Chapter 2
Of gods and monsters U.S Virginia
The phone rang a third before Senator and now first running candidate for Vice-President Kinsey answered it. "Yes who is it"
"It seems your campaign is doing pretty well isn't it senator?"
"Yes it would, who are you and what do you want?"
"We represent the NID/Umbrella partnership remember us?"
"Damn it I told you people not call me like this!"
"Relax Senator! Anyway we have a problem that requires your attention once again."
"Like procuring that nuke so you could clean your mess in Raccoon City was not enough!"
"And were grateful, however this concerns you as much since its related to the continuation of the Pandora project"
Senator Kinsey felt his stomach turned to ice at the mention of the project, he recalled how the first project on Earth turned into a disaster and to make matters worse members of SG-1 no less stumbled on it as well. After that fiasco it was decided to continue the project off-word for both security and safety concerns. "What happened?"
"We lost contact with the off-world facility 3 days ago, and the SGC has learned of its location they are preparing to send a team along with Ms Valentine no less and Albert Wesker"
Senator Kinsey had heard a lot about Ms Valentine and her unending quest against Umbrella, so far she had been nothing if a little nuisance in his eventual rise to the white house, however now that she was with the SGC and they knew about Pandora all that had changed, she was now a liability as big if not bigger than any member of SG-1 and had to be taken care off.
"I see! We'll introduce an agent to the team to make sure no one returns alive!"
"That's nice to hear, We'll contact you latter. Not on the phone off-course, bye"
U.S Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, SGC
As the debriefing was ending the alarm klaxons sounded repeating the message Incoming wormhole.
Hammond spoke "Ms Valentine, Mr. Wesker follow me!"
They all got up and followed Hammond, O'Neal and Carter to the command room overseeing the StarGate below.
Jill and Wesker saw the StarGate coming to life as they entered the room. The iris was in place and they saw the glow of the wormhole behind it. The comm. officer spoke "Its SG-4 sir"
Hammond ordered "Open the iris"
The comm. panel cracked and the desperate voices of the SG-team came through "We are coming in hot, we are under attack by Anubis super-soldiers, be advised" "understood SG-4"
As the iris opened and the silvery surface of the wormhole became visible energy weapons blasts came through wounding a few soldiers that were at guard in the StarGate room, a few others hit the walls and they both could the smell of ozone from the weapons discharge. the remaining SG-4 members came through and the iris was closed again.
Hammond once again shouted orders "send in medical teams to the StarGate Room A.S.A.P, I'm going down there to see what I can do, want to accompany me? Ms Valentine, Mr. Wesker?"
Jill responded "I'll be glad to lend a hand. General!"
"If you don't mind I'll sit this one" Wesker added. Hammond and the rest look disapprovingly upon him. As they left to the StarGate room below one by one passing Wesker by as they did. O'Neal was the last one out and he stared at Wesker as he did.
Wesker asked "Have a problem with me, colonel?"
"Oh, You'll be the first to know when I really do Mr. Wesker!"
"You don't trust me to carry out this mission do you"
"Mr. Wesker I wouldn't trust with a 10 foot pole and I also don't like you at all, does that answer your question?"
"Absolutely! I can see you don't hold back any punches colonel. We might get along together if we were to be just fine" Wesker finishes smiling sardonically As O'Neal exits the room he orders an armed guard to watch Wesker "If he breathes the wrong way, you may feel free to shoot him ok"
"Aye sir"
"This guard will be babysitting in the meantime Mr. Wesker. If you play nice you might get a lollipop, have fun!"
Wesker salutes O'Neal as he finally leaves to the StarGate room below.
Washington DC In route to the congress
Sen. Kinsey was on his limousine on his way to the congress when a tall bald headed and slender man of African American descent wearing dark sunglasses entered the vehicle to his surprise.
"Who are you?"
"I'm the man for the job sir, who I am is not important who I represent is. We know that a situation has developed that requires solving and I'm here to solve it."
"So you are who is going to take care of business. When do you start?"
"Its already going on.. I'll be replacing one of the SG members without their knowledge the member in question. Well lets just say he came to an untimely demise. Sad but necessary if we are to properly defend this planet from the alien menace. Once we get to the facility I will make sure they never return."
"And what about you then?"
"I'll be out of there and back here in due time, I have considerable resources at my disposal senator. More than you even someone like you can imagine."
"You are from this outfit of corporations aren't you. I've heard about you guys!"
"Then you must also know that we are to be trifled with, senator just do as you've been told and we will make sure all your dreams come true! Good luck with your election, good by!" He signs for the driver to stop and exits the car to mysteriously disappear just as he had come out of nowhere moments before.
Kinsey was left a bit shaken by the encounter. But more determined than ever to do whatever it took to get what he wanted.