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He paled; the scream almost sounded like a fox but that was impossible because there were no foxes in the surrounding area. That meant that the only fox close enough for the scream to have originated from would be ….the….oh shit. The Kyuubi. The seal couldn't possibly be breaking at a time like it?


Then again, Naruto had been acting kind of strange for the past day or so and the seal breaking would explain it; but if the seal was breaking, why hadn't he felt it? Another scream jolted him out of his musings. There was no time for thinking; if the seal really was breaking then they needed to fix it and fast.

He glanced at his dead wife before he leaped out the window, ANBU immediately surrounding him.

"Find him and if he's not himself." he paused. "contain him. Go." And with that, all of them took to the trees, including him. Ironically enough, he was the one to find the boy. As he leaped through the trees he passed a small lake and as he went by he noticed that there was something in the middle of it. Oddly enough, it looked like a crouched human. Changing course, he headed for the lake. Reaching the shore, he halted and saw that it was indeed his son. Naruto was kneeling, arms wrapped around his torso as if to try and warm himself. He called out.

"….Naruto?" he hesitated He had to proceed with caution; if the fox had gained control then measures needed to be taken. He sighed in relief as the prone boy lifted his head and revealed his blue orbs. He was taken aback at the anguish that shone through.

"Naruto…" he whispered as Naruto slowly got to his feet from the kneeling position he had been in and walked towards him.

-Naruto POV-

My throat was raw from screaming and I had walked out onto the lake seeking the soothing rhythm of the water, collapsing to my knees in the middle. I shivered in shock and wrapped my arms around my self, as if to ward off reality. I don't know how long I sat there in the middle of the lake. All I know is that at some point I heard my name being called. Looking up I saw my father. He was standing at the shore waiting for me. I slowly get to my feet and walk towards him, eyes on the ground. I couldn't save her; it was my fault….. my fault she died. As I neared him, my shoulders hunched and my head drooped.

"….gomen….tou-san. It's fault….all my fault. I froze…I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I collapse into his arms saying I was sorry over and over again, tears tracking their way down my cheeks. He didn't say anything, just held me. I sensed an ANBU who had found us and quietly alerted his fellow peers of our location and my condition. I slowly calmed down enough to breathe properly and hiccupped. Taking in a shuddering breath, I pushed away from my tou-san. I backed up a few more steps, avoiding his gaze.

"Naruto." I flinched as he took a step forward. I responded by immediately taking a step back keeping the space between us. "No one blames you. It's not your fault."

"Yes it is. I did nothing. NOTHING!" I screamed the last part, finally bringing my gaze to match his, willing him to understand. All I saw in his eyes was love. There was no anger, hatred or blame. Only love, something I'm not used to seeing. It was too much and I looked away again.

"You should hate me." His face turns into shock. "If those ANBU hadn't been after me, none of this would have happened."

"She chose to save you. There was nothing you could do. It was her choice; as a ninja of Konoha….and as a mother."

"I did nothing though. I never even tried to heal her. I…"

"Without an advanced knowledge of the human body and the chakra pathways, you would've done more harm than good." He interrupted me. "It was inevitable. That kind of wound is almost always fatal." He walked towards me. "Come on. Let's go back." He held out his hand.

"All right." I said and grasped his hand in return. I smiled. "I'm ready."


The remaining Sound nin had lost the Leaf ANBU that were trailing him, escaping successfully. His eyes darting wildly, he searched for any pursuers. Finding none, he paused in his wild flight to take a breather. His chest was heaving slightly but not enough to be heard. He was almost within his transporting range to go directly to the hideout. If he could make it, his master would take care of those….disgusting Leaf! He quickly checked his surroundings again for any enemies before turning, preparing to leap. Only to see that his master had found him. He immediately fell to the bowing position. (A/N you know the one where they have one knee on ground and one bent, with a hand on bent knee and hand on ground? That one.)

"Orichimaru-sama, I…" he was interrupted.

"Where are the others?"

"….We failed." He kept his gaze on the ground in front of him, trying to become as submissive as possible without compromising his easy-to-flee position.

"You are the only one left?"


"I sent an entire ANBU team, and there is one left. It was a simple mission to capture a fox-kit. You were more than enough to complete it!" the man on the ground cringed, his master was angry and he was the only one who would be blamed. Everyone else was either killed in the earlier fight or fell behind to be mercilessly taken care of by the pursuing Leaf.

"Konoha's Yellow Flash was there, Orochimaru-sama. We were not strong enough."

"Hm." The snake looked sideways at the kneeling man. He smirked and, before either had a chance to blink, the man had a kunai in his throat. The body fell back, staining the ground red. One of the ninja's who had been hiding in the foliage, came out to stand by the snake-man.

"Orichimaru-sama, this changes the plan." The unknown nin said, undeniably a female.

"It changes nothing. We attack in a week. I WILL have the him."


"Leave. Inform the others." The rustle of leaves was his only answer. He smirked in satisfaction; he could almost taste the power. "Kukuku….kukukuku."


"We've lost him." A feminine voice commented.

"Hai." A second voice. The voices' owners both turned their attention to a third member of their team, as if looking for guidance.

"Return to Konoha and inform Hokage-sama." The others nodded and, as one, the small group took off into the trees heading back to the village.


I could tell something was bothering him as we walked from the way his eyes would shift the slightest bit in my direction.

"What do want to know?" he started from my sudden question.


"Something's bothering you. What do you want to know?" I repeated.

He hesitated, not sure if he really wanted to know. He sighed and slumped his shoulders in defeat. "I need to know if the seal is broken." I knew he was going to ask sooner or later, but exactly how much should I tell him?

-Better tell him all of it, Kit. He'll find out eventually. Better from you than somebody else.-

sigh-I hate it when you're right-

"No, it's not broken but it is…..modified."


"It's not dangerous or anything, but certain circumstances a while ago required the seal to be altered a little."

"By who?"

"Me." I said simply. He stared at me.

"Impossible. You don't have the knowledge…unless you went searching through the Forbidden Scrolls?" he was a little angry.

"No, I didn't go looking. I was taught. Look, I'll tell you everything later k? Just not now. Let me adjust to the …circumstances first." I barely noticed the flash of pain crossed his face at my statement.

"All right. You have until after the memorial."

"Hai." I quietly replied. "until after."

(A/N for the memorial think a set up of - with the – being the table and the being all the graves. Except the table is to the far left of the graves k?)

The memorial was held two days later. Most of the village turned out. Besides being an ANBU, my mother was also (apparently) a frequent volunteer at the hospital whenever she could because of her extensive medical knowledge.

It was a silent affair, with my tou-san and I at the front. Starting from the back, one by one, every person came to the front and paid their respects. When it was finally our turn, I signaled to dad that I wished for him to go first. I wasn't quite ready to face it. My father was kneeled there for longer than I care to know and I saw that the longer he stayed, the harder it was for him to leave. I walked up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to look at me sideways; my grip tightened at the pain I saw mirrored in his eyes.

"Come. It's time to go." I said gently. "There's always tomorrow." It was a minute before he responded with a slow nod, still a little dazed from the shock of her death. He slowly stood from his kneeling position; composing himself before turning back. My gaze followed him as he walked back to his spot. Turning my attention back to the memorial, I kneeled and bowed to show my respect. Keeping this position I of how I would go about leaving my flower. I had brought a white one, like the rest, but I felt it wasn't enough. The villagers had each left a white flower, the ninjas had each left a yellow one and my father had left a deep purple one whose petals had black edges. I rose and move to the right of the table, approaching my target. I felt all eyes on me to what I would do as I reached kaa-san's grave. Facing the tombstone, I pressed my palms together and fell into a crouch.

-Kyuubi. I'm gonna need some of your chakra to do this-

-What are you going to do?-

-The carving-

I could tell that he didn't think it was the right one but this was my decision, not his. He said nothing though and simply gave me his chakra. Understanding my need to leave something behind.

-Arigatou, Kyuubi-san- I gathered the chakra around me, focusing it into my palms. When I had enough of both charkas, I separated my hands and pressed them against the stone in front of me. As soon as I felt the chakra finish, I stepped back to reveal my work.


Yondaime kneeled by the memorial for far longer than was usually deemed appropriate, but it was understandable. It was always hard to lose a loved one and the Hokage of the village never had time for things such as mourning. There were duties to perform and security to control and it was with things such as this that the village gave back to its protector and leader. Eventually Naruto walked up to his father; no exchange was heard but all saw a hurting man stand and go back to his seat. The son then kneeled for his turn at presenting his respect. However, he had no flower. Confused, the people watched as he instead made his way over to his mother's grave and crouched. Chakra could soon be seen gathering in his pressed palms; a swirling mass of red, violet and blue. At the sheer amount of it, the present ninjas all stiffened from the recognition of the signature. It was Kyuubi's. Some of them were going to move and contain the boy if it wasn't for the signal they received to halt their actions from Arashi. It wasn't long before the blonde-haired youth stepped back to reveal what he had done every single person there was stunned. There, on the smooth stone, was detailed outline of a fox laying down, body curved and head lifted above its crossed paws. Yet it wasn't the fact that it was a fox or the fact that it was crying, which was captivating in itself. Hell, it wasn't even the nine tails fanned out behind it, it was the boy lying comfortably in the curve of the fox's body,, arms wrapped around the neck of the anime with one eye visible through the fox's ruff. It was the fact that from that one visible eye, there was a brilliant blue tear. The chakra had colored the stone with hues of yellow, red and blue. The fox was colored red while the boy had shockingly yellow hair and blue tears. The adults were angered. How dare that orphan fox-boy carve something like that? After all the Yondaime and his wife had done for him! Taking him into their home after the Third had given his life to seal away the demon. That image was inappropriate and would not be tolerated.

(A/N I have no idea where that image came from (of the fox) but it did and I wrote it cause it looked really cool in my mind. Also, the villagers were told that the fox had killed naruto's parents and the Hokage and his wife were going to be the guardians of Naruto due to the last dying wish of the Third. Don't ask me why. I have yet to figure it out and if you're wondering 'then why did Naruto call them tousan and kaasan, that would be because the Yondaime and his wife asked him to in front of many villagers (purposely made a point to the ppl that the man and wife accepted Naruto fully. So yeah. That's all I can think of to clear momentary confusion up. This is a really long authors note. Thanks for listening to me ramble…read on! Oh! Btw, Naruto does know that the Yondaime and his wife are his real parents. But Yondaime and wife wanted normal life for Naruto, not one full of praise and crap because he was the 'hero' of village.)

The growing anger direct at the blonde boy was quickly rising to dangerous levels but before anything could happen Arashi moved. He approached cautiously; it had looked, if just for an instant, that the two beings had merged. Was this what Naruto had meant last the other day when he said that the seal had been changed? He needed to get closer to look at the boy….and the image now gracing the tombstone.

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