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Balrog of Moria

In the depths of the earth a light glows without a source,

It wanders the great halls delved by dwarves long ago,

Enclosed in its prison of darkness and stone,

The light shields it within with no amount of hope,

Forever it dwells alone save for the orcs,

That skirmish away from his rays red and orange,

Always seeking company without avail,

The Balrog wanders while its light slowly fails,

Created for evil it waits for only the end,

To this ceaseless eternal torment,

It wishes to wish for more than just death,

To be something more than a fiery breath,

His chance comes when a fellowship enters his domain,

He quickly pursues them wanting them to remain,

He picks up the chase only to find his doom,

Beneath the bridge of Khazad-Dum,

Upon the bridge he meets a fire,

That glows white with a power much higher,

They exchange many blows that weakens their fuse,

Until the bridge collapses from endless abuse,

The Balrog falls down and down,

From his adversary that looks on with a frown,

With the last of his will and surge of rage,

The Balrog flashes his whip with mighty strength,

It reaches its target and with a cry,

His adversary is defeated for all time,

After his invisible sun set in the west,

His light was extinguished far down in the abyss,

He lies now forever in forgotten mists.