LightSabers and Brands
ch 13 Meeting more hunters and the sentator

"Hi, Annie."
"Shawn? What are you doing here?"
The hunter stood up.
"Your mom is worried about you. After she found out about the attack, she ordered me to protect you."
The child then noticed the others, "Who are you?"
Shawn smiled, "These two are my team-mates, Sniper and Myth."
"Pleased to meet you."
"Same here, kiddo," Sniper said.
"Definitly," Myth said.
"Who is he, Shawn?" Sniper asked.
"He is the one I must protect."
"So you must protect the child of prophesy," Myth stated.
"The child of prophesy?"
"He is supposed to keep the balance in the force."
"Which side?"
"I don't know, I only heard about the child of prophesy and that he is supposed to bring balance to the force."
"I see," Shawn muttered.
"Anakin, Are yousa there?" a voice shouted down the corridor.
Shawn sighed, "He is here too?" he asked the boy.
"Yes, he, Qui-gon, Obi-wan, Padme and the queen are here."
"Qui-gon and...Obi-wan? I can't recall meeting him."
"Obi-wan is Qui-gon apprentice, he was on the ship."

Then a certain aquatic alien came around the corner.
"Shawny, yousa here? WOOHOO," he ran towards the hunter.
Shawn looked at Myth and the now electrified gungan, "Nice to see you again Jar-Jar," he said dryly.
He turned to the Force, "Myth, why did you hit him?"
"He tried to attack you."
Shawn sighed, "The worst he'll do is hug me."
Suddenly the three hunters flinched, "Do you feel that?" Sniperasked in Newman, "it is powerful."
The other two nodded.
"The source is getting closer." Myth noticed.
"SAD?" Sniper asked.
"Negative, we don't know our opponent, but be on guard."
"This feeling..I remember, I felt it before."
Myth said
"I always felt it when the Senator was near."
"We will not attack,"
Shawn said,"It would be suspicious if we fought him."
The ranger and force nodded.
"It's agreed we won't attack."

The others looked slightly amused at the three teammembers, as they talked
They were extremely surprised when Myth shot a bolt of lightning at the Gungan.

Yoda looked at the group.
Myth had arrived some days prior. She had stumbled upon the temple. She had disabled two soldiers who had attacked her for entering the Jedi temple.
Her power was one thing to let her join.
When she joined the Padawan ranks, she surprised people.
She was a fast learner and was very powerful, especially when she was mad.
When praised she would say that it was nothing, and that 'Shawn' could beat her easily.
Now he had come face to face with the boy.
Shawn was a warrior, and a leader.
He had faced a Sith and won, something few could say.
His partner, only known to him as Sniper was also powerful.
From Myth, he had learned that Sniper was 'trigger-happy'.
Yoda had also learned that the two other of their group were called 'Voltage' and 'Artic', and that Artic was the only one remotely capable of defeating 'Inferno'.
Mainly because Artic chose to train in techniques that were the direct opposite to Inferno's

Yoda looked as the group suddenly flinched, and started talking in an unknown language.
The members of the group nodded to each other and looked to the end of hallway.
Senator Pelpatine entered, with two of his bodyguards.
"Shit!" one shouted dressed in yellow, while the other dressed in icy-blue swallowed thickly, "Hi, Myth."
Shawn covered Anakin's eyes as he and Sniper turned away.
"DIE!" Myth shouted and she attacked wielding..a frying pan?
"Shouldn't you interfere?" Windu asked, as he watched the masacare.
Sniper and Shawn looked at each other and chorused," NO! We aren't sudicidal."
"She is still a padawan, she is no match for us."
"Famous last words," Sniper said, "It's your funeral."

As Windu charged, Sniper shouted, "Volt, Artic, I'LL SAVE YOU."
CLONK, Myth had turned around and hit the Jedi master in his face.
"SCORE!" Sniper shouted.
Shawn just snickered, "Do not underestimate the female sex, Master Windu. You'll only get hurt."
"Can somebody explain why she is beating up my guards."
"Past argument, she still holds a grudge against them," Shawn explained to the senator.
"For how long?"
"This argument is going on for, I believe...six months."
"You forget that it was fifteen years ago that Volt hit you with Zonde."
"I remember, and Artic attacked her, and even then she trashed them. They been fighting atleast ten years."
"No wonder we started to stop thinking about it. Myth, Artic and Volt meet, the boys get beaten up, healed by us and leave. It's a routine for us by now. The only difference is in the damage she does."
"We've known Myth for twenty years. I've beaten her in a match seventeen years ago, and she thinks we've been engaged since then."
Sniper continued, "Artic and Volt we've met, fifteen years ago during a tournament. They were from a rivaling martial arts school. Shawn got hit, Myth became enraged, slaughtered them and we became friends quickly after that. Of course Myth doesn't agree that we are 'friends'."
"The four of us spar every now and then."
"Until Myth comes and kills the two of them," Sniper laughed.
"She still dislikes you when you loaned that vehicle and trashed the shoppingcentre, by the way."
"Come on, How was I supposed to know that she lived in that area?"
"She told me quite often, I told you to avoid that area. You trashed the market and 'landed' the car inside HER apartment. of all places."
Myth stomped away, leaving three badly beaten bodies behind.
Shawn let go of Anakin, "Sorry, kid, but it was wiser not to see that. The results speak for themselves."
Anakin was surprised at the amount of damage, "What a carnage," he breathed.
"Actually, that was her holding back... a lot."

This statement hit the others hard, "What! That was holding back"
"Usually she causes major property damage in fights, the fact that this building is still standing is because she was holding back."
"This building is more then capable in suriving most wars."
Sniper snickered, "That's what they said of the hull of the Pioneer, it is used in all major construction. it was test against all photon weapons. Myth threw Artic and Volt through it, like it was air."
"Suggest it, and you'll be dead, buried 6 feet under and roasted in a way that hell is suitable for wintervacation."
"How do those two survive?"
"Luck and good friends in a hospital with state of the art machinery."

The senator looked at his two guards, "When can I expect my guards up and running?"
"Up in about an hour, running when they see Myth," Sniper said.
"In one hour they'll probably have recovered, as the damage was light."
"One hour? they will be okay after only one hour?"
"Result of a twenty-year treatment, they are becoming less effected."
"And Volt isn't affected by things less then 10.000 volt. Right Inferno."
"But how?"
"Training, pure training. Artic can be encased in ice and survive for years. I can resist extreme heat. Sniper can wield every gun and Myth is an All-round character with no real weakness. We all trained in every aspect of our elements. Plus we trained in the use of over fifty different martial arts. including weapons."
"Weapons, what kind of weapons?"
"Blades, Daggers, staffs, and others."
Sniper interupted, "Welcome to the land of the living."
The Senators guards had regained conscious.
Sniper helped them on their feet and spoke to them in Newman.
They nodded and looked at Shawn.
"We will watch the senator, we chose to guard him because of the strange feeling we got from him."
Shawn nodded and leaned towards the senator, his eyes became cold, "Also we were also trained to sense certain powers, I have shown your apprentice a fraction of what I am capable of. I know what you are, even if they don't."

He motioned Sniper to follow him and left in the direction Myth went, leaving a shocked Senator behind