Tournament of Heroes

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"What would school be like?" Gohan thought as he rode on the golden nimbus cloud. He had just left his home after a teary goodbye from his mother and was kind of glad to be away from her for once. He wouldn't tell her that to her face, she tried so hard to raise him by herself with his father dead and living with King Kai. When he stopped daydreaming he had noticed that he had reached the outer limits of Satan City. To avoid suspicion, he hopped of the nimbus cloud and began to run towards his new school using his fast speed. He stopped a little ways away from Orange Star High and began to walk. He couldn't keep running as he remembered Chi Chi telling him to hide his power in hopes of him fitting in better. Not wanting to disappoint her, he decided to listen. He stopped halfway to the door as he noticed everyone cowering away with terrified looks on their faces. He followed their looks to a spot fairly close to him and saw a guy being dragged up to the school by his arm.

"Keiko! I wanted to cut class and go to the arcade!"

"Well that's just too bad! You've already missed for training, tournaments, and the psycho guy!"

"That wasn't my fault!"

"Too bad!" The girl yelled and dragged him inside.

She's scary, Gohan thought to himself. Don't want to get on her bad side.

Gohan continued into the school once the two had left and people had begun acting normal again. After a few minutes, and directions from a few people he met in the halls, he discovered his class. While his teacher introduced him with the usual about what his name was and what he got on his test scores, he saw the guy and girl from earlier that day. The girl was watching and listening to the teacher talk about Gohan, while the guy was taking a nap, his head down on his desk and he was making a quiet snoring sound. Gohan looked at the teacher to find he hadn't even noticed or he didn't care. One or the other.

When Gohan noticed the teacher had stopped and was looking at him to tell a little about himself, he started to introduce himself and as he did, Keiko hit Yusuke in the head and he fell off his chair.

"Mr. Urameshi, I think you just earned yourself detention."

"But I had detention yesterday, no wait I was skipping yesterday so that would mean two days ago, or maybe three, even four…. And besides, I have training today!"

"Well maybe, Genkai, that was her name right?" Yusuke nodded with a kind of surprised look on his face. "Maybe she can train you harder as detention."

"Please…anything than that." Yusuke said in an almost fearful voice, almost, but not quite. One thing was certain, he wasn't as confident as usual nor was he looking forward to his detention. At the moment, the teacher decided to look to the side and noticed Gohan still standing at the front, a somewhat dazed look on his face.

"Gohan, why are you still standing here? You can go take a seat anytime you want to."

Gohan started to look around the classroom wondering where he could sit, when a girl with short yellow hair stood up. "Hey new boy, you can sit right here," she said as she pointed to an empty seat beside her.


"Today we will playing the great sport of baseball."

Yusuke looked like he was going to fall asleep again if Keiko let him because she was constantly poking him to keep him awake. Every time she poked him, he would give her an angry look and then get a dazed look on his face earning himself another poke. A few people were trying to hold back laughter in fear of Yusuke coming after them if they laughed at him.

Sharpner was talking to Videl and Gohan about whose team he would be placed on and a few seconds later; Gohan was on Videl's team. Sharpner's team was up to bat first, and they decided to let Yusuke bat first before he fell asleep again.

"So…um…what do I do again?" Yusuke asked.

"Hit the ball!" Sharpner yelled back.

"Oh ya."

Videl pitched the ball and Yusuke easily hit it out of the schoolyard.

"Was that a little hard?" Yusuke asked Keiko.

"Run, Yusuke!" Yusuke stood on home plate for a little while with a confused look on his face before he remembered what to do. Amazingly, he had stayed awake for one gym class that they had just happened to be playing baseball in. He hadn't participated, he hadn't even really been paying attention, but he had caught onto the concept of hit the ball and run around the bases fairly quickly. He quickly ran around all of the bases and got a home run earning a cheer from his team. He wandered over to Keiko and stood beside her.

"You should just appreciate the fact that I'm actually participating." Yusuke said as the next student went up to bat.

Sharpner's team continued until Sharpner was up to bat with 2 outs.

"Are you ready for a strike?" Yelled Videl.

"Bring it on." Yelled Sharpner.

Videl pitched and Sharpner hit it really high and started running believing no one could catch a ball that high, but Gohan surprised them when he jumped and caught it.


Gohan watched as Yusuke ran out to the school field for his detention. Gohan decided to watch to see how strong he was. He could sense that he was fairly strong, but wanted to see him in action. Yusuke stood in the field for awhile before yelling," Where are you grandma?"

"Right here"

"Can we get started?"

"Okay, as a warm-up you got a minute to do one hundred laps around the track."

"But teach said this was going to be hard. That's pathetic, even for a warm-up."

"We're gonna get there."

Why'd I have to open my mouth, Yusuke thought to himself.

Gohan watched in amazement as Yusuke ran the one hundred laps in under fifty seconds. He might be faster than me, Gohan thought to himself. I should tell someone, like Vegeta or Piccolo about him.

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