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Summary: Touya invites Yuki over to his house for dinner and that's where the awkwardness ensues. I hope you enjoy!

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Finally, the last bell rang. Touya dashed out of his last period class, grabbed his bike, and headed toward the front gate. When he got there, he saw Yuki standing next to his bike, pretending to wait patiently for his arrival.

"Tsukishiro-kun!" He shouted with a huge smile on his face as he charged the front gate.

"Kinomoto-kun!" Yuki's eyes sparkled at the sight of his new friend running towards him.

Their happiness could not be hidden no matter how calm and collected they wanted to act. They were still apprehensive and a little uneasy about the fact that they had already seemed to be growing closer with each passing second.

Within the setting sun's harvest colors, Yuki's features seemed all the more appealing - almost as if they were being complimented by the deep hues of the sky. Touya was momentarily awestruck, but shook it off and smiled in a friendly manner.

"Let's head to my place now. I'm sure dad's almost done with dinner. You'll love his cooking. Dinner time is always a treat for us and anyone who stops by."

"Is that so? Well then, I'm really looking forward to trying it." Yuki smiled warmly as he inquired further. "Tell me more about him. What does he do for a living?"

"Oh, he's an archaeologist and a college professor who teaches his passion. I've sat in on a couple of his classes and seminars. He's great at giving speeches and his lectures are never boring. He's also very kind and giving. His name is Fujitaka." Touya's voice radiated a lot of pride and love for his father.

Yuki's eyes widened a bit with excitement. "Wow! That's really cool. How does he find time to do both? He sure sounds like a great man. I can't wait to meet him. Do you have any siblings?"

"A little sister. Her name is Sakura. She's in the second grade, loves sports, and is quite studious... when she wants to be. She can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, but she's a good kid. We have usual brother/sister spats, but they never escalate into anything serious. I just like to bug her. It's funny when she gets mad. She flares up and stomps her little feet. It's quite adorable. I like calling her "kaiju" all the time, which makes her especially mad. Ha ha!"

Yuki laughed. "You seem to really love your little sister and your relationship seems normal enough. She sounds adorable. I look forward to meeting her, as well. How about your mom? What's she like?"

Touya's gleaming face was replaced with an almost melancholy expression. "Oh... she passed away years ago from an incurable disease. I forgot what it was. Sakura was only 3 when it happened, so she doesn't remember much about her. She was a very kind and beautiful woman. She married my father when she was only 16, which was roughly the same time she had me. She taught me how to play the organ and piano. One song, in particular, was always a favorite of ours. We played it often. I always enjoyed the time I spent with her. It took me awhile to heal from her death, but I haven't really had a chance to fully recover considering I still see her."

"What do you mean you still see her?" Yuki asked, perplexed.

Touya sighed heavily. "Please don't freak out when I tell you this. I can see spirits, or ghosts if you're more comfortable with that terminology. I've always had that ability. They come to me sometimes asking for help and company. It can be bothersome, but I consider it a gift that I can help wandering souls. My mother is no exception. She hangs around our house to keep an eye on things. We talk occasionally, but not for too long. I miss her in the physical sense, even though I get to see her a lot spiritually. It's complicated."

Yuki took a moment to absorb all that he just heard, then turned to Touya and smiled. "Wow... that's intense. I've never talked to anyone who can communicate with spirits. I hear of people like that all the time and always think they're scam artists. Now I'll have to change my outlook since I've met a legit one in person. Thank you for sharing that with me, Kinomoto-kun. I'm sure that's not something you share with everyone, so I feel quite privileged that you feel comfortable enough to say such personal things."

A small red hue encompassed Touya's face. Holy crap, I did just open up to a complete stranger! Why the hell did I do that? I only just met him today. There's just... something about him that makes me feel comforted and at ease. I feel as if I can open up to him without fear of being ridiculed. It's astonishing how quickly he accepted what I told him. I guess he's just... a really great person.

"It's strange, but... I really do feel comfortable around you. We only just met today, but I can sense that you have a very inviting aura. That alone helped me feel comfortable enough to tell you about myself. So I should be thanking you for allowing me the freedom to be myself and not casting me to the side after hearing my secret. Thank you, Tsukishiro." Touya's smile was genuine and grateful.

Yuki felt a bit flustered after hearing so many compliments in his favor. Many compliments have been heard from many different people in his life and they usually didn't have much of an impact. But hearing Touya's heartfelt praise did, indeed, have an impact. He felt his heart beat just a tad faster than normal.

"Y-You're welcome, Kinomoto-kun."

Once they reached the house, they were greeted by Touya's loving father. "Welcome home, son," he said with a smile on his face. "Who's your friend?"

"Hi, dad. This is Tsukishiro, Yukito. He just transferred to Seijo High and is in my homeroom class."

