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Another Introduction

"How could, a bunch of infantry attack a nuclear stronghold and win? General Shi is really letting his age catch up on him…"

"Cool down… I'll kill the traitor for you…"

"Tigress, you maybe one rank higher than me, but it'll be a tough mission without my tanks… Even still, you never disclose your tactics to anyone…"

A slight smile appeared on General Leong's face as she turned and headed for the exit. "Let's see who wins… Anvil…"

General Fai was lying in his office, enjoying the riches which the GLA had provided him with for his betrayal. His next job was to finish off whatever Chinese forces there were on the GLA border. Mini-gunners were sweeping through the lands, destroying any resistance… That was until his satellite hacking system crashed on him, and he had to pull back his troops.

"Damn…" he muttered under his breath as he got his hackers to solve the problem. However, the problem was that there wasn't even a satellite.

"Sir, we are under siege!" came the voice of Super Lotus.

He looked at his screen. SCUD launchers, rocket buggies, inferno cannons, nuke cannons and tomahawk missile launchers were surrounding his base, bringing a living hell to its occupants. When troops were dispatched, they were simply mowed down by Gattling tanks. His aircraft were shot down by raptors, and overlords crushed any tanks and survivors.

"A joint attack?" He asked himself as his own nuke cannons tried desperately to shoot down the invaders.

He ruled the thought out. The GLA wouldn't attack him. They were allies… This was a very interesting battle…