Damien Shepard here! It's been a long time since I posted a Twisted Metal fic. But now I'm here to give you my own fanfiction. Here is the opening. I'll tell you the rules and all after a couple more story chapters. Here we go!

Damien Shepard presents

Twisted Metal: Dimension Tour

Prologue part 1

Minion drove next to the theater. He had just defeated Warhawk and was about to gain the one thing he wanted ever. His real name was Marcus Kane. He had won Twisted Metal before because he thought the world that he first resided in was a fake world, but he learned the hard way that it was the real world. What he thought was the real world at first, turned out to be the imagination of his twisted brother, separated at birth. He came into the theater where the Calypso of this world resided.

"Congratulations on your victory! What is your wish?" the Calypso from this world asked.

Marcus took off the helmet that he wore as Minion.

"2 years ago, I entered Twisted Metal in the real world, thinking that it was a fake world. I was...mistaken. Now I want to get back at the person who sent me here." Marcus said. "As winner of this contest, I want to return to the real world, and I want to be teleported DIRECTLY in front of the real Calypso!"

"Very well"

In a bright flash, Marcus was teleported onto a building in the real world and right in front of the real Calypso himself!

"Hello Calypso. Long time no see." Marcus said bitterly.

"M-Marcus! It's so good to see you once again."

"Cut the formalities. 2 years ago you sent me into the mind of that whack job of a clown!"

"I admit I twisted your words a little..." Calypso started to say.

"A LITTLE?! You sent I've been through hell for 2 years and you say you twisted my words A LITTLE?!" Marcus yelled.

"N-Now now, surly we can work out a deal." Calypso said.

"There will be no deals now, you sick freak!"

"Very well then, you will just have to die!" Calypso said as he pulled out a gun. He pulled the trigger, but Marcus dodged the bullet and appeared right behind Calypso.

"Nice try, but I've learned a few trick while I was "away", here is another."

Marcus thrust his hand into Calypso's back. Calypso screamed in pain.

"W-What are you doing?!" Calypso yelled.

"Just having a little payback."

Marcus pulled his hand out of Calypso's back. What was in his hand now was a ball of energy.

"You see, Calypso, I've been thinking. Your contest has had you as the owner for way too long. I feel that it's time for a few changes."

Marcus rammed the energy into his body. He felt extreme pain, but he was completely silent. When the pain ended, his appearance changed. He still had his old look, but it was more distinguished. His look from being a hobo was gone. His clothes had changed into something more like what Calypso was wearing. His hair was now slightly shorter. Oh, and his face was now clean shaven.

"Your contest is mine now, Calypso."

"NOOOOO!" Calypso shrieked. "You can't do this!"

"I can and I will." Marcus said as he grabbed Calypso by his tuxedo and dangled him over the edge of the building.

"No! No, Marcus, please! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" Calypso pleaded in vain.

"It's high time you died, Calypso. Farewell." Marcus said as he dropped Calypso off the top edge of the building. Calypso fell to his death down onto the ground.

"I'll need some time, but I'll find some new battlegrounds for the contest.

Part 2 of the introduction soon.