"Oh, and you two are friends already? That was fast. Touya-kun never brings friends over and, admittedly, that had me worried for quite some time. I'm glad he's finally being more social."

Touya and Yuki looked at each other, blushed, then looked away. Touya realized that bringing a friend over must've been a huge shock to his father, considering how standoffish he had become towards people after his break up with Kaho. It surprised him, too; even more so now that it was verbally shoved at him by his father.

"Is your friend staying for dinner?" Fujitaka interrupted Touya's thought process.

"Yes, if that's okay with you, dad?"

"Of course! Your friends are always welcome here, Touya-kun. Tsukishiro-kun seems like a nice guy. I hope to see more of him in the future. By the way, it's very nice to meet you, Tsukishiro-kun. I'm Touya's father, Fujitaka." He politely extended a hand to the amber eyed teen boy.

Yuki couldn't help but blush a little out of awkward embarrassment as he took the man's hand. "It's nice to meet you, as well, sir. I look forward to coming over more often." It wasn't often that he was treated with such kindness and respect, especially from complete strangers.

Fujitaka bowed his head slightly, "Glad to hear it. Now, why don't you two head up to Touya-kun's room and wait till dinner's ready. I should be done soon. I'll call you guys down when everything is ready."

"Alright. Thanks, dad. See you in a bit." Touya led Yuki up the flight of stairs that led to the bedrooms.

When they reached the top, they were greeted by Touya's sister. "Big brother, where have you been? Dad held off on finishing dinner, saying he wanted to wait till you got ho-" As her attention shifted over to Yuki, forest green eyes went wide and her face turned a bright shade of red. "W-Who is this, big brother? A new friend of yours?"

Yuki bent down to look her straight in the eyes, and smiled, "Hi there! I'm Tsukishiro, Yukito. You're Sakura-chan, right? You're right, Kinomoto-kun, she is adorable."

The little brunette's face glowed an even brighter red. "Th-Thank you. I-It's nice to meet you, Yukito-san."

Touya smiled at the pleasant greeting between Yuki and his sister. That didn't stop him from wanted to tease her, however; because that's what big brothers are supposed to do, after all.

"Hey, kaiju, your face looks like a bright red tomato. Perhaps you want Tsukishiro-kun to cook you up in a stew, eh?" He snickered.

As usual, Sakura's anger reared its head and aimed itself at her brother. "I do not! You're such a meanie, big brother!"

Touya smirked triumphantly. "Sure, whatever, kaiju. Now if you'll excuse us, Tsukishiro-kun and I have homework to do."

Before following Touya, Yukito smiled down at Sakura one last time. "It was nice meeting you, Sakura-chan. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of one another in the near future."

Upon entering Touya's room, Yuki's curiosity peaked as he looked around. His eyes carefully surveyed his surroundings as he slowly walked in. Touya noticed how attentive his friend was being and couldn't help but laugh to himself.

"Go ahead and look around, Tsukishiro-kun. It's not a big, luxurious room, but it's cozy. Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes, it's a very nice room. Mine is average compared to this. Then again, the whole house is practically mine since my grandparents like to travel a lot."

"Oh, that's right, I never asked you about your family. So, you live with your grandparents? What are they like? And how how about your parents?"

Yuki's demeanor became solemn as he sat down on Touya's bedside. He forced a smile as he spoke. "My grandparents are nice people. They used to always complain that they never got out enough. They couldn't help that, though, since they had to take care of me. But now that I'm older, they recently felt comfortable enough to leave me in charge of the house while they'd leave on extended trips abroad. Truth be told, I've wanted to go with them on every trip. I've only gone with them once during summer vacation to Rome. It was beautiful and unforgettable. Lately, though, they've insisted that it only be the two of them from now on. I guess they never traveled enough in their younger years and are making up for it now." Yuki fidgeted with his fingers as a sign that he was not comfortable talking about the next topic of discussion. "As for my parents... I don't know them. Never have. My only memories growing up involve my grandparents. They won't tell me the circumstances surrounding my parents and why they gave me up. As the years went by, I stopped asking and I guess I stopped caring, as well. The way I see it, even if I never know the circumstances of my past, what's important is the present. My grandparents raised me well and I have a good life. I'm thankful for that."

Touya was taken aback by all of this. He learned how humbling it is to hear how hard someone's life has been compared to his own. The fact that his mother died was tragic and sad, indeed, but at least he had the privilege of knowing her. Yukito, on the other hand, never had the opportunity. His story had touched Touya's heart to the very core. Sympathy and a longing to give his new friend an even better life was growing within him. His eyes shimmered as he looked at Yuki's dismal face. He took pity on the charming boy who didn't deserve to be left in the dark about his past.

"Tsukishiro-kun... may I ask a question?" Touya asked humbly as he sat down beside his friend.

Yuki looked over at him and smiled. "Of course you may."

With serious intent, Touya looked Yuki in the eyes. "Is it alright if I hug you?"

