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I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.

The room smelled of cabbages and cigarettes and the bedspread was maroon with an awful floral pattern. Yugi cutely wrinkled his nose at his moldy hotel room. 'Yami would die.' His yami was known for his odd phobia of dirt and grime.

'I wonder if he misses me? Has he noticed I'm even gone?' Bitterness and was not an emotion Yugi was used to and the sweet hikari hated it. Now jealousy, Yugi had gotten used to that.

'Probably not, I've only been gone about four hours. And I think Anzu was coming over today.'

Yugi put his stuff down on the dresser. 'I have to mail it to him. Don't let me forget.' Old habits dies hard and sometimes, Yugi really missed having someone in his head. It does gets lonely up there. Yugi liked having the feeling of warmth that accompanied his yami's soul and he missed the odd sarcastic or loving remarks Yami carelessly threw about. Yugi wouldn't miss this so badly if Yami would just open the mind link once and a while.

Yugi laid down on the cheap mattress. It was thin and the springs poked his back.

'I wish Yami had never gotten his own body. Everything has been so messed up ever since. I was supposed to be the only one Yami cared about. I'm his hikari! Anzu had no right to steal him from me!

'What am I saying? He was never mine to begin with.' Well he was, but that wasn't the issue here. "I can't believe how selfish I've gotten."

What did Anzu have that Yugi didn't? Besides all the girl parts.

'Yami is not straight. There is no way. He just cannot like girls. So why is he dating Anzu? It can't be sex.' Yugi didn't want to think about that. 'Maybe I'm wrong about Anzu and… but Yami shouldn't be with her! He shouldn't, it's not right!' Yugi tried not to cry. "Why Yami? Why couldn't you just love me back? Things would have been so nice… I could have made you happy, so happy. But you didn't even give me a chance, you humiliated me in front of everyone, Yami." His throat formed a thick ball and he couldn't speak anymore. 'You could have just said no and let me down easy, but you had to make a scene in front of Anzu, Jou, Honda, and the rest of the gang. I hope you had a good laugh at my expense. I'm hilarious, I know.' Sniffle.

He rolled over and drenched the scratchy pillow in warm, salty tears full of misery and love.

Half an hour later when his eyes were dry and tearstains disappearing he remembered Yami's gift. 'Yeah…. I still have to send that. I'd better write a letter to grandpa too. So he won't get suspicious.' Yugi sat up and wiped his hands over his face. He splashed some water on it before he left for the lobby. It was all he could do to improve his appearance; he'd only brought a change of clothes with him in his little blue duffle bag.

The hotel lobby wasn't as neglected as the rooms but was not, by any means, clean. Every five feet there was a cigarette bin and you could see the cloud of smoke that lingered at the ceiling. The walls were mostly made of glass, which had handprints and smudges all over it. The floor was black marble, which Yugi guessed was to hide the dirt. The counter where the hotel worker stood was kept a bit cleaner. It had recently been wipedand the only defects were minute scratches and the visible age of the counter top.

Since no one was standing behind the desk, Yugi tapped the little bell.

Ding, ding.

Yugi smiled a little, that was fun.

Ding, ding.

"Please stop damaging hotel property. Only one ring is necessary." A tall man with short, greesy, black hair, a side part, and a prim mustache entered through a door on the left. He took long, quick steps to the hotel desk and rigidly stood in front of Yugi, eyeing him with the same distrust he had for all teenagers.

Yugi sheepishly pulled his hand back down to his side. "Umm…. I need to make a delivery. Is there somewhere I can mail this?" Yugi held up the small box for emphasis.

"Yes. You may leave it with me. Would you like over night delivery?" The worker pulled out a notepad and pen from under the desk.

Yugi nodded. "Yes, if it's not to much trouble." Yugi could have sworn he saw the man's eye twitch. He handed over his package. He didn't have to write a letter to grandpa, he could just call.

"I'll need your name, the name of the receiver and the receiver's address."

"My name is Yugi Mouto and I'm sending this to Yami Mouto at the Kame Game shop in central Domino."

The man nodded as he finished up his writing and tore the form off the notepad. He taped it to the package and left for the door he came in through.

"Thank you." Yugi called after his retreating figure and, again, he thought he saw the man twiched. Yugi turned and headed for the pay phone by the elevator, luckily, it wasn't in use.

"60 cents. That's a lot for a pay phone…." Yugi dug through his pockets and found some change. He inserted it into the payphone slots and picked up the receiver.

Yugi paused a minute before dialing. 'What will I say? That I ran away because I confessed my love for Yami in a letter even though he's sleeping with Anzu and I just couldn't bear to see his reaction? Ummm…'

Oh well, he was good at making stuff up on the spot and he didn't want the phone to go dead and then have to pay again. He dialed his home phone number.

"LET ME SEE YOU ONE, TWO STEP!" A drunk Anzu was always lots of fun. She loved to just let everything go and have no reservations.

Not that she had any anyway.

"Jou, it's too bad you're gay! You're, like, so hot!" Anzu took another sip of her beer and reached over to ruffle Jou's hair.

"I'm not gay! And stop doing that!"

"Yes you totally are, I saw you looking at Kaiba! You two were having, like, eye sex!"

"We were not having 'eye sex'…"

"Haha, yeah you were! I saw you!" She giggled and hopped off to find a hot guy to hook up with and maybe get another drink.

Anzu, Jou, Honda, Seto Kaiba, Bakura, and some other people were all crowded at Malik and Marik's house since Isis was out of town for the weekend. The party had only started about two hours ago and everyone was already wasted and the house trashed. Malik and his yami didn't care. They had over 24 hours to clean up, plenty of time in their opinions.

Seto was probably the only one sober at this party. In fact, he didn't even know why he came, he hated these people. He went to make a vodka martini and sit on the couch. He might as well have one drink before he left. As he walked to the couch he passed Bakura giving a blowjob to either Malik or Marik, he couldn't tell. "Whores." He took a sip of his martini. 'Ahhh. Lovely lovely vodka."

"Gimme my beer bitch!" Kiya, one of Marik's friends, obviously had her drink taken by someone and wanted it back.

The girl who had taken it started to chug it. People loved their Smirnoff.

"'Cuz I got high! 'Cuz I got high! 'Cuz I got hiiiiiigh! Hehehe…hehe" There might have been a few drugs at this party too.

"Oh my fuckin' god!" This was big. This was huge. Ryou never, NEVER cursed. Except for that time when Bakura blew up the toaster. And when he burned down Ryou's flower garden. And when he sold Ryou's schoolbooks for liquor money and when…never mind. Ryou 'hardly' cursed.

Earlier that day when Ryou had come with Anzu, Jou, and Honda to see Yami and invite him to Marik and Malik's party, Ryou had not left with but stayed and helped grandpa clean the house. Yugi must have been gone somewhere and with Yami out also, Ryou offered to help the old man. So while Grandpa managed the sop, Ryou took care of the house part. He had vacuumed and cleaned each room except for the bathroom. So when he finally entered, he thought it was going to be empty. But no.

Poor squeamish Ryou had to open the door and turned on the light to the upstairs bathroom and find an unconscious Yami. Whose head happened to be bleeding? And that's where we are now.

"Ok, Ok….Ok. It's not that bad just a little. blood. And…and…and they always say head wounds always look worse than they really are. Right?" Ryou was no good at this kind of thing; he was nervous but he knew he should get someone. It wasn't that bad. Yami had fallen and while their red rug had caught most of his body, his head fell short and hit the tile. Yami lay on his back and a small trail of blood had trickled out from behind his head. It wasn't much, but Ryou's stomach was one of the weakest.

"Mr. Mouto!" It didn't seem to be working. His voice couldn't go higher than a whisper and his wide eyes did not move from Yami's figure.

"Mr. Mouto! Please, I sort of need you up here!" That was a bit better.

"Mr. Mouto! Mr. Mouto!" Maybe he heard that one.

"What do you need my boy?"Grandpa called up the stairs.

'Thank god!' "Something happened to Yami!" Ryou could hear the footsteps. The old man had pretty good hearing for someone his age.

"Yes, what happe-….Oh!"

"Yeah." Ryou still hadn't averted his eyes from the caked blood on the bathroom tile. Somewhere in the dark and dusty recesses of his mind, the place he usually found Bakura, he thought, 'I hope Yami doesn't have a concussion.'

Grandpa walked down the hall, grabbed the phone, and called the hospital. It was only a few minutes later that the ambulance arrived. A man and A woman, both looked about 30 and wearing white medical coats, had entered with a stretcher for Yami. The woman was first to speak.

"This doesn't look so bad so I don't think there's any permanant damage done, but we'll take him just to be sure." She put some gauze under his head, even though the bleeding had stop long ago.

A second man came in with a clipboard as the other two carried Yami out to the ambulance.

"We'll need his name, age, name of guardian, guardian relation to the patient, and the guardian's signature." This man had a very heavy Australian accent, very tan skin, dark eyes, and black hair. He appeared to be genuinely kind though.

"His name is Yami Mouto, he's 18, and I'm Sugoroku, his grandfather and legal guardian." It took a moment for the man to write this down.

"Please sign here." He handed over the clipboard and pointed to a dotted line. "In signing you are giving your ok to have us operate if need be. I'm Ned by the way." Ned politely bowed. His thick black hair had a few gray strands.

"I'm Ryou." They shook hands. Ryou, for some reason, liked this man; he chalked it up to his gut-feeling. This was a truly nice person and there aren't many of thoses out there.

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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