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A Gathering

"What happened?"

"Hmm… Let's put it this way. There is going to be a class gathering…"

"Chey… No need to get so worked up what…" the rest of us chorused. "When? Where? Why?"

"Now. In this room. To celebrate for our victory in the quarters…" as the words came out of his mouth, the doorbell rang.


Samuel walked to the door and opened it, and saw a huge crowd outside the room. "Erm… Is this a school gathering or a class gathering?"

Well, it had turned out that old classmates had invited more friends, and the 'more friends' had invited even more friends, so, the room was jammed full of people.

"Damn! How are we going to practice like this?" Crasher2 yelled to the rest of his teammates exasperatedly.

"We don't. We play! Yay!" DesKan called back, as he joined the crowd of people. We sighed and resigned to fate as we joined the crowd.

"Sorry…" I said as I bumped into a boy slightly shorter than me.

"Its ok…" he muttered back and looked up at me.

"You are… Bezner, right?"

"And you are Winter…"

"Hey pal! Long time no see!"

"Not for long! I'm fighting you in the semis."

"You're joking… Right?" I asked him as I crossed my fingers behind my back.

"No kidding!"

The party didn't end until a couple of hours later. There wasn't much of a mess as we told our friends to clean up the mess which they had caused. Good idea, eh?

"I've got a wee bit of the problem. One of my good friends is in the team against us in the semis…"

"That sucks… Totally…" DesKan said as he gulped down a can of coke.

"Just pretend that you don't know him or something…" Crasher2 said.

"Ok, I hope that I won't screw up again…"