Yukito flinched a bit at the unexpected request. He face flushed slightly and his fidgeting increased. "Um... s-sure. But, before you do, can I ask w-"

He fell silent when he felt Touya's arms pulling him into a tight embrace. He didn't know how to react, so he remained frozen in place while his heart raced inside his chest. Touya's scent was intoxicating and Yuki felt a tad weak from inhaling the smallest amount. He was still uneasy as he spoke up timidly. "Ki... Kinomoto-kun? Why... are you hugging me?"

Touya squeezed Yuki a little more before he answered. "Because I want to show you that you are not alone. I can't begin to fathom what you must've gone through growing up. Not knowing your parents... then having the circumstances hidden from you... It must have been so hard on you. I know it has nothing to do with me, but... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Tsukishiro-kun. You don't deserve to be left in the dark."

'How did he know exactly what I've wanted to hear for so long?' Yuki thought as he finally reciprocated Touya's embrace. Years of pent up sadness and anger began to surface, causing his whole body to shake as he struggled to fight back tears.

Touya gently rubbed his back to show his support and say without words that it was okay for Yuki to shed tears. "It's okay, you can cry on my shoulder. I'm sure you've held it back for far too long. Don't hold back. Just let it all come out. I'm here for you."

That was all the encouragement the emotionally distraught boy needed. He buried his head between Touya's shoulder blade and neck, making sure that his mouth was covered by his shirt to muffle the noise, and began to sob. As he did so, Touya said nothing - only sat there rubbing Yuki's back and head for comfort. His heart went out to this boy, even more so than he thought he would. He felt honored that Yuki trusted him enough to break down in tears on his shoulder.

A good ten minutes went by before Yuki's sobbing began to lessen. He lifted his head, released his hold on Touya, then wiped away the remaining tears. He looked at the raven haired boy in an almost embarrassed way and asked, "Um... do you have a tissue?"

"Yes, of course." Touya reached for a tissue from a box of them on the desk next to his bed.

"Thank you." After using and tossing the tissue away, Yukito took a very deep, slow breathe before addressing Touya again. "I'm... sorry you had to witness that. I must've looked quite pathetic."

Touya smiled and placed a sympathetic hand on his friend's shoulder. "Not at all. I'm sure that was very therapeutic for you. To be honest, I cried for a long time after my mother died. It was especially hard the first few months when I'd still see her spirit floating about the house. It was as if I was never meant to heal from the loss. But I have and life is easier now. I'm sure it will be the same for you, as well, over time. Never be afraid to cry or show emotion. If you feel uncomfortable doing it in front of people, then, at least, feel safe doing it in front of me. I will always be here to support and comfort you. Okay?"

Yuki, touched by the kindness Touya was showing him, fought more oncoming tears, but allowed a couple to fall. "Thank you, Kinotomo-kun... thank you so much..."

Touya wiped away the two tears with his thumb. "Call me 'Touya' from now on."

Yuki's face flushed red. 'Now we're on a first name basis?! This is all happening so fast!' He fell over his words as he tried to act calm and rational. "O-Okay, sure. Then... you can call me... 'Yukito' from now on." He turned his face away in embarrassment.

Touya's entire being lit up with joy. He still didn't understand why he felt such a deep attachment to this shy, amber eyed boy, but he didn't want to think too hard about it. At least not right now. He smiled and turned Yuki's face with his finger so he could look him in the eyes. "I'd like to call you 'Yuki', if that's okay with you."

Amber eyes shook nervously as he stared into his friend's lovely chocolate brown pupils. He pulled away from Touya's gaze and answered meekly, "T-That's fine. We were gonna become closer friends anyway, right? Switching to calling each other by our first names comes with the territory, so starting early is okay, I guess. Thank you... Touya." The name melted off his tongue like chocolate on a hot day. It felt natural, almost as if he'd never called his friend by any other name. It made him smile and feel warm all over.

"You're welcome... Yuki." He whispered the name coolly. It reminded Yukito of a stray leaf floating along on a summer breeze. It made him shiver and that frightened him.

"Dinner's ready!" Fujitaka yelled up from downstairs.

As they both were pulled from their current state of mind, they sat next to one another in awkward silence. Things were progressing faster than expected. Both boys took a deep breathe and decided not to focus on these minor things too much. They were much too happy about being friends to care about how quickly it was progressing. In the grand scheme of things, it was more positive than negative. They both looked at each other and smiled.

"Let's go down and eat dinner, Yuki."

"Sure. It smells delicious.

At dinner, the whole family watched in amazement as Yuki ate faster than a squirrel on steroids. He did so with the most adorable smile, that Touya couldn't help but stare. He felt sure that Fate had led Yuki to him; for what reason, he still did not know. The only thing that was clear in his mind was that the two of them were gonna be inseparable from now on. Little did he know that Yukito felt the same way.


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