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Jack frowned as he looked out at the small town of Port Bouvade. Gone. It was all gone. There wasn't a single piece of gold left. Jack grew angry as his crew returned empty-handed. In the last five towns they had been to, someone had gotten there first and taken anything of value. Jack needed to get to the bottom of this.

"Men! And ladies," he added, seeing Anamaria's glare "we are goin' to Tortuga!" he cried out. The crew cheered and the Black Pearl set off.


A dark figure sat in the corner of the Faithful Bride. She had pale skin and bright red lips leaving her looking like a beautiful ghost. Her ice blue eyes were surrounded by thick black eyeliner and her long black hair was tied up with a black ribbon. She wore a dirty cream singlet wrapped in a long black coat that was ripped at the elbows. Her breeches were tucked into her large black boots. She had a cold look around her. She watched as another figure approached her.

This woman had golden tanned skin symbolising her years in the sun. She had light brown hair reaching her shoulder blades. Her brown eyes were smeared with kohl to block he suns rays. She wore a tri-cornered hat and a dirty blue bandanna on her head. She had on a dirty blue shirt and a pair of brown breeches which were covered with her large black boots. She had a pale blue sash around her waist, supporting a cutlass and a pistol.

The woman carried to mugs of rum. She sat down at the table, pulling off her hat and slamming it down.

"Well Mercy," said the woman "are yeh suer yeh don' want any?" she asked.

"Aye cap'n." said Mercy, grinning slightly at her. The woman shrugged.

"Oh well, more fer me." She replied.

"Alex, I don' understand how you can like this crap." said Mercy, motioning to the rum in Alex's hands.

"It might not taste great, but the after effects make up for the taste." Alex replied. Mercy rolled her eyes and Alex grinned. She pushed a mug over to Mercy.

"A toast perhaps?" suggested Alex. Mercy looked at her strangely, but eventually grabbed the mug by the handle and held it up.

"To another successful pillage!" cried out Alex.

"Aye!" cried out Mercy. The two women clinked their glasses together and took long swigs. Mercy immediately spat her rum out all over the table. Alex laughed in her mug and skulled the rest. She put down her empty mug and grinned.

"Looks like yeh can' hold yer drink." said Alex. Mercy rolled her eyes again and stood up.

"I'm goin' fer a walk, don' get too drunk." She said, leaving the tavern.

"Don' get killed tryin' to steal somthin' too big!" Alex cried out after her drunkenly. Mercy would have her fun while Alex would have hers.


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