Chapter 4: Things that bump in the night
U.S Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, SGC

Jill was awakened by a soldier "Yes what is it?"
"You have a call Ma'am"
"At this hour? From who?"
"I don't know Ma'am but I know General Hammond cleared the call and ordered me to tell you about it"
"Where is the phone?"
"Is the one located in the hallway"
"Fine... I'm on my way"
Jill went up to the phone that the soldier indicated to her in the hallway "This better be good! Who is it?"
A familiar voice answered back through the receiver "I just wanted to check on you before you left to play!"
"Claire! I'll be! So you are the one I have to thank for to be in this mess huh? How have you been? I've heard about your new job as assistant director of the CDC its 3 months late but congratulations anyway"
"Thanks, I'm sorry I had to pull you into this but there were not many choices around and I just could not pick Chris! I hope you understand!"
"I do Claire & its not like they forced me, I volunteered for this mission. Anyway how is it going with the job?"
"Great! Now I can fight both natural and man made diseases with the full backing of Uncle Sam!"
"By the way Claire have you ever heard of a group of corporate interests calling themselves the Trust?"
"Not much, except that they are extremely interested in the alien technology recovered from the StarGate program and that Umbrella is most likely one of their active members"
"For what Wesker told me there a force to be reckoned with, even if we take Umbrella down! We will have to deal with them sooner or latter!"
"And we will one step at a time. Umbrella will go down for sure! We have increasing evidence against them and soon we will be able to shut down all their legit operations and facilities, as for the clandestine ones run by Umbrella and NID cells financed by the Trust it will take some more time. You & I survived Raccoon city, Rockford island among other things so I'm not scared of white neck pencil pushers who think they are above the law. I will bring them all down one by one or die trying"
"And so will I Claire, everyone of them! What do you know of the so called former NID"
"Just that they were a shadowy government agency. It is rumored it was started by former National Intelligence directors at the height of the cold war. It is likely that Senator McCarthy was also a member!"
"Nice crowd! Talking about senators do you anything about Senator Kinsey?"
"Just the official grapevine that he is a greasy slimeball and that he may have direct connections to the nuking of Raccoon City"
"And yet he is running for vice president! Isn't that nice!"
"That's politics in Washington for you, but he will make a mistake and fall sooner or latter as well they all do! I'd love to continue talking! But I have an appointment with Dr Weir in about 3 minutes"
"Dr Elizabeth Weir, The diplomat? I've heard a lot about her, she is a staunch enemy of weapons programs and that's why she became a diplomat to end the need for those programs"
"And she is going to help to put the final nails in the coffin for Umbrella in the case she is going to present to both Congress and the UN!"
"That's fantastic to hear! With Umbrella gone there would be one less evil in the world!"
"Precisely, like I said got to go! Bye and Godspeed in your mission Jill!"
"Thanks same with the building of the case against Umbrella for you and Ms Weir! Bye"
With that Jill hanged the phone and went back to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day... They were to finally go off-world!

Somewhere near Salt Lake, Utah 4:00 AM

The detective came up the lonely dirt road leading to the lake about 40 minutes of Salt lake city. Her name was Cindy Williams and she was a seasoned officer that had seen her share of homicides on the job " So what do we have here?"

"Take a look, this poor slob was not only murdered but also barbecued him. The body is totally charred."

Ms Williams took a closer look "This looks like a job from a pro!"

"Why do you say that"

"He's got bullet holes in precise pattern 3 to the chest area. And whoever did this also broke the teeth. We wont even be able to get a dental I'D out of this fellow."

"So what do you think? Mob related"

"It is the most likely scenario at least until we get some sort of ID from the DNA samples if any and until then it will be what goes into my report"

What Ms Williams did not know is that the poor fellow had once been in life no other than Lt Jeremy Williams once proud member of the armed forces and a member of an elite group of soldiers named simply as SG-6. Now in his place was the assassin that murdered him waiting to go offworld to carry out his mission

U.S Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, SGC 6:00 AM

Jill was finally all prepped up to go through the StarGate and off-world for the first time in her whole life. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she approached the Gate room along with the members of SG-6 and Wesker as her unsavory partner in this venture.

The gate's wheel began to turn and the locks known as chevrons began to snap into place one after the other and all of a sudden a huge burst of energy surged from the StarGate looking somehow like a geyser of water tilted vertically. Even though she had read the reports on how it all worked she instinctively reared back at the sight. the wormholes shiny event horizon now covered the inside of the StarGate Hammond spoke through the comm. from the command room above. "OK SG-6 roll out and good hunting!"

