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I folded the gown neatly, placing it in the trunk before closing the lid with a final click. The others were almost finished as well and hurried even faster. There were only the three of us now when there were once nine. Really there were only two, I was a relative newcomer, having only been with the Lady for the past four years. Six of the other seven had already been killed over the years, only Sabe had left in full health to marry a planetary governor.

Our Lady's presence flitted on the edge of my mind, overshadowed by that of her unborn children. "Illianna."

"Yes Milady?" I looked up from my work, brushing back a strand of blood red hair.

"You do not have to do this."

"We have been over this before Milady. By now the Emperor may know of your pregnancy and will be searching for a woman of your description carrying a Jedi child. My life is already forfeit, I may as well mislead them long enough for you to escape. It should give you at least a little lead time. Neither your husband nor the Emperor know that you harbored a Jedi among your handmaidens."

"But your daughter-"

I sighed. "She will survive and will help rebuild the Jedi-reluctantly perhaps but she will never join the Sith, this much I have forseen." I did not tell her of the dangers and trials that also lay ahead for all three of our children. "Let me go Milady and all three of our children will one day know freedom."

"You are not even Nubian, you have no obligation-"

"I am a Jedi Milady, and my duty is to you and to the Order. I will die, but I will not let it be a meaningless death."

"How can you be sure that all of our children survive?" the Lady cocked her head in confusion.

I brushed two fingers to her temple, closing my eyes.

"Mommy, can I go with Auntie ppppllllleeeeeeeaaassseee?" a sandy haired toddler begged, tugging on a red haired woman's hand, trying to pull her in the direction of a second, slightly shorter woman with very long brown hair lightly shot through with silver and tied up in an intricate design who was trying not to laugh. "Mommy please? I won't try to take Artoo apart."

"You had better not," she smiled, releasing his hand as he ran and jumped into the other woman's arms.

I dropped the connection to see Milady hang her head, silently crying.

"They will survive Milady. They will not give into the Empire. The Republic will be reborn," I drew her into my arms for the last time, unable to meet her eyes. Mara, you can be strong. Don't let the Emperor destroy your spirit. The Jade women don't give in without a fight.