A/N This is the First Chapter of the series. As you know at the end of Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma I set the scene for this series which Highlights just how Amy Lillian Potter handles things when she finds out her dad was going to be not only one of her teachers but quite possibly the head of her house.

Amy's Time at Hogwarts

Chapter 1 From the Burrow to Hogwarts.

"Wake up Sleepyhead," A voice said as Amy was trying to sleep in.

"Can't I stay in bed a couple more minutes?" Amy groaned.

"I don't think so Amy. Your grandfather and I want to see that you get on the train by 1030. It leaves at 11:00. You should see your parents tonight," Mrs. Weasley said.

"It just hasn't been much fun without Myrtle," Amy said. "Even with my cousins always showing up."

"You've managed so far though Amy," Mrs. Weasley said. "Besides Myrtle is probably already in place waiting for you."

"I hope so," Amy commented as she reluctantly got out of bed

An hour and a half later the car carrying Amy and her grandparents pulled up to King's Cross Station. Amy immediately got her hands on a trolley and loaded her trunk aboard. She then headed toward the barrier separating Platform Nine from Platform ten. AS she got close she crouched down like an Olympic Sprinter and started sprinting along right through the barrier while pushing the trolley containing her trunk onto the infamous Platform 9 ¾, Her next stop was the Train where an Older girl with a Badge on her robes walked over.

"Hi, I'm Francine Talbot, I'm a prefect in Ravenclaw, do you require assistance?"

"Yes I just need to get my trunk onto the train. I'm just starting at Hogwarts," Amy said.

"I'll help you out," Fran said. "Where you from?"

"Hogsmeade but I spent the last part of the summer at my grandparents. My mom is researching a new book and my dad was real busy with his job," Amy said.

"Oh what kind of book is your mom researching?" Fran asked.

"A book on all sorts of charms and enchantments. She hasn't come up with a title yet," Amy said.

"I wonder if it's anything like those Hogwarts Guide Books. Did you take the time to buy those?" Fran asked as she lead Amy into a compartment and helped her place her trunk in the compartment.

"I already had an autographed copy of both books," Amy said.

"How did you manage to get an autographed copy of a Virginia Potter Book?" Fran wondered.

"Here is a good clue. I'm Amy L. Potter."

"Is she an aunt or something?" Fran wondered as Carly walked in.

"Or something. My mom wrote those books. According to Professor Finch-Fletchley she wrote the Potionry Guide while pregnant with me," Amy said.

"Well I'll see you around Amy," Fran said as she went to help some other students.

Carly sat down right then.

"This is something else, being off to school. So what will your parents be doing while you are at school?" Carly asked.

"My dad will be teaching and my mom is writing a textbook that deals with Charms and Enchantments," Amy said.

"Your mom must want every student at Hogwarts to have her other books. After all I found an owl carrying copies of both her Potionry Guide and the Transfiguration Guide. Autographed at that," Carly said. "I was talking to Emily and an owl delivered an autographed copy of the Potionry guide to her."

"After she finishes the Charms and Enchantments book she might write an Advanced Transfiguration text. I know she spent a lot of time talking to Flitwick, McGonagall and Finch-Fletchley," Amy said.

"Knowing your mom if Hogwarts Staff is involved they will probably end up titled the Hogwarts Guide to Charms and Enchantments and the Hogwarts Guide to Advanced Transfiguration," Carly commented as the train started to leave the station.

AN hour into the trip Amy decided to throw her robes on just as the Witch with the Sweets cart showed up. Amy removed a small money sack from her robes, took out a couple galleons, and bought a huge supply of chocolate frogs, Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, and Cockroach Clusters. Just as she started to shuck chocolate frogs so she could add to her card collection a Raven Haired Girl with a very nasal voice walked into the compartment.

"Ah looks like you two have plenty of sweets. Mind if I help myself?" She asked picking up a bag of Pumpkin pasties and a small tin of cockroach clusters.

"Ah excuse me but that's our food," Carly said.

"Like I care," the girl said. "I don't see your name on it."

Amy went into her trunk, took out a small box of Weasley's Wizard Wheezies Custard Creams, and handed them to the girl.

"Here I have a few of these with me that I am willing to share," Amy said. "But if you want these you will have to leave the other things."

The girl left the Pumpkin Pasties and still took the tin of clusters.

"What was in that box you gave her?" Carly wondered.

"Oh those they're Canary Creams. My uncles Fred and George developed them. I originally brought them for pulling pranks on the resident's of my house but I figured she deserved a little humiliation. My dad doesn't know that Fred and George gave them to me," Amy said.

"God Amy it sounds like you are flirting with trouble having those. For all we know they might not be allowed. What kind of broomstick would you have brought if you could have brought one?" Carly wondered as Sarah and Emily walked in. Emily had brought a big bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

"Either a Firebolt 7 or if I can't have that a Nimbus 2009. Of course George supposedly had heard that the Cleansweep 17's are pretty good," Amy said.

"Like you uncle knows a thing about brooms. Silver Arrows, Comets and Cleansweeps are kind of subpar these days. You had the right idea with either the Firebolt 7 or the Nimbus 2009. The Lightning 100 is the newest type of decent broom to come out and it's about as good as a Cleansweep, much better then a Comet 300 and as for the Silver Arrows I don't think they even make those anymore," Carly said.

"Amy, you want an Every Flavor Bean?" Emily offered.

"Emily don't even try to gross me out today. I'm not real fond of them," Amy said.

"Man are you ever having a bad day," Carly commented.

"It would be better if my dad wasn't going to be there when I arrived," Amy said.

"Amy, I have a feeling you will do fine despite your dad being there," Sarah said. "Most people would be excited that their mum or dad would be teaching at their school. You though make it sound worse then a life sentence in Azkaban. If McGonagall didn't think your dad was up to it she would never have offered him that much responsibility."

"Let me put it to you this way Sarah I'd almost prefer to get kissed by a Dementor," Amy said.

"Amy if you ask me you are taking the entire situation way too personal. We'll get to School go through the sorting eat and then go to bed. You probably won't even see your dad tonight," Sarah said.

"He will probably be at dinner," Amy said. "Who knows maybe sometime on the weekend we can slip home."

The four girls sat in the Compartment eating away for the rest of the long trip. By the time they arrived at Hogsmeade Station it was starting to get on toward dark. Per Instructions they left their trunks on the train. Off to one side was a long row of carriages. Amy started to head for the Carriages when she heard a Booming Voice call out.

"First Years Over Here Follow Me. Amy, come on your dad told me to make sure you made it," The voice said. The person that it was attached to was Huge. At least Twelve Feet tall and probably had a waist of at least 298.

"Oh Hi Hagrid," Amy called out heading his way. Her friends followed her. All the other First Years followed along eventually they came to a big lake with a lot of boats next to the shore.

"No more then four to a boat. Come on now everyone. Amy, how would you like to ride over with me?" Hagrid asked as Amy went to board a boat with her friends.

Amy walked over and boarded the last boat with her friends. She found it amazing that the boats had cast off on their own. They headed along where eventually they went came across an Area of Vegetation.

"Heads Down," Hagrid called out as they went through a low tunnel. AS they came out of the tunnel Amy heard a Splash coming out of the water. She looked up and realized what the Splash was.

"Amy, welcome to Hogwarts," Myrtle said. "Everyone is waiting for you?"

"What is my dad up to Myrtle?" Amy whispered.

"He is waiting for you in the Entrance Hall. Of course he is waiting for all the First Years so that the sorting can commence," Myrtle explained to her in a hushed tone.

"Myrtle, you did fix it so I'm not in Gryffindor right?" Amy wondered as the boats stopped in an underground harbor.

"Wish I could but the Sorting is impartial and unable to be rigged," Myrtle said.

Hagrid then lead the First Years from the Harbor up and around to the Front Door where he knocked on it.

"Hagrid, do be careful one of these years I swear you will most likely knock the door down and probably crush the poor professor on the other side," Harry said after opening the Door.

"Oh ah Sorry Professor Potter, Might I present the First years," Hagrid said.

"Follow me everyone. The sorting is very important since it tells you what house you will live in. Your classes will be with others in your house and each house has a common room where you spend your free time and you will also sleep in your house dormitory. One you have been assigned to a house you will sit down at the Table for that House," Harry said. "There is also a point system in place. Triumphs gain house points. But break a rule and your house will lose points. Harry then lead them into a small waiting area. "Please take the time to Smarten yourselves up I will return shortly," Harry said.

"Anyone have any idea what Professor Potter teaches?" A male voice somewhere in the rear asked.

"He teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. He also happens to be the Assistant Headmaster and those of you who get stuck in Gryffindor will have to deal with him since he is the Head of that House," Amy said.

Harry stuck his head in a couple minutes later and had everyone line up. Amy ended up next to a cute Reddish Blond haired male.

"Please let him be in my house even if I do get stuck in Gryffindor," Amy prayed.

Harry lead the first years out into the Great Hall which was somewhat gray due to the overcast sky outside since it was enchanted to show whatever the outside sky was like. Amy then noticed an extremely old and beat up hat come in. She was trying to figure out what was going on when it started to Sing about how Gryffindors tended to be Brave and True of Heart, How Hufflepuffs tended to be just and Loyal, Ravenclaws were valued for Wisdom and the Slytherins tended to be extremely cunning. Also how the Hat known as the Sorting Hat was a thinking hat.

"Ok as I call your name I want you to put the hat on your head and it will call out the house you will be in," Harry said.

"Adams, Geoffrey."


Amy was surprised that it was the cute guy next to her.

"Boldegard, Nastia."

Amy wasn't surprised to find that Nastia was the girl from the train

Nastia had just started to put the Sorting Hat on when it called out


Amy watched away.

"Sarah Demenkus."


Amy noted how Sarah was headed for the bunch of wisdom hogs and hoped she ended up in Ravenclaw with her best friend.

"Endicott, Hillary."


"Fleming Erica"


"Fox, Justin"


"Johnson, Emily."


Amy was starting to sweat when suddenly her father called out.

"Potter, Amy Lillian."

Amy walked over trying to ignore her father's Hope that she would uphold the Family tradition.

"Ah I can sense extreme bravery in this head of yours," The sorting hat said after she placed it on. Yes Extreme Bravery even if it is clouded. There is only one place for you my child and that is," the Sorting hat said before booming out "GRYFFINDOR."

"Oh well at least I have a friend there," Amy said as she walked over to the Gryffindor table.

"Amy, I'm Melanie Holmes one of the prefects, after the feast make sure you wait for me before you go to the tower," A Tall Dark haired girl said. Amy could see her badge on her robes.

She continued to watch the sorting and started to cheer extremely loud when her father called out. "Wood, Carleen." By this time two other girls Hannah Williams and Julie Watkins along with a few other cute boys had been sorted into Gryffindor

And the Sorting Hat after a full minute called out


"Welcome everyone to a very exciting Year here at Hogwarts. As everyone knows Hogwarts' long time Headmaster Albus Dumbledore stepped down at the end of last term. I'd like to introduce our new Assistant Headmaster. A very famous wizard who is also our Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. May I present Harry Potter," McGonagall said.

There were cheers all over.

"Man I don't know who got more applause you or your dad?" Emily whispered to Amy.

"For now I only have three more words to say Dig IN everyone."

The Food appeared right then. Amy and the others ate a lot of food. After the huge dinner was a large quantity of Desserts. Soon as the food disappeared McGonagall Stood back up.

"Professor Potter isn't our only new Professor of course. Professor Finch Fletchley is our new Transfiguration Professor and well Madame Hooch our long time Quidditch Coach and Flying Instructor has suffered a debilitating injury so Madame Conway will be taking over for her this year. I want to make it accurately clear to the First Years that the Forbidden Forest is just that Forbidden. To enter it could prove disastrous. Madame Conway is working on getting everything ready for the upcoming Quidditch Season. Tryouts will start the third week of the term. Those of you who are interested in playing on your house team should see her. Also There will be zero exceptions to the rule of only those Third Year and Above who have written parental permission being allowed to visit Hogsmeade on selected weekends.

"Well there goes sneaking home to see mom this weekend."

Dinner was soon over and Melanie got up and lead the First Years along the corridors. As they were heading down a particularly long corridor they noticed several Water Filled balloons floating along before getting randomly dropped on them.

"PEEVES," Melanie hollered. "You get your pasty You know what down here right now."

A sounds like whistling was heard.

"That bloody Poltergeist feels that he can just ignore the Prefects," Melanie complained "Peeves, you either get down here or I'm going to have a long talk with Baron Von Rastinov."

Peeves then showed himself as he appeared with an outlandish bow tie on. He then flipped himself over in order to get a couple chuckles. One boy in the rear though shot a parchment spit ball at him.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for that spitball," Melanie said.

She then finished the tour leading the way to a Painting of a Huge Fat Lady.

"This painting guards the entrance to our tower. She will only open the door if the right password which right now is Munchmoney. Please I ask that you not give the password to any people you either already know or will meet in the other houses. Another thing don't tell residents of the other houses where our Common Room is. To do either one results in a weeks worth of detentions and a hundred points from your house per incident," Melanie said.

She then lead the First Years inside.

"Girls dorms are up the left hand staircase and Boys up the right hand Staircase."

Amy, Emily, Carly, and four other girls headed up the staircase till they found their room all the way up on top. Inside was seven four poster beds with a piece of parchment sitting on the trunk of the beds assigned occupant. Each person also had a very tall Armoire for their things that they felt like hanging up. Amy of course was so tired she changed into a Nightgown and went to sleep right away.