The Map

Authors note: I have never come across a map in a fan fiction story before but I would feel more comfortable if I thought you new what I was talking about and referring to.

So, on with the mapping!



My story crosses over several different time periods.

The first few chapters will be set around five hundred years before the human era in the time of the ancient ones and the immortals.

After that it crosses to the time of the first dragons, four thousand five hundred years earlier (in RotG it was said that Ancestor Rainbow was fifty five hundred years old, so that means mine is one thousand equals four thousand five hundred)

And from there it will come to where the books are at now (it is quite possible that Tamora Pierce will have released another book by the time I get to that stage in the story).


Think of a map of Tortall. Add to this picture in your mind Tusaine and Tyra. Erase the borders between these three lands so you are left only with the one surrounding them. Now divide this space into four, north, south, east and west.

For better description I have given them names I think will fit:

West is Tortall, east is Tusaine, south is Barzun (as mentioned in Tricksters Choice) and north is Camelarn (I couldn't bear the thought of using Scanra so I made something up).

Each of these four lands has a power base (capital city) marked with a tower, so if I refer to the 'Four Towers' or the 'North Tower' that is what I mean.

Each land has a ruling family or line such as Conté of Tortall.

Each family has curtain genetic traits that are not always obvious. In some cases all the members of the family will inherit them and in other cases the traits might only be present in some members or it might even skip whole generations.

Conté of Tortall.

House colour, royal blue

Eyes, dark blue

Hair, black

Gift, dark blue

Ranmith of Camelarn

House colour, purple

Eyes, amethyst

Hair, red

Gift, amethyst

Sucasin of Barzun

House colour, white

Eyes, amber

Hair, light brown

Gift, white

Jaques of Tusaine

House colour, red

Eyes, ice blue

Hair, blond

Gift, red