The MALP probe turned on and began to roll up the ramp and disappeared through the wormhole's event horizon followed by the leading members of SG-6 she was just behind them followed by Wesker. As she was climbing up the ramp she really began to have second thoughts about the whole thing. The idea of being demolecularized, sent halfway through the galaxy and remolecularized back was not something she was particularly enamored off!

Get a grip girl! She thought to herself. This mission is extremely important and you can't allow Wesker to get away with whatever he may have planned. He is just too duplicitous to do otherwise! As she did she too vanished through the event horizon. Wesker paused for a moment Hammond asked him through the comm. "Problem Mr. Wesker?"

She thought to herself. As she did she too vanished through the event horizon. Wesker paused for a moment Hammond asked him through the comm. "Problem Mr. Wesker?"

"No problem at all" and he too went it and shortly as he did the wormhole shut down.

SGD: PS4-742, 300212 light years from the solar system

When Jill finally re-emerged from the wormhole she felt more disoriented than if she had been in rollercoaster a whole day! she literally held her stomach feeling it was out of place or something. After she slowly recovered she snapped upward to look at a very different and alien sky from the one she had ever observed in which no less than 3 moons one big and 2 smaller ones floated above and 2 suns one like ours another a Dwarf star were setting on the horizon, nightfall was just around the corner on this alien world and alien it decidedly was! The smells were completely different from Earth. Jill had a telescope as a girl but she never could have imagined such a sight! Carl Sagan would have eaten his heart out to see this she thought to herself as the commanding officer Colonel Miers brought her back to reality. "Sorry no time for sightseeing Ms Valentine come this way, you 2 stay here and guard the Gate."

They continued to move forward the StarGate in this world was near a lake and about 600 yards from it you could see a large structure of obvious Earth design.

Colonel Miers shouted orders "Remember people this is in and out as quickly as possible. We go in we assess the situation and then blow the whole thing to high heaven. and hopefully we will back home for the Super Bowl. Lt Daniels be ready to prep a charge just in case"

Hoskins playing his part to perfection replied "Yes Sir right away sir"

Once they finally reached the entrance of the building night had basically already fallen and all kinds of strange noises from the exotic alien fauna filled the air.

Hoskins rapidly prepped a charge just in case as ordered and proceeded to the heavy metallic door and first he tried the combination that intelligence had provided but that he knew first hand being a Trust assassin. He punched it in and the door slid open creaking as it did. A strong and pungent odor that was strangely bittersweet came from the inside only both Miers and Jill recognized. That smell Miers being a war vet and Jill with her experiences in Raccoon city knew first hand the unmistakable odor of decomposing human flesh. Miers again shouted orders "Ok send the MALP in let's find out if it's safe to go in without Biohazard suits or not."

The MALP was sent in "Well?" Miers asked

"The MALP does not register any airborne pathogens inside it should be safe."

"Ok fine we can take this masks off for now then but keep them ready never the less, We are going in so keep your eyes peeled!"

Jill cocked her military issued MP5 as she went inside alongside Miers. Wesker asked "Don't I get a machine gun as well?"

Miers handed him a hand gun and Wesker went on "Why does she get a machine gun?"

Miers responded "Do you really need to ask Mr. Wesker? You very well know why! We know your record. And besides for what I've heard you probably would not even need a gun anyway"

"No I don't need to ask but is fun too anyway!"

As they went deeper inside the pungent bittersweet stench only grew stronger and at the end of the corridor on a corner they all heard a scratching sound and Jill heard a very familiar moaning

Miers asked her "Is that what I think I hear?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Be advised we may have possible stinkers ahead. Remember aim for the head just like in the Romero movies if any of you ever even watched them!"

"This may be similar to the movies colonel but I don't think anything can prepare anyone to face a real life stinker as you call them."

"Ms Valentine I've been fully debriefed on this issue and have been in quite a few theaters of war, so I got a pretty good i..." as he was about to finish the sentence out of nowhere a zombie came lunging forward at him grabbing his shoulder and as the horrid creature was about to bite a shot rang and the zombie fell like a sack of potatoes to the ground. Jill had shot the thing right between the eyes. she then went to Miers "Hmm.. Beats all the movies you have ever watched huh?" and pats him on the shoulder smiling.

Wesker added "You gotta love her"

Miers responded angrily "Shut up"

"Or what?"

"Don't get funky with me Mