Title: That Hocus Pocus Nonsense

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13ish

Disclaimer: Disney owns Hocus Pocus, Joss owns Buffy

Spoilers: The movie Hocus Pocus and Season Seven

Summary: Carlos finds himself in a town not all that different from his hometown.

A/N: I started writing this after my mom and I watched the movie recently. I loved the movie when I was younger, but then my niece watched it a gazillion times when she was living with us and I refused to ever sit down and watch it again. Until my mom got all nostalgic and wanted me to watch it with her (we love Halloween in our family, and it's one of the few movies my mom will watch). And I remembered why I used to love it, and well - boom. Edgar bit me hard.

1. Introductions All Around

Carlos Trejo needed a break. He deserved one, right? He'd been good, went to school more often than not. He had friends. Two friends. Two very cool girl friends who knew that their town was seriously fucked up. And now he was being sent off to live with his maternal grandparents in Salem. Massa - fricken - chusetts.

Dawn Summers and Kit Holburn had been really supportive. Kit's folks were moving back to L.A. and Dawn . . . well Dawn was having issues with her sister and all those people living in her house right now.

He sighed heavily, remembering their good-bye's yesterday. He'd kissed them both on the cheek and was tugged away by his father. He hated this. All of this. This picking up and moving to a new town.

He stared at the door of his homeroom and wanted to scream. How could he go back to pretending what he'd accepted in Sunnydale didn't exist?

Dani Dennison sighed heavily as she gazed out the window. She stared out the window, her eyes fixed on the graveyard. She should go there today. She hadn't been there all week. She'd been in the hospital, with her parents welcoming her niece into the world. She should go.

"Class, we have a new student to welcome today. He's a transfer student from California. Carlos, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?" The plump white haired teacher asked the dark haired teenager who looked angry and miserable. He reminded Dani of Max when they had first moved here. Minus the tie-dyed tee of course.

"Hey. Carlos Trejo. Lived in Sunnyhell CA, hate school and I hate Salem."

"Um, well. It said Sunnydale in your transcripts, Mr. Trejo."

"Yeah, but it's really a hell sort of place."

"Please have a seat over by Ms. Dennison." She pointed to the only free seat in the back of the room.

The teacher continued talking about the upcoming holiday treats the school was planning on setting up this year. Dani leaned back casually. She saw that he was writing something in his notebook. Was it - about vampires?

"What are you looking at?" He hissed.

"Your notebook." She whispered. He slammed it shut with such force that had the whole class turning to stare at him.

"Yes, Mr. Trejo?"

"Carlos just killed a bee. Lucky for me, too. Deathly allergic to bees, you know. One sting and I'd have keeled over dead." Dani said quickly.

"Well, then. As I was saying."

She waited patiently until after class was over before she tried to talk to him again.

"Hey, Carlos."

"What do you want?"

"Talking, you know that little thing people like to call conversation."

"Who are you?"

"Danielle Dennison. Call me Dani, though. Please I beg of you to call me Dani." She smiled brightly at him. It almost threw him off for a second.


"Yeah, Mrs. Henderson kinda introduced you to the whole class."

"Forgot bout that."

"So, you're from California too?"

"Yeah. Who else is?"

"Me. I'm from L.A. originally. My folks moved here about ten years ago."

"I see."

"Hey, what's your schedule?" She asked, snatching the paper from him. Carlos looked at her funny.

"Are you always this random?"

"I try my damnedest to be that way. Just thought I could help make the transition easier. Unless you'd rather do the loner thing, if you don't want everyone to think it's weird to have a girl as a friend."

"My best friends at home are girls. Were." He amended.

"Great, look we have Lunch B, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh period together. Well, I guess I'll see you in Chem." She leaned towards him as she made her down the hall. "Then you can tell me why you're writing about vampires."

Dani was about as subtle as Dawn on a bad day. Which was like never. He'd been nervous enough that she'd seen his notebook. But she was talking about it during the class.

Granted, half the class was asleep. Including the teacher.

"So, you've actually seen a vampire?" She whispered.

"No, seen tons of umpires though." He said, distractedly.


"Dani, not now."

"Have you ever seen a Zombie? A boy that was turned into a cat? Witches? A possessed and evil book?"

"Wiccans?" He turned to face her.

"No, seriously dark evil witches that like to suck the life out of little children."

"I've met a couple wiccas. Three Zombies tried to kill me on - wait a minute."


"Why are you just accepting this, like it's nothing?"

"Because I've seen all those things."

The bell rang. But Carlos didn't think he could move. He wasn't alone. Someone else understood.

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