Never Forget

Description: Years come and go. Kids turn into teenagers. Teenagers turn into adults, we all must accept it. But when this way of life means having to erase memories. How will the Kids Next Door cope before, during and after decommissioning?

Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: I don't own the cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door if I did I wouldn't be wasting my time writing fan fiction

Chapter One: Preparing

Okie dokie, here's my new Kids Next Door fanfic. I've seen a lot of people writing decommissioning ficcys and it looked like fun so I decided to try it myself. Only, in most decommissioning stories the main character is Wally, I decided the write about Nigel.

This story is kind-of romance-based but I'll be sure to not make it too love-obsessed. I'm not revealing the couples yet but you may or may not guess them yourself (depends how well you know me).

So on with the story!

Nigel Uno spent the entire day in his room, no one dared to go in. He had a lot on his mind at this moment. He had recently lost his fellow teammate and she was more than a teammate, she was a friend, a best friend. He had lost one of his four best friends.


Abigail had been very quiet, even more quiet than usual.

Nigel had been attempting to support her throughout the week but she wouldn't listen to what anyone had to say. If someone would so much as mention the word 'decommission' or 'teenager' or anything that had to do with her dreaded birthday she would run into her room and lock the door, probably to cry to herself.

But, much to everyone's dismay, the day came. This was one birthday that wouldn't be about happy things like presents, cake, parties and the traditional Kids Next Door birthday wish, no way.

The African-American 13-year old didn't eat her breakfast, she was too nervous to eat and by the looks of her too nervous to sleep,

Everyone spent the morning watching the clock, waiting for Francine's arrival and dreading it.

It wasn't like anyone was expecting Abby was going to work for Father or the other villains but after the likes of Chad joining the grown ups in fighting against the Kids Next Door who knew what would happen.

Finally Francine arrived and everyone was much less than happy to see her, even more than usual.

"Alright, Numbuh 5, we can do this the easy way or the hard way," the Irish redhead explained.

Everyone watched Abby, waiting for a reaction but she simply stood, with her cap hiding her eyes and, for the first time in quite a long time she spoke, "Okay, Numbuh 86."

"Well," Francine smirked slightly proud and slightly relieved, "Ye're one of the good few that are actually true Kids Next Door members."

Abby looked up, her brown eyes sparkled with hope as Francine spoke those words.

"But still, by the official rules of the Kids Next Door ye' must be decommissioned."

Abby looked down once again, she glanced back at her friends. Wally was purposely looking else were, he knew if he looked at Abby he would get emotional and probably cry and a guy like him, who was trying to keep up a macho image couldn't possibly cry. Leaning on his shoulder was Kuki, she was weeping miserably, unlike Wally she didn't care if everyone saw her cry, it was part of her nature to be extremely sensitive. Standing next to her was Hoagie, he was the biggest wreck of them all, although he wasn't drowning everyone in tears like Kuki he shed quite a lot of tears as he looked at Abby with his goggle-covered eyes. And lastly Nigel was staring at both Abby and Francine hoping his arch enemy to reconsider decommissioning his friend.

"Please," Abby exclaimed, "Can Numbuh 5 say goodbye to her friends first?"

Francine groaned "Okay, but make it quick!"

Abby nodded and walked over to her friends, they all stopped whatever they were doing and looked at her.

Tears starting welling up in her eyes, "Numbuh 5'll miss yo all so much, well, if she wasn't gettin' her memory erased she'd miss yo. These have been the best years of Abby's life and to think that she'll never fight adults again or even look at any of you the same way again feels so... weird," she said in the third person.

Kuki immediately brought Abby into a hug and broke down into tears, after that Abby gave Wally a small hug followed by Nigel. Abby then hugged Hoagie, his cheeks reddened.

When Abby let go of him she looked at him, she wanted to keep a memory of him so bad. She would miss all of her team but there was something about him that she'd never forget, his sweet smile, his adorable Hazel eyes, even his jokes.

"Okay, Numbuh 5, time's up."

Abby's eyes cast down again as she walked back over to Francine and into her ship, she took one last look at her team as the doors closed.

"Goodbye, guys," she whispered.

End Flashback

But that wasn't the worst thing on his mind, no. He was about to lose the rest of his friends, all at once.

He stood and looked in the mirror, a twelve year old boy with pale skin and sunglasses looked back at him, he hadn't changed a lot since he was ten and he hoped the same thing went for his personalty. He'd hate to be one of those many teenagers who went to the dark side. He knew Abigail didn't, well, at least she left quietly in decommissioning. He wasn't sure if he would go without a fight or not.

He remembered two years ago when he was mistaken for being a thirteen year old, Numbuh 86 attempted to decommission him, he put up a fight then, but he didn't know if that was just because he knew he was only ten at the time or if it was because he never wanted to be decommissioned, either way, he was stubborn.

He continued to remember his past adventures, besides, it was possibly the last time he could remember being Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door.

Someone broke his thoughts by knocking the door. He shook his thoughts away and opened it.

A girl with long black hair stood there, it was Kuki Sanban, "Hi, Numbuh 1," she started in a Japanese accent, holding out a tray that had a plate on it with two slices of pizza and some fries, "I was wondering if you'd like some dinner, you haven't eaten much today," she had a concerned look on her face.

He thought to himself. He could either spend his last day in his room thinking or spend his precious time with his team. Which was it to be? Thinking about his friends or actually being with them?

"Thanks, Numbuh 3," he smiled and took the tray gently, "Um, can I eat with you guys?"

Kuki beamed, "Sure!" she lead him into the kitchen where Hoagie and Wallabee were sitting.

Nigel looked at them, they looked almost as miserable as him. Hoagie had lost his appetite since Abigail left three months ago, he was now a lot thinner than when he was ten. And Wally seemed to have more rage than ever and he would get ticked off by the littlest things. Kuki, however became more weepy and she had less energy than before.

Nigel noticed that everyone had very different ways to express their emotions but he didn't know how to react, the rest of his team expected him to be the most depressed at the moment.

He sat at the table next to Hoagie. Hoagie looked at him and smiled slightly and then he looked down again and continued playing with his food.

"Numbuh 2," Kuki started, taking a bite out of her slice of pizza, "You gotta eat something," the Asian girl cocked her head to the side.

"I'm not hungry," Hoagie sighed sadly, pushing his plate aside.

Wallabee glared at his feet and didn't say anything, it was his turn to be decommissioned a month and a half after Nigel, so when he wasn't taking out his rage on his teammates he was giving them the silent treatment.

When he finished his food Nigel stood, "I'll be in my room," he exclaimed as he headed for the door with the large '1' painted on it.

Kuki and Hoagie frowned and Wally just glared at Nigel until he entered his room.

"I'll miss him," Kuki exclaimed.

"Yeah, me too," Hoagie agreed.

"No one's a kid forever," Wally murmured just loud enough for his two teammates to hear.

"Numbuh 4," Kuki scolded, "Why do you have to be so mean?!"

"I'm not being 'mean', I'm statin' fact, so shut up and leave me alone!" his words echoed throughout the tree house.

Tears started welling up in Kuki's eyes.

"Hey, leave her alone!" Hoagie yelled, "You're not the only one who's taking this decommissioning thing hard. And we're all missing Abby," he mentioned kind-of randomly.

"We weren't even talking about that teenager, we were talking about Numbuh 1!" Wally yelled, he clenched his fists.

"Stop fighting, guys!" Kuki said, crying.

Hoagie ignored Kuki's comment, he was still full of rage because of what Wally said, "She may be a teenager but she's still human!"

"So?" Wallabee's eyes narrowed, "She's not Numbuh 5 anymore, deal with it!"

Hoagie didn't say anything, he just glared at his friend. Everything was silent, besides Kuki's weeping.

A few minutes passed until Hoagie finally spoke, "I'll be in my room," he got up and walked over to the door with the large red '2' painted on it. Wally stomped off into his own room soon after, leaving Kuki with her head in her hands.

Nigel didn't hear any of the commotion from outside his room, he was trying to pack his stuff away, the rest of his team had already packed. He literally threw his stuff into bags carelessly. Everything that would remind him of the Kids Next Door or his team had been confiscated a few days ago.

When he was finished packing he took a look at the room that tomorrow would be gone, along with the entire tree house. It was pretty bare, but that didn't matter, Numbuh 86 would cut the tree house down anyway.

Nigel sighed angrily. He had always hated Francine, in fact Kuki was the only one who would so much as smile at her and that was only because of her nice nature. But Nigel seemed to have the biggest problem with her. He never knew why.

He found a box lying on the floor, he forgot he had it so he looked inside.

It had a few things in there, like old Yipper cards, keys and old pictures. He picked up the pictures and looked through them. They were pictures of various members of his team, pictures of them in pairs or threes, single pictures and one picture of him and his team, the picture was taken five or six years ago, after their first mission.

He looked at it and smiled, everyone was so happy, they didn't need to care about being teenagers since they were no were near thirteen, unlike now. He put the picture in his own small bag, he needed some kind of memory, right?

So there's Chapter One. I hope it was okay and it didn't suck. Anyway please review. Criticism very much appreciated.