Let me introduce myself.

My name is Shawn.
I am a humar class hunter on board pioneer 2.

Hunters are a common name for 3 classes of warriors.

First are the hunters ,like me, they excel at bladed weapons.
Then are rangers, the gunmen so to say, they use guns and rifles.
and then there are the forces, the magicians, they have the most powerful attacks, but a weak defence

For those who don't know about pioneer 2 I'll explain.

Pioneer was a project of desparation.
We had exhausted all of of the planet's natural resources and the planet started to die.
We started to search for a different planet.
The scientists found a planet which was suitable for our needs.

Pioneer 1 left, carrying thousands of men and women towards the new planet.

It was there job to make the planet ready for the main wave of refugees scheduled to arrive seven years later.

Seven years later Pioneer 2 exited hyperdrive near the planet.
As the central dome and pioneer 2 created a communication link an explosion rocked the planet,and communication was lost.

Pioneer 2 started to orbit the planet: Ragol.

They were afraid that whatever attacked the central dome would attack Pioneer 2 if the schip landed.

I and others were chosen to go down to the planet and seach for survivors...if there were any.

I stayed behind to talk to the counsiler and his secretairy.
I learned that there was a personal note to this mission.
the counciler daughter was one of the scientists in the central dome, Red Rico Tyrel

She was also a hunter.

I ran toward the transporter that brought me to a crossing.
I looked around, left were the hospital, the main transporter, and the hunter guild.
Right were the Tekkers (which are salesman) and the storagecentre.

First I went to the storagecentre and took some meseta ( our currency).
then I visited the Tekkers and bought some weapons.

I exited and made way towards the transporter.
One of the guards said that the group already went to the surface.

Nobody guessed that the amount of use could damage the transporter but it was damaged.
Sparks flew out when I pressed the 'ON-button', as pieces blew from the machine and hit my head, as another piece hit the activation-button.
I blacked out...and could not believe my eyes when I woke up.

please note any mistakes.

note : this is the true story as told from the game.

The Pioneer Project was a desperate plan for desperate times. The destruction of their home worlds was near. Before the evacuation could begin, probes were sent deep into space to find a suitable planet. When a candidate arose, the first interstellar transport ship, Pioneer 1, was sent to establish a colony. After confirming Planet Ragol as a suitable planet, the colonists of Pioneer 1 readied the planet for the main wave of refugees. Construction of the Central Dome had begun.

Seven years later, Pioneer 2 had finally arrived with thousands of refugees aboard. Just as it entered Ragol's orbit and opened a communications link with the Central Dome, a massive explosion rocked the planet. All contact with the people of Pioneer 1 had been lost.