I can revise it.

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It was a typical day at school for our chocolate eyed, raven haired teen boy. The third trimester of Touya's 10th grade year had just begun and, as he sat in his usual homeroom seat, he was, once again, surrounded by a ton of hyper, giggling girls. Ever since his break up with Kaho, he decided to give up on girls. Besides, the girls at his school never treat him like a human being, but as some object of adoration. He hated that. He needed someone that would fill this constantly growing empty void in his life... someone who would understand and treat him like an equal.

Just then, the teacher walked in and announced the beginning of class. "Alright, everyone! Sit down and settle down. Before we begin today's lesson, I'd like to introduce a new student to our class. Please, come in!"

Right when the new boy walked passed the sliding doors, the girls screamed in delight. "Wow, what a hottie!"

Touya, on the other hand, wasn't at all interested in seeing who this new guy was. Oh great! Another hot guy for the girls to go ga-ga over. Oh well, guess it couldn't hurt to just...

As he looked up, their eyes met. They both fell into a trance like state as they stared at each other. The room and the people seemed to disappear, leaving only the two of them. A million thoughts went running through their heads...

Touya's POV:

Whoa... he's... I'm sensing a strong energy from him. I can sense that he's not all he appears to be. It's almost as if... he's not entirely human. Not only that, but his eyes radiate a kind of sadness. And his skin is so pale... I wonder if he gets out of the house often. He has a very mysterious smile; one that would draw anyone in... wait... Crap, I'm being drawn in, aren't I? Oh man, why the hell am I so embarrassed over something like this? This is not like me...

Yuki's POV:

'Why... is that boy staring at me... like that? It's like he's trying to peer into my soul or something. It's making me very nervous. I wonder if he doesn't like me already. Great, that's all I need! It's my first day and I'm already making enemies. Way to go me! Well, hopefully I can make friends and just avoid that guy. I hope the teacher puts me somewhere on the other side of the classroom...

At that moment, the teacher finished writing the boy's name on the chalkboard and was ready to announce him properly. "His name is Tsukishiro, Yukito. Guys, be nice to him. Now then, where to put you..." The teacher looked around the room until he noticed an empty seat," We'll put you in the desk right in front of Kinomoto-kun."

A blush fell upon both the boys' faces as Yuki made his way to his new desk.

Crap! Thought Yuki as he slowly walked over. Just smile and be polite... Hopefully we can be friends over time.

"Um... it's nice to meet you!" Yuki greeted Touya with his usual polite smile. "I'm Tsukishiro, Yukito. And you're Kinomoto-kun, I presume?"

Touya abruptly looked at his desk to avoid eye contact. He mentally cursed at himself for acting so immature. "Yes, that's right. Kinomoto, Touya. It's nice to meet you, as well." Not wanting to prolong the uneasiness he felt for some unknown reason, he turned his head, smiled brightly at his new classmate, and extended his right hand. "I hope we get along."

"Same here. I look forward to getting to know you better over time." He graciously shook Touya's hand, then sat down in his assigned seat. An unfamiliar sensation was felt in both boys when their hands met. The best way to describe it would be the force between two opposing sides; almost like a momentary surge of electricity had ignited within the casual greeting and then exchanged when their hands clasped together.

Touya stared at his right hand for quite awhile. The feeling he felt no more than a minute ago was completely foreign to him. He recalled a similar sensation when he fell in love with Kaho, but this was somehow different. He had to admit that the more he thought about it, the more intrigued he was becoming. He looked up and peered at the back of Yukito's head.

What's going on? Why is this happening? I don't even know this guy... yet his presence alone is overwhelming me. I must find out more about him. I don't know why, but... it feels as if the wheels of Fate are turning in a new direction and they're pointing at this guy, Yukito Tsukishiro.

"Hey... Tsukishiro..." Touya whispered as he tapped the gray haired boy on the shoulder. "Wanna meet me after school and hang out my place? My dad's making an extra special dinner tonight since my little sister got good grades last quarter. He wouldn't mind if I brought company over. I'd like to get to know you better... and I know this is rather sudden. If you have other plans, I understand."

Yuki surprised himself by turning in his seat rather abruptly, but kept his voice down to keep from disturbing the teacher and fellow students. "No, I don't have plans. I'm free tonight. I don't mind coming over for dinner. It sounds like fun and I'd like to meet your family. You're not the only one who wants to learn more about the person he's becoming friends with. How about we me-"

"Kinomoto-kun! Tsukishiro-kun!"

The two boys snapped out of their little world with a jolt. To their discontent, they looked to the front of the classroom to find their pissed off teacher glaring at them with scorn in his eyes.

"Pay attention or I'll have to give you both detention! This is not social hour!"

"I apologize, sensei!" They both exclaimed as they bowed their heads in shame.

About fifteen minutes later, a folded piece of paper fell in front of Touya on his desk.

What's this? He questioned to himself as he opened it. Inside there was a message that read:


Meet me at the front gate when school lets out, okay?


Touya's heart began to flutter a bit more than he'd expect from reading a simple note. He passed off that feeling as nothing more than an infatuation with wanting to learn more about his new friend who was not entirely human. He folded the note back up, put it in his shirt pocket, and smiled. He truly did look forward to tonight. He rested his face on the palm of his hand and began to plan ahead so that everything would run smoothly.


Touya woke up from his daze with a shock. Damn bell! He always felt that the bell rang on purpose every time he was having a worth while daydream, just to laugh at him. As he got his stuff together, a pale hand was placed on his desk. He looked up and saw Yukito's genuine smile. It seemed to light up the room a little more.

"I'll see you after school, Kinomoto-kun. Don't be late." His hand barely shifted past Touya's hand, but it was enough to be noticeable. Their hearts jolted for a mere moment before being shrugged off. The amber eyed teen walked out of the classroom and headed to his next class. Soon after, Touya followed suite.

All of his school acquaintances mentioned how unusually cheerful Touya was behaving. The smile on his face was uncharacteristically foreign to those who knew him well; even those who watched him from afar could see this slight, yet predominant change. Touya shrugged it off, as usual, thinking everyone was over-reacting. It never occurred to him that a third parties' perspective can be more accurate than his own in most cases.

Every now and again, he found himself fiddling with the letter in his pocket. A small smile played it's way onto his facial features every time his fingers met with the small folded sheet of paper. Even though the raven haired boy was an ace in school, sports, and anything else he set his mind to, matters of the heart were still topics he avoided at all cost. The wall around his heart, of which he put up immediately after Kaho broke it, was still erect. Tearing it down was something he never bothered to consider.


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