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-Naruto POV-

I groaned. What happened to me? I feel like I played chicken with a brick wall and lost. Okay. First things first. Where was I? From the smell, I'd say a hospital; those places are the only things that have that strong, anti-bacterial smell. Makes me nauseous every time I go in one. Now to open the eyes...OW! Does everything have to be so freaking bright?! Firming my resolve, I open my right eye first. Slowly cracking the lid up, I allow my eye to get used to the light that was bouncing off the not-normal-white walls. Good, now the other eye Naruto. Come on, you can do this. The left eye opens...and shuts...and opens halfway...opens a little more... and good. Now that I'm able to see... Blink. Blink...blink blink. That ceiling's not mine. Where were the cracks, the peeling paint? This ceiling was smooth, white and...normal. I find that I was right when I thought I was in the hospital. Well, according to the ceiling but something wasn't right.

After checking my immediate surroundings, I noticed I was in a WARM gown that closed up properly, the blankets were thick and cozy, and the pillow was soft and not lumpy. Strange. Plopping back, I relaxed into the bed, fully prepared to doze off again. At least, I WAS prepared until...drip. ...drip...drip...drip drip. (a/n. such an evil fox ) My eyes pop open, where was that stupid drip coming from?! There wasn't any water source even NEAR me! Arrrghhh...now that I thought of it...water...liquid...running...oh CRAP! I have to go and I have to go NOW! I bolted out of bed, or at least tried to. My muscles were all jelly-like and I oh-so-gracefully left my bed and met the floor.

THUD...owchie. That's gonna leave a mark in the morning. I used the bedside table to lever myself up. Successfully standing I stood for a minute getting my breath and telling my limbs that they were in fact solid objects and not jelly, which they seemed adamant in believing. Drip. Straightening my shoulders I put my left hand on the wall to steady myself and make my way to the bathroom. It was a light green color with a large bathtub and a shower (WOW) with black marble for the sink and counters. (A/N lets just say it's a special room reserved esp. for the Hokage and family) I was really getting theV.I.P treatment. They must have mistaken me for someone else. I seriously considered going to the nurses' office to tell them they made a mistake placing me here but I decided not to. 1) I didn't want to deal with the hate-filled-glares right now 2) that bed is starting to look better and better and 3) that requires energy which I just used in getting to the bathroom.

Once I finished my business I tottered out of the bathroom. Sighing I decided to snoop around. I mean, I was up already and as long as no one walked in on me I was fine, right? I chuckled evilly; I could probably set up a few pranks for the real occupant. They were bound to realize they put me in the wrong room. Anyways, back to my room. I noticed a blue and green stuffed fox on the bedside table. Intrigued I walk to it. Picking it up I noticed its blue fur was like silk with green flames licking up all four of its paws. It had a mischievous look in its eyes. The little pink tongue lolling out a little, just enough to make you think it was taunting you.

Damn, I was tired. I probably shouldn't have done that much moving around. Tucking the fox under my arm, I shuffle the sheets on the bed, lifting them up and crawling under. I tuck the corner of the sheet around the fox and put the fox under my chin. Exhaling contentedly I allow myself to drift into sleep.

-and hour or so later (Yondaime POV)-

I stood in the doorway with a small smile on my lips, looking at him. My son. Later I would have to wake him up to ask him what had happened but for now I was willing to just watch. He looked so peaceful, sleeping. His blonde hair was tousled over the pillow and his arm was clutched tightly over something. My curiosity got the best of me; I gently close the door behind me as I walk into the room. The closer I got to the bed, the better I could see that Naruto's arm was wrapped tightly around the fox plushie I had gotten for him.

I made my way to the bed. Smoothing his hair out of his face, my eyes warmed at the familiar features. Just as I was about to turn and leave, (if I didn't get back soon Kakashi would send ANBU's looking for me) I heard a whimper coming from thebed. Looking back I saw that Naruto was beginning to fidget in his sleep.

The fox still wrapped tightly in his arms. Tears tracked their way down his cheeks, criss-crossing his whiskers.

"IIE!...onegai...no ..more...onegai."

-Naruto's Dream-

"Sasuke? Sakura?...Sasuke?!...where are you?" I could hear them laughing.

It was dark. So dark. Why is it dark? Where is everybody? Oh god, please don't let me be alone anymore. I don't want to be alone. I frantically looked around for my teammates. If only I knew where they were, I could apologize for failing them. drip drip drip. It sounded like water, but where was it coming from. It was coming from close by, almost as if it was below me. I lower my eyes to the floor and see a drop of salty water out of the corner of my eye, it was coming from me. I was crying.


"Orichimaru." I hissed as I whipped my head up, looking for him.

"Is the little fox lost?"

"What do you want?" I growl.

"I just want to help."

"The fuck you do." I snort.

Materializing in front of me, he points behind me. "Look, fox. See what they really think of you."

"Iie. I won't. You're just playing with my mind." I replied stubbornly, crossing my arms and widening my stance a bit.

His face contorted into an angry mask. After struggling with his rage for a bit (he hates being disobeyed) his face smoothed out into its regular paleness, and he walked up to me. Grabbing onto my shoulders and forcefully turning me around, he hissed "Look, fox-boy. See the truth...what you KNOW is true."

I stared at the scene before me. Sasuke and Sakura were at the ramen stand, eating and talking.

"What a dobe. I can't believe he actually thought we liked him. Baka."

"You are so cool, Sasuke-kun!"

"Hn." He just smirked.


I fall to my knees, trying to make myself believe it wasn't true, it couldn't be true. They're my friends.

"Please, no more...please...it's not true." I sob.

"Denial gains you nothing. You only thought they were your friends. To them you are and always will be the nine-tails. You will always be Kyuubi. Always a murderer, they never saw you as Naruto and never will."

"This isn't real. It's just a dream. Just a dream..."

"That is where you are wrong, my fox. This is very much real." His tongue traced its way up my cheek. I pull away shuddering.

"Go away, please just...go."

"Kukukukuku. I will be back for you...demon."

Falling to my knees, I rock back on my heels resting my weight on my legs. I scrub frantically at my cheek with my sleeve. Trying to scrape the feel of his tongue off. I subconsciously reach out to the only presence that remained a constant in my life.

"Kyuubi..." I whimper.

"Naruto? Naruto!."

I lift my head a little. "Kyuubi?"

"Naruto! Where are you? I can't see you!"

I must be hearing things. I thought I heard a note of panic in his voice.

"I'm here, Kyuubi. Please, come get me...I can't...can't.." I break off in a sob.

I couldn't hear what he said next, it was so dark. Everything was muffled and surreal. Maybe this really is just a dream...ah who am I kidding, wishful thinking never got me anything. My instincts tell me this may still be in my mind but it's as real as the fox.

As I sat there, contemplating what I should do, I heard a tune being hummed. It was a tune that promised happiness and comfort. Something I was looking for, like the feeling you get when you're with your family. I wish I had a family. I was relaxing into the tune and didn't realize that the more I allowed my mind to flow with the music, the lighter my surroundings became. And then...it stopped. No warning or anything, one minute there was music and the next...silence. I sigh in regret and roll onto my back, staring into the darkening 'sky'. Closing my eyes I try to sleep, or I guess let my conscious go since I know I'm dreaming. My eyes snap open as the music starts once again. Wasting no time I heave my body to its feet and orient myself. Sliding my eyes shut I concentrated on the harmony. My feet follow the notes and I notice that the farther I walk, the lighter it gets until it gets so bright that I have to close my eyes. Ah, found it. It was coming from a man. A man that had spiky blonde hair, longer than mine, with a spike of hair in front of each ear that was longer than the rest. His eyes were closed and he was gently rocking me, as if he never wanted to let go. His facial expression was one of love and worry. He seemed so...familiar.

"Tou-san?...no, that can't be right." I smile, snuggling closer. "has to be another dream..." I bury my nose in his shirt. It smelled like the earth after a fresh rain. My favorite smell. (A/N it really is my fav. smell.)

I didn't see his eyes snap open at the sound of my voice, nor did I see that they were colored a clear cerulean blue.

-Yondaime POV-

"Naruto...why are you crying?"

He started trembling. I lifted up his torso and crawled onto the bed, pulling him into my lap to cradle him. Instinctively, he latched on to my left arm, letting go of the fox in the process. I sat there for a while, gently smoothing his hair from his brow and wiping his tears with a tissue. After about half an hour, he finally stopped his shaking and crying. It looked like he was in a normal sleep-mode.

Eventually the silence of the room and my inactivity lulled me to sleep. Just as I was about to drift into the sea of sleep, I felt him shake and let out a whimper. I tried rubbing his back and make soothing noised but nothing seemed to work. Not knowing what else to do, I did the first thing that came to mind. I sang. I watched his reaction to see if this would help. I watched as Naruto's face became peaceful. It worked! Thank goodness.

Kizukeba bokutachi wa

Koko made no nagai michi wo aruite kita yo ne

Natsukashii sugata wo omoidashite

Sukoshi naite sukoshi waratte iru yo

Ano koro wa mawari nado ki ni sezu ni

Tada muchuu ni natte ita keredo

Itsu kara ka nakushite shimatte ita

"Arinomama" ni boku rashiku iru koto wo

warau kimi ga ichiban mabushiku mieru yo

(your laughing is the brightest to me)

kimi wa ryuusei no you ni

(you are like a shining star)

I stopped singing as I saw his face relax. I smoothed his brow again, noticing as I did that the whisker marks were thickening the slightest bit., and his canines were a bit longer than normal. I lift up his shirt to confirm my suspicion. It's glowing, yep the fox is doing something. I can only wait to find out.

"Hu...man...keep ...singing."

"...what?" I was shocked to hear this guttural voice that was issuing from my son. This was not Naruto. So, if its not Naruto then it has to... !..oh shit.

"Keep. Singing. He searches for the music. It's guiding him."

Hang on, Naruto. Just follow my voice. Closing my eyes in concentration, I open my mouth and let the music flow.

Kizukeba bokutachi wa

Koko made no nagai michi wo aruite kita yo ne

Natsukashii sugata wo omoidashite

Sukoshi naite sukoshi waratte iru yo

Ano koro wa mawari nado ki ni sezu ni

Tada muchuu ni natte ita keredo

Itsu kara ka nakushite shimatte ita

"Arinomama" ni boku rashiku iru koto wo

warau kimi ga ichiban mabushiku mieru yo

(your laughing is the brightest to me)

kimi wa ryuusei no you ni

(you are like a shining star)

"Tou-san?...no, that can't be right." He smiles "has to be another dream..."

Snapping my eyes at the sound of his voice, I look down at him as he snuggles closer, breathing in my scent. I smile; I can ask him tomorrow.

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