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I looked at myself in the mirror. My avatar was perfect. Close to perfect. I shifted my Laser Goggles into position after I ensured that my Golden Hammer was safely secured on my belt, I stepped out into the roaring crowds.

It was a perfect day in Miramo Town. It was not too cold, a perfect day to thrash noobs. It was a four on four match, and my team was guaranteed to win. My team consisted of all of my best friends. Crasher2, Samuel, DesKan, and me, WinterUltima. Yes I know, some names may be weird, but no one actually bothered.

Samuel rode his Bigfoot out into the land of never ending snow, waving his hand at the crowd. He was a happy-go-lucky guy, and was rather carefree and usually just sat around and chatted with others when we were discussing plans for our next major match.

We had formed a team called "Peiying Pals" and we stood together through thick and thin. There was no leader. We just discussed and most of us did not complain and did the part we were supposed to do.

Crasher2 was another guy, totally different from Samuel. He took every match seriously, but loved to crack jokes when we were in a very intense match.

DesKan was a person similar to Samuel. He often joked with Samuel, but when he was actually serious about something, the 'something' would be done in record time.

I was like Crasher2. I was serious about every match and game, regardless of the opponent. I was quite a chatterbox and I often could be found having endless conversations with the rest of the team.

I mounted my Trico and ordered it to move forward. It did as it was ordered, although it was slow. I looked at my team. A Boomer came up beside me and the figure in it flashed me a thumbs up. It was Crasher2 and his favorite mobile, Boomer.

"I rode to the center of the field. The crowd's cheering seemed so distant. I adjusted my angle and watched in disbelief as I saw four Grubs slowly crawling towards the field. "It is the quarter-finals of the World Gunbound tournament, and my opponents are four grubs? This is weird..." I thought.

"All competitors get ready," came the booming sound from a loudspeaker. The crowds cheered even louder. "In three... Two... And one... Tag start!"

I went first. I aimed for a shotgun shot to the grub that was right in front of me. "Weapon two... Dual... Thor? Check..." I muttered under my breath as I launched the weapon. Six consecutive balls and six beams of laser pelted the enemy. I grinned. An excellent shot bonus for me...

My team started fierce. We had launched duals at the enemy, and most of them had barely less than half of their life. "Take them out before they use their tag," I spoke into the team communicator.

The enemy did not seem pleased. They too, launched duals at us, hitting us severely. I growled. "Die..." I muttered as I launched my special shot, but to my dismay, the brightly colored ball which caused a huge explosion, did not kill my opponent.

"Oh my god! He's not dead yet!" I yelled, unwilling to believe my eyes.

"Oh no!" Carsher2 yelled back. "I've just killed my enemy! Haha!"

"Oh yes! I've just got an ending bonus!" DesKan shouted.

"Not good. I nearly killed my enemy, but he just tagged into a Dragon!"

"What the fuck!" the rest of us yelled in unison, only to be answered by a "Please use proper words" from the communicator. "I'm dead," Samuel said through the communicator. It was true. Eight fireballs had hailed Samuel, who was now leaving the arena with his mobile.

"Me too," I muttered as I saw the grub in front of me get enveloped by a pillar of white light, and appear as a horse, with shields on each side. Lasers rained on my head as I watched my life bar reduce to nothing. Sadly, I directed my Trico out of the arena to meet a Samuel in the waiting room. "Lucky noobs..." I muttered loudly as I saw Samuel bury his face in his hands. "Why? Why did I die?" he cried out. I sighed as I went to comfort him.

A fierce fight was raging in the arena. Both the Knight and the Dragon were running low on health, but so were DesKan and Crasher2. Soon, DesKan joined us in the waiting room.

"Freak them!" he yelled out at the field from the room.

"Cool down!" I yelled, throwing a snowball at him, and I laughed out loud as it hit him squarely in the face.

"Freak you..." He muttered out loud as he gathered another snowball and threw it at me. He missed, hitting Samuel instead. "Shit!"

Samuel looked up. "Snow fight!" he yelled.

All of our sorrows were drowned in the white snow as we laughed and had fun...

An announcement stopped our fight. "The match is over! The man of the match is Crasher2, who won the match for his team against great odds, by performing a superb double kill!"

We dropped everything we were carrying and rushed out into the snow field to congratulate Crasher2, the best player in our team, and our savior.

"Nice job buddy!" I yelled into his ear, thumping him hard on his back.

"Thanks, and I am not deaf!" he yelled back. The crowd was cheering madly and we could not even hear ourselves.

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Crasher2 (male) - Violet Hole - Chief Hair, Robot X, Golden armor and Pet 02.

WinterUltima me (male) - Golden Battle Axe - Angel of Death, Golden Hammer, Archangel and Laser Goggles.

DesKan (male) - Golden Battle Axe - Great Devil Horns, Great Devil Clothing, Phoenix and Robot X.

Samuel (male) - Silver Battle Axe - Chief Hair, Golden Armor, Bazooka and Phoenix.

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