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Fait non-révélé


"Ah!" Shuichi let out a long cry of concern. "Dad! Be careful! That box has all of my Nittle Grasper things inside!" The Shindou family had just arrived in Tokyo, Japan and was busy moving things into their new apartment.

They had moved in from Hiroshima because Mr. Shindou was offered a job as an architect, and the opportunity was too good to let it pass.

Mr. Shindou rolled his eyes and carefully lowered Shuichi's box of Nittle Grasper possessions. "Maybe you should stop whining and help me bring in the heavy boxes instead." Shuichi glared at his father and formed a small pout on his lips. Mr. Shindou sighed and murmured something about kids these days, as he walked back outside.

Shuichi grabbed his Nittle Grasper possessions and placed them in his room. The apartment was perfect for the family. It consisted of three bedrooms, a large living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

There was a little hall that led from the exit door to the living room and at the far left corner there was an opening that led to the kitchen. Across from it was a small corridor that led to the bedrooms.

Shuichi occupied the room that was at the end of the corridor. At the left side of the corridor in front of his parent's bedroom was to be his sister's bedroom. Mrs. Shindou was expecting a baby girl real soon. Shuichi was really excited about it and even searched for a name for her.

He told his mother that he would like for her to be named Maiko. Fortunately his mother thought that it was a wonderful name and decided to name the baby that, if in fact it was a girl. The bathroom was located beside his parent's room.

After two hours, they had finally managed to bring everything inside. Now they had to have the beds ready so that they could rest comfortably. Shuichi decorated his room with Nittle Grasper posters and pictures all over the walls. There was a cabinet full of Nittle Grasper CD's, Video Tapes, DVD's, and accessories next to the bed.

To the right side of the bed were a large wardrobe and a small desk. In front of the bed there was a bureau, which held the television, stereo system, and his video games. Next to the cabinet was the keyboard that he used for his songs.

Shuichi's dream is to become a famous singer just like his idol 'Sakuma, Ryuichi.' So far he has had no luck finding people to start a band. He is hoping that once school begins, his luck will change and his dreams will start to bloom. It shouldn't be that hard. I will make new friends, show off my talent and they will be begging to start a band with me.

Shuichi thought this with a smug look on his face, but in reality he was scared. This was going to be his first year as a high school student in a new city and new people. It was not as easy as he made it seem. School would start in a couple of weeks and he wanted to make at least one friend before it began.

After placing the last poster on the wall, he stood back to admire it and stretched his arms. He let out a soft yawn, "There," he said, "perfect." Shuichi sat on his small desk, took out a piece of paper, a pen, and tried to work on his lyrics. Instead, the young boy found himself thinking about the activities to come in his new school.

Tokyo High. It was said to be one of the best high schools in Japan. Students from all over the world attended this school. Shuichi learned that even the great Sakuma Ryuichi attended Tokyo High, in his days of schooling. This made Shuichi even more confident that he would definitely make it as a singer.

Feeling slightly tired, the young boy laid down on his bed and dreamed of being a star.

Shuichi awoke with the bright sun shining on him, the sunlight emitting a glow against his skin. "Shuichi...!" He heard his mother call from either the kitchen or the living room. Lazily, Shuichi threw off the bedcovers and sat up. He rubbed his eyes, removing any sleep that he had left in them.

Shuichi slipped into his pink Kumagoru slippers and went to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He brushed his teeth and took a quick shower. When he finished, he wore plain khaki shorts and a white t-shirt with yellow sleeves, a cute yellow cat centered on it.

"About time you woke up..." placed a plate with pancakes on the table for Shuichi as he entered the kitchen. "Is it that late mom?" His mother looked at him with an irritated look on her eyes. "It is ten o'clock. Normally people would get up earlier. You have to stop being so lazy. You can't get used to sleeping so late, school will be starting in a few weeks."

Shuichi nodded, while he was mocking her silently inside his head. Normal people would've been up earlier...You cant get used to it, school starts in a couple of weeks... he mimicked. "Shuichi... Shuichi...are you listening to me young man?" Mrs. Shindou used a warning tone with him.

"Sorry mom, I spaced out for a minute there." She sighed, thinking that he was hopeless. "Well, as I was saying before you drifted into your own little world. Your uniform has arrived. It came in around eight this morning." Shuichi grinned from ear to ear. "Where is it?" He asked, excitedly.

Mrs. Shindou pointed towards a small box that was next to the kitchen's doorway. He ran to it and picked it up. "Alright!" The box read 'Tokyo High Uniform Co.' Shuichi was looking forward to wearing the uniform form Tokyo High.

"I wonder how it looks," he said, in a low whisper. He gasped when he looked at the uniform. "What the...? Mother, what is going on here? There must be a mistake this isn't my uniform." He read the address and it clearly read Shuichi Shindou.

Shuichi turned to face his mother, Mrs. Shindou turned around in guilt as Shuichi gave her a reprimanding look. "I can't believe... this wasn't your doing right, Mom." Mrs. Shindou turned to face Shuichi. "Aw, come on. Look at it. Isn't it cute? I think you would look great in it." Mrs. Shindou picked up the uniform and placed it in front of him, measuring to see if it fit.

"Real cute mom," Shuichi was nearly yelling, "the only problem is that I am not a girl!"

"Don't worry honey. I took care of everything. I signed you in as a girl. I registered you as Yoshi Shindou. Don't you think that is a cute name? The name suites you perfectly. Not only do you have the voice to pass as a girl, but your physique as well. In addition to that, you died your hair pink giving you a girlier look. Everything is going to be perfect!"

Shuichi just stared in disbelieve, as his mother continued to ramble on about how her plan would be perfect. "Mother! Will you listen to yourself? Why do I have to do this? This is not what I want. What I want is to become a famous singer as the guy that I am."

"Come on honey do this for me. Please. You could still sing if you like. You don't have to give it up. I always dreamed of my baby girl graduating from Tokyo High. Most of all, I dreamed of watching her go to school in her cute little uniform as all the guys stare at her in adoration." Mrs. Shindou let out a dreamy sigh.

"I will not do this. Why don't you save all of this for Maiko? When she is born, you can put as many cute uniforms on her as you wish, but not me. You will have to go to the school and speak to the principal. I will not embarrass myself like that mom!"

Mrs. Shindou's eyes became watery, with tears that threatened to fall. "You won't do this for your mother? Plus think of the embarrassment that I will have going to the principal and telling him that I registered my son as a girl, so that I can fulfill my silly dream."

"Exactly! Your silly dream, not mine. I won't do it mother. No matter how much you beg me." Shuichi folded his arms and sat on a nearby chair. Mrs. Shindou figured that she might have to resort to bribery. "Well, if you won't do this for me than...I will not allow you to pursue your singing career."

Shuichi looked up at her, shock on his face. "You wouldn't do such a thing? Would you, mother?" Seeing the unchanged attitude of his mother, Shuichi decided to give in. "Fine. I will do as you say."

With a look of triumph, Mrs. Shindou hugged Shuichi and then went skipping to her bedroom.

"I can't believe this," Shuichi said, uniform in hand. This is going to be one crazy school year.

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