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Twisted Metal: Dimensional Tour

Takuya Shirataki's story: Part 4

In another world, a man was watching an orb when another man came into the chamber.

"My lord, Beryl has fallen in battle. Apparently, the new Twisted Metal Tournament has started." The man said.

"Inouva. Inform Saihi about this." The first man said.

"About that. Apparently, the person who defeated Beryl is a boy who is a bit older, but he looks just like Saihi." The second man said.

"Interesting. This should prove entertaining. Go inform her of this now!" the first man commanded.

"Yes, my lord." Inouva then walked away.

"Emeraude, your new plan shall not work on me. I'll make quick work of your new heroes soon." The first man then started laughing maniacally.

That night in the Zeppelin…

Takuya was napping in his bed. But his dream was far from sweet.

He saw his sister standing inside a church, a look of both sadness and pain on her face.

"Sis? What is this place, and what's wrong with you?" Takuya asked in his dream. His questions fell on deaf ears.

Suddenly, a black aura consumed her. When the aura subsided, she now had hair that was all wavy and she was covered in a tattered dress.

"S-Sis? What happened to you?" Takuya asked again, but this time, his question was met with a light purple energy blast.

Takuya woke up in a cold sweat. He knew that what he saw was just a dream, but for some reason, it felt so real.

Richard walked into the room.

"Hey, Richard. What do you want?"

"I want to know why you entered the contest. From what I know, your home wasn't destroyed in the Cataclysm, so what's the deal?" Richard asked.

Takuya shortly cocked his head away and decided to fess up.

"Alright, but promise me that you won't tell anyone."

"I can't make any promises until you talk." Richard said.

Takuya got up and pulled a picture out from a pocket in his suitcase.

"I have an older sister, Richard. She's just about as old as you."

"How about that." Richard said with a smirk on his face.

"Or rather, she is…if she's still alive." Takuya said in sorrow.

"What happened?" Richard asked.

"Well…" Takuya was cut off by a knock on the door. He went to the door and opened it. When he did, he saw a man with black hair and brown eyes. He had slight scars all over his face. He was a severely tattered, blue shirt with torn, dark brown jeans.

"Can we help you?" Takuya asked.

"I overheard you saying that you had an older sister." The man said. "I got curious and decided to eavesdrop."

"You're Ash Williams, aren't you?" Takuya asked. "I guess the repercussions of the Cataclysm were more severe than I thought to bring you to this dimension. I never thought that I'd meet the famous Deadite Slayer in person.

"So you know about my "exploits", huh?" Ash asked.

"Yeah. Why don't you come in." Takuya said, inviting Ash into their room. They went in and Takuya resumed his conversation.

"Anyway, back to my sister." Takuya started. "She ran away from home when I was only 3 years old."

"Oh yeah? What was her name?" Ash asked.

"…Takako." Takuya said simply.

"How did it happen?" Richard asked.

Takuya hesitated for a moment, but he started quickly.

"It was me, Takako, and our parents." Takuya started. Me, Takako, and our mother were at home for a celebration. It was Takako's birthday that day, and I was about to give her my present to her. Back then, I wasn't very good with Arts and Crafts, but I made a pendant as best as I possibly could.

"So what happened?" Richard asked.

"I was about to give her the pendant, when our father came in. Back then, he was a drunkard and always came home drunker than a skunk. Well, long story short, things were broken, Dad hurt Mom, one thing lead to another, anyway, she ran from the house. I remember because it started to rain. Then as I got closer, the rain started to really pour. Finally, I caught up to her. I was about 10 feet away from her when I tripped and fell. She turned to face me. Before she turned and ran away, she said these words.

"What?" Ash asked.

"She said: "Forgive me, Takuya." When she left, I completely broke down and cried. The rain really fell. Still having a developing immune system, I caught cold easily. I probably would have died had someone not found me and taken me to the hospital."

"How sad." Richard said.

"After my father realized what he had done, he swore that he'd never drink again. He has never forgiven himself for what happened. I wanted to go look for her, but I was too weak. I spent 13 years training myself for the day that I would start. Come that time, I left with my parents' blessings. I searched for 3 years before the Cataclysm happened."

"And now this contest is your last chance?" Ash asked.

"Pretty much." Takuya answered.

The siren then blared for the next stage. It was time to go.

Part 5 Coming Soon.

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