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Alex stood behind a cannon.

"Ready? FIRE!" she cried. A series of explosions rang through the air as the cannonballs flew towards the Black Pearl. None of the balls did any lasting damage. Alex swore. She ran up to Mercy who had taken the helm.


"We're going to have to cross to incapacitate them!" Jack cried, looking over at the Temptress. Anamaria, who was standing behind the wheel, gave a nod and turned the helm sharply to the left. The ship sailed closer to the Temptress.

"Get ready to board!" Jack cried, wielding his cutlass. The crew stopped what they were doing and grabbed a rope at the edge of the ship. They all stood on the railing, waiting for Jack's call.

"NOW!" he cried, and the crew all swung over to the Temptress.


Alex watched from the helm as the crew from the Black Pearl swung over to the ship. Sharing a look with Mercy, she drew her cutlass and went to fight. Before she could, Mercy grabbed her left arm.

"Wait, I have an idea." She said. Alex raised her eyebrows.

"What about?" she asked. Mercy grinned.

"We all know that that idiot Sparrow would kick our arses in a sword fight, so I have an idea to get him when his guard's down." She said. Alex tilted her head before giving a grin as Mercy explained.

"I'll tell the crew."


Jack ran through the fight and went below deck. He was gonna find this bastard De Grae and show him what happens when you mess with Sparrow. He drew his cutlass and went into the captain's cabin. He blinked before sheathing his sword.

"Oh thank goodness you're here Mr Sparrow!" Stephanie Thacker said from the floor. There, tied up to the bedpost was Stephanie and Natalie Thacker from the bar. He raised an eyebrow.

"Wha' the hell are yeh doin' 'ere?" he asked, squatting down. Natalie looked hysterical.

"Th… that De Grae fellow kidnapped us! We were walking home, when he jumped out and took us!" she said, breaking down in sobs. Jack gave a side grin.

"Don' worry yer pretty little head o' yers. I'll get that De Grae and have yeh out o' here in no time!" he said. Stephanie gave a relieved sigh.

"Thankyou Mr Sparrow!" she said. Suddenly the door behind Jack banged open. Jack quickly stood up, drawing his cutlass. It was a member of the Temptress.

"Cap'n! We've got the crew of the Pearl tied up 'round the mast." He said.

"Huh?" Jack said. He slowly turned around to see that Stephanie and Natalie were no longer tied up. In fact, they seemed perfectly fine. It was then that he noticed their attire. They were both dressed in shirts and breeches, and each had a cutlass at their side. Stephanie gave a mocking grin.

"Goodnight Mr Sparrow." She said. Jack felt someone hit him harshly on the back of the head.

'Bollocks.' He thought as everything went black.


Alex and Mercy watched unsympathetically as Jack fell to the floor with a thump, knocking his head on the floor.

"Good job Jacob. Go up on deck and inform the crew that we have Captain Sparrow." She said. Jacob gave a grin.

"Yes m'am!" he said before leaving. Alex then turned to Mercy.

"Good plan." She said.


Yeah. Stuff.