A/N This chapter is the last one for Amy's first year and it will be filled with events. Trust me Year 2 will really prove interesting. New Characters New Situations. Of course the big question is Will Harry be the one professor to actually stay for a second year or will he fall pray to the jinx that haunts the position. All that will be answered in the next series.

Chapter 18(19) Winding Down

Amy was listening to Professor Binns discuss a famous witch who when she was a kid actually prevented a Hag from consuming herself and her brother. What made this witch famous was the fact that her story is known even to Muggle born children. Finally by chance the bell rang to end her morning.

"Ah Miss Potter mind if I have a word with you?" Professor Binns asked her before she could get real far.

"Sure Professor Binns is there a problem?" Amy wondered.

"AS a matter of fact there is Miss Potter. How much time have you spent on your studies lately?" Professor Binns wondered.

"As much as I can. With all the classes they have you take Your Class, Defense, Potions, Charms, Herbology, Transfiguration. It keeps me busy and then Quidditch Practice and getting my broom broken in for the Match Against Ravenclaw," Amy said.

"Been flying a lot huh Miss Potter?" Binns wondered.

"A couple hours everyday not counting practice?" Amy said.

"The reason I'm wondering is you aren't doing real good in my class. You will need to get Full Marks on the final to even have a chance of passing In fact I recommended to the Headmistress through the Assistant Headmaster that you be barred from playing in the Quidditch Cup Match if you don't get your grade up. So basically this is the situation You will have to spend more time studying and less time flying between now and the final. Otherwise Miss Potter I can guarantee you will fail History of Magic. How are you doing in your other classes?"

"AS best I can Professor not that I see it as your business," Amy said.

"I was simply wondering," Binns said. "You can run along now. Oh and if you can find time for next class write me a three roll essay on the Witch we discussed in class today," Binns assigned her.

"OK Professor. This assignment is as a way of boosting my grade huh?" Amy wondered.

"At least a start," Binns said.

Amy then walked outside where Ritala was waiting for her.

"Don't let Binns get to you Amy. I'm sure you will do fine. You going to talk to your dad?" Ritala wondered.

"Not right now he has a class next period. I'm going to do some reading in the library. As you most likely know he gave me a whopper of an assignment simply because I'm failing his class," Amy said.

Amy worked right through lunch on research for her paper taking a ton of notes. She walked into class and sat as far from her dad's eyes as she could but as close to the door as she could. Soon as class was over She attempted to slip away. A hand on her shoulder prevented her.

"I figured you would try to escape," Harry said.

"You do know me well dad," Amy said as she sat down. "Binns said he had spoken with you about my grades in his class."

"Well he is concerned. To be honest I'm a little concerned as well. Your grades in all your other classes are fine even Potions. OK so Binns is the biggest bore at Hogwarts but still your grades should be a lot better. What did you cover in his class today?"

"Gretel the Great. A German Witch who actually prevented a hag from eating her and her brother for dinner," Amy said. "In fact he wants me to write a 3 roll essay on her for next class. I spent lunch in the library doing research on her. Very interesting story."

"I think a couple muggle writers named Grimm immortalized her story for their audience," Harry said.

"Could be I had Ritala with me while I was there," Amy said.

"Just make sure you keep a close eye on your grades and study hard Amy. After all if you flunk out of Hogwarts it would make the family look bad. Besides it would be a long time before Melanie graduates," Harry said.

"Maybe Melissa as well who knows," Amy said. "I'm still hoping for her case that her powers are latent."

"I hope your right but Hannah isn't so sure," Harry said.

Amy then headed off to the library to continue working on her paper. Shortly before the bell ending dinner rang Dobby came over.

"Oh hi Dobby," Amy said.

"Amy Potter not hungry or something?" Dobby wondered.

"Dinner should be starting soon. I've just been really busy Dobby," Amy said.

"Amy Potter dinner is almost over that's why I was wondering."

"Great and I have a class tonight. Oh well maybe Kari will let me skip it," Amy said.

"Shouldn't you be getting to class in that case just in case she won't," Dobby said.

"You'er most likely right Dobby let's go," Amy said.

She then headed for class. Dobby disappeared as she left the library only to reappear outside the classroom with a goblet of iced pumpkin juice.

"Here Amy Potter," Dobby said. She quickly downed it.

"Amy, how come you weren't at lunch or dinner?" Emily wondered.

"I was working on an Essay for Binns Lost track of time," Amy said.

"We didn't have an essay assigned for History," Emily said.

"I did," Amy said.

Amy continued to word hard the next day spending lunch and time after Herbology in the library. She also headed for the library soon as it opened on Saturday. She was working so hard on her essay she was forgetting to eat relaying on an occasional thing of Pumpkin Juice that Dobby would bring. Sunday night Amy was heading from the Library toward Gryffindor when she fell suddenly. When she woke up Madame Pomfrey was looking down on her and Amy was laying on a bed in the Hospital Wing.

"Ah you are awake Amy you didn't look so good when you were brought in here," the nurse said.

"What happened?"

"You fell in the corridor. By chance Peeves was up to his usual mischief nearby and he brought you in here. When he floated in and asked where he could toss his load I was worried until I saw it was you. Your blood sugar level was way down. Have you been eating lately?"

"I guess I did miss a few meals while getting caught up on a class I'm failing. Periodically Dobby would hand me a quick goblet of Pumpkin Juice though. I'd just loose track of time that's all. What time is it?"

"Nine thirty in the morning you were out all night. Good thing to since you'll be here a couple days getting your intake back up where it should be with no visitors not even ghosts."

Of course Myrtle was in Stealth Mode nearby. About 11:00 she slipped off. An hour later Madame Pomfrey brought Amy some lunch.

"Take it slow. Your stomach might not be able to handle it otherwise."

It was After lunch on Wednesday before Amy was released her first stop was Binns classroom.

"Afternoon Miss Potter," He said.

"Here is my essay," Amy said. "Sorry it's a little late."

"Your father explained everything," It was a big risk skipping meals," Binns said. "You better run along."

"OK see you in class tomorrow."

Amy then headed for Herbology.

"Just get out from under Madame Pomfrey's careful watch Miss Potter?" Professor Sprout wondered when she walked in nine minutes late.

"Yeah I stopped to hand an assignment in to Binns," Amy said. "It was due yesterday."

"It must have been boring as ever without visitors." Carly said.

"A little bit I managed to get some studying done though when she wasn't looking," Amy told her.

After classes were over Amy plopped down on a couch in the Common Room and studied for a couple hours until Dinner. On her plate was a note.


Meet me you know where after dinner.


After dinner Amy slipped down into the dungeons heading for her private dungeon. Hannah of course had followed her. Flint was waiting for her when she arrived.

"It just hasn't been the same since Binns told you that you were failing history. I haven't even seen you this week," Marcus commented.

"Well I was in the Hospital Wing most of the week," Amy said.

"I know your dad came down to Slytherin and told me about you being in there and how you weren't allowed visitors. I didn't think he knew where our common room was," Marcus commented.

"Come on he's a professor what do you expect," Amy said.

"With Exams next week we might not have time for each other. Besides we live in Different areas in the summer my family lives near Cardiff and yours here in Hogsmeade."

"That didn't stop you from spending Christmas with my family."

"Your family is certainly interesting. When will they start invading Hogwarts?"

"Well Elly arrives this coming year and if things go well She will be in Gryffindor. Of course she could end up in Hufflepuff," Amy said. "I better warn you though I have a couple other cousins from my dad's side who are starting as well this coming year."

Amy survived the rest of the week and also the week of Exams. Saturday Morning at Breakfast Amy noticed Professor Binns floating over.

"Morning Professor," Amy said.

"You ready for the game this afternoon Miss Potter?" Binns wondered.

"I think so," Amy said.

"I graded your exam already and You didn't get Full Marks but you did get a high enough grade that I feel safe clearing you to play," Binns told her.

Shortly before Gametime Amy carefully walked out Thunderstick in hand.

"OK Let's have a fair match here. Dan no advertising Thunderstick," Madame Conway said. "No Fouling of opponents. OK mount your brooms Three Two One." Her whistle then blew Amy zoomed up and manned her goal. She especially kept an eye on Posta Alfred, Keiko Miyuma, and Neil Clawson the team captain for Ravenclaw. Early on When Gryffindor was ahead 60-0 It was obvious that the Thunderstick 1000 was a good broom since in that time Ravenclaw had made seventeen attempts to score. Keiko Miyuma was just making her tenth attempt at scoring a short time later when Theo managed to snag the snitch right out from under the eyes of Tyra Atchinson the Ravenclaw Seeker. The Final Score Gryffindor 230 Ravenclaw 30

The Crowd went wild. The Entire Team went bounding down with Amy arriving first.

"Man we lucked out big time having Amy on hand with a fast broom," Carla said.

"I agree," Amy said. "Ravenclaw didn't hesitate to try to get one past me even if they were only successful a mere three times."

A Photographer for the Hogwarts Cauldron was on hand to take a picture for the Annual Book. For the Picture Josh had Amy and Theo hold the cup between them.

Before Amy knew it Since she spent a lot of time with the other Gryffindors after the Cup Victory IT was time to pack her trunk for the last time.

"Amy, be careful this summer, I'm going to return to London and spend it with what family I have left," Hannah said.

"At least try to visit over the summer," Amy said.

"Can't promise you on that one Amy," Hannah said. "At least let me know if Sam visits."

"Generally I only see him at Christmas time."

Amy carried her stuff down with the others. AS she neared the Great Hall Dobby came over and took charge of her trunk. HE loaded it onto the carriage. Their next stop was the Train so they could see the rest of the Hogwarts crowd off. Of course Marcus couldn't resist giving her one last kiss before he boarded the train. After that She reboarded the carriage and finished her trip to Merlin Ave.

"How was everything?" Ginny wondered.

"It went well. Too bad I can't use magic over the summer," Amy said.

"You'll manage somehow," Ginny said.

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