Tournament of Heroes

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Normal Speech


Gohan started to get in a fighting stance, but stopped when e noticed people staring at him in shock. He looked over at Yusuke to find him staring in shock too.

"I do know you," Yusuke said in a disbelieving voice. At this point Gohan realized he had lost his sunglasses. He noticed they were smashed on the arena floor. Bulma had built a pair of sunglasses that were more like glasses than sunglasses for him. They wouldn't darken his vision, but he now realized that might not have been a good idea. He couldn't tell whether he was wearing them or not.

Gohan also saw his bandana lying on the arena floor, ripped into many pieces. He immediately reached for his head to and felt hair, not cloth like he usually did. He quickly realized why everyone was staring at him.

"Gohan." Yusuke continued. "From my class at school."

"Ya, that's me," Gohan said nervously while scratching the back of his head with his hand.

"Never thought I'd see someone like you at a tournament involving fighting." Yusuke said.

"Why not?" Gohan asked.

"Well, you seemed kind of weak in class except that jump you did in the one gym class I actually participated. I mean your spirit energy is low."

"Might I remind you," Koto interrupted. "You are in the middle of a fight. You can have your class reunion afterwards."

"Come on Koto," Yusuke said. Both boys looked at her for a while, as she seemed to be deciding how to respond. Before long she gave them both a look that could scare anyone. They got a fearful look on their faces before continuing the fight.

"They began to throw punches at each other, none hitting, neither fighter gaining the advantage. Every once in a while, one of the two fighters would throw a kick into the fight.

Most of the audience was sitting in shock. One, some of them knew Gohan and like Yusuke, didn't think that he would ever have been able to do some of the things he was doing at this very moment. Second, the two fighters were moving faster than the audience could keep up with. Their arms just seemed like blurs. Third, the people in the audience who knew and feared Yusuke seemed to fear him more now, if that was even possible. He was never this strong at school. Never even close. People who knew him, but didn't fear him, however few that group of people was, were beginning to fear him.

The fight continued, with neither one gaining the advantage. Many people were beginning to place bets on how long it was going to last. Punch here, punch there, kick there, until they finally broke it off. The ended up about six meters from each other as a result of their back handsprings and stood hunched over, panting.

Gohan moved first with a punch with his right fist. Yusuke ducked and kicked his Gohan's right rib with his the heel of his left foot. Gohan stumbled back while Yusuke put his left foot down and turned his body to the left to deliver another powerful kick with the heel of his right foot. Gohan fell back, rolled over so he was on his hands and knees and coughed up a small dosage of blood and then rolled onto his back again.

Yusuke staggered over as his right hand began getting a bluish tint around it. He stood over Gohan before bringing his hand downwards toward Gohan's throat. The throat is one of the many pressure points on a human body and well Gohan wasn't human, he was whatever a saiyan was, Yusuke hoped it would still work. Genkai had made him learn twenty-six of the many pressure points as part of his training. Though he wouldn't admit it too her, it was really useful. As his hand continued downward, Gohan lifted his right knee and then continued with the follow through with a kick to Yusuke's ribs. Yusuke stumbled back before he too fell over on his back.

Both fighter's laid there for a second to catch their breath. They were both soon up though and ready to go. Punch after punch, kick after kick, there seemed to be no end too it.

Gohan aimed a punch for Yusuke and Yusuke aimed a punch for Gohan. Both connected and sent the two opponents back. They both fell down and just laid there.

The audience was silent with one thought on their mind. Was this the end?

Neither fighter moved. Koto and Juri looked at each other unsure what to do. Juri decided to start to count to ten.

"One, two, three," Juri began.

Neither fighter moved. Their cheering friends' shouts unheard.

"Four, five, six, seven," Koto continued.

"Get up Yusuke," Kurama cheered.

"Eight, nineā€¦" Juri continued.

Just then, Yusuke lifted his body up off the arena floor.

"Ten!" Koto finished. "We have a winner!"

Yusuke looked dazed for a second, but then realization set in that he had won. He picked up Gohan and carried him over to where Hiei and Kurama were. Kurama congratulated him on his victory and started to say something else, but his voice was lost in the sound of Juri on the microphone.

"For the last fight now of this round, I give you Hiei and Vegeta!"

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