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Chapter 5: No talent

Man I am so fired up! I am so excited with everything that happened this morning. Shuichi did not notice that he was standing on top of his desk with a triumphant fist in the air.

"Is there something wrong, Shindou Yoshi?"

"Eh..." Shuichi blushed when he saw where he was. "Gomen ne, Sensei."

The other students were giggling or stifling their laughter, making Shuichi blush a darker shade of red.

"Keep that up and your face is going to end up darker than your hair color."

Oh my fucking god! When will he leave me alone?! I swear to god that if I were not in school I would have stabbed him 'till he had no flesh unmarked! Taking a few breaths to calm down Shuichi turned around to face none other than the bastard himself, Aizawa Taki, sitting behind the desk next to him.

The school bell rang. Taki got up and walked towards Shuichi. "Why don't you look happy about seeing me?" he asked with a smirk. Shuichi backed up and soon came into contact with the wall. Taki pressed up against him.

"Why the hell are you bugging me? We had a deal...everything will be settled at the musical showdown. So leave me the fuck alone until that day comes," Shuichi had managed to say.

"How can I leave you alone? I have to always be near you and make sure that no one else tries to take you. You are mine you hear me, mine..." Taki said oh so seductively in Shuichi's ear, that he couldn't help but turn beet red when he looked up at Taki's stare filled with desire. Tachi had a smirk plastered on his face.

"Whoever said that she was yours?" Hiro walked towards Shuichi and grabbed his arm. "Last time I checked she was still my girl. I don't remember breaking up with her. So I suggest you leave her alone. It was your deal so should I trust that you will keep your word?"

Taki's smirk widened a notch. "Enjoy your time with her while you can Nakano...it won't be long before she will be my girl and not yours...ja ne, sweet cheeks." With that said and a final glance at Shuichi, Taki walked out of the classroom.

"Aaarrrggghhh! He just never leaves me alone! Thanks Hiro...you have done so much for me," Shuichi gave Hiro his sweetest smile.

"Well...I think I kind of understand him though...you are really cute! All of my friends told me that they were jealous of me. They asked me how I got my hands on such a hot babe like you...ha ha ha..." Hiro couldn't suppress his laughter when he saw how red Shuichi's face was that there even was steam flowing out of the top of his head from the embarrassment.

"Come on lets go home...oh do you want me to walk you home or do you want to stop by my place for a while?" Hiro asked Shu.

"Well...let's stop by your place first to practice...oh and we have to call your other member right... and after that we can stop at my place for a while. How's that Hiro?"

"Sounds good to me...and about the other member he is waiting outside the school gate for us...Let's hurry before he gets angry...he's a bit hot tempered..." Shuichi giggled at Hiro's last comment.

Shuichi stopped abruptly besides Hiro when they were almost outside the gate. "Wah...Hiro give me a minute...I left my notebook and it has all of the lyrics that I wrote for the showdown! I'll be right back...!"

Shuichi ran as fast as he could to where his locker was. Man how could I forget the lyrics out of all the things? Eh...? Who is that? Hey...the tall kid...he looks familiar...I don't recognize the other guy he is with though...hmm...

At the end of the hall were two blonds. The taller one looked extremely familiar to Shuichi. Slowly and inconspicuously he moved closer in order to get a better look.

"Why don't you listen to me? Eiri...you have to keep out of trouble...your sister has worked hard to keep you here...since you and your father aren't getting along."

Oh! That's him! That's the guy that saved me from the bastard the other day! Shuichi's heart started to pound faster than normal. Why am I so nervous seeing him? What the hell is wrong with me?

Shuichi's attention turned back towards the two, when he heard Eiri, or so he thought was his name, speaking. "Listen Seguchi...I don't need you nor my sister butting into my life...I don't follow you around everywhere telling you what or what not to do...so just bug off."

Wow...is he always so cold and distant...poor guy, for some reason I want to go and comfort him...he seems so...sad and lost.

Eiri started to walk away and caused Shuichi to panic. Oh god...he's coming this way...why couldn't he go the other way? Man oh man oh man...where am I going to hide?

Shuichi spotted an open locker that was at the far corner of the hall. Maybe I can hide in there...he won't be able to see me...I don't want it to seem like I was eavesdropping...even though I kind of was...but whatever...

"Eiri we are worried about you. How can we not worry about you?" The shorter blond said and walked after the taller blond. Seguchi? Was that his name?

Eiri turned around, anger visible on his face. "Listen...you are merely the assistant principal at this school and my sisters husband... I didn't want to be here anyway so leave me the fuck alone! Don't think that just because you are my brother in law, that you have power over me, because last time I checked I can do whatever the hell I want, when ever I want!"

Eiri once again began to walk away, luckily for Shuichi he went the other direction. Phew...Thank you kami-sama. So that other blond is the assistant principal...I have never seen him before. Ouch! Man what the heck does this kid have in here. I think something just bit me! Eek I think it's a mouse...it's squeaking... Just my luck.

As Shuichi was struggling to not fall out of the locker and at the same time trying to avoid the little rodent from touching him, he jumped when the mouse bit him again, making the books on top fall on him. To top it all off, he made a sudden move and slipped on a sheet of paper that fell along with the other books.

Shuichi fell out of the locker and landed on his rump. "Itai!" he said while rubbing his bottom.

Startled Seguchi walked towards the girl with the pink hair. "Are you alright?"

"Ha ha ha... I'm all right..."Shuichi said while scratching the back of his head.

"What were you doing in there anyway, if I might ask?" The assistant principal gave Shuichi a skeptical look.

"Ha ha ha...he he...well, some friends of mine decided to play a joke on me and they locked me here. I was trying to open the door before...but then I fell asleep...when I woke up I was startled and slipped on a sheet of paper that was inside the locker..."

What a lame story... couldn't I come up with something more original?

Seguchi raised a blond eyebrow. "I will let it go this time. Next time I will have your friends put in detention. Understood?" He asked Shuichi.


The assistant principal let out an exasperated sigh and went inside his office. All right! Now is my chance to go and get my notebook. Hiro must be getting worried.

Shuichi quickly got up and ran to where his locker was. Luckily for him it wasn't too far from where he was at the moment, but it wasn't exactly right around the corner either. When he finally got to his locker he searched and searched but couldn't find his notebook.

"Grrrr! Where is it?! I know I left it here!"

Hmmm...Oh! I think I left it behind in English class while ' the bastard' was annoying the hell out of me...

"I better hurry before Hiro thinks that maybe the Taki bastard came after me again..."

Shuichi ran towards the English room hoping to Kami-sama that his notebook was there or else he would have to rewrite all his lyrics. He opened the door and gasped.

Lying on the windowsill was Eiri, Shuichi's notebook in his left hand, flipping through the pages nonchalantly, with a cigarette between his right hand's index and middle fingers.

"Umm... e-ex- excuse me...but...um...well...you see...um..." Shuchi stuttered.

Eiri looked at Shuichi, the late afternoon sun lit his emotionless golden eyes. Shuichi's heart was pounding even harder then before...wow...just like an angel...without the cigarette of course.

"Umm...sorry I didn't know...anyone would still be here..." Shuichi was gaining confidence little by little.

"Is this your notebook?" Eiri asked.

"Um well...yea...I was c-coming back to look for it...can I please have it back?"

"Your new here aren't you? I've never seen you around before..." Eiri inhaled the cigarette deeply and exhaled slowly.

Shuichi felt hurt for some reason. He...he doesn't remember me...jerk... "I see that you forget easily...either way, I wanted to thank you for saving me the other day. Even if you don't really care, thank you."

"What are you talking about? I don't remember ever seeing you before in my life." Shuichi failed to notice the subtle smirk of amusement on Eiri's face. Shu's eyes narrowed. He walked up to the taller blond took the cigarette from his hand and grabbed the notebook.

"Smoking is bad for your health...you don't want to die so young do you?" Shuichi crushed the cigarette against one of the desks, threw it in the garbage can, and made his way to the door.

"I suggest..." Shuichi stopped for a moment without looking back as Eiri continued to speak. "That you never choose a career, in which you have to write lyrics. You write worst than an elementary school kid... In other words...give it up..." Eiri got up from his place at the windowsill.

"You have absolutely, zero talent..." He whispered, emphasizing each and every word into Shuichi's ear.

He himself had no idea why, but Shuichi's body was completely frozen after Eiri said those things to him. The pink haired boy stood still as anger, hurt, and shock coursed through his body. Shuichi had so wanted to run after Eiri's retrieving form and tell him off, but he couldn't.

That...that...asshole...why did he have to say all of those mean things to me? I'm so angry I could just go and...and...fucking bastard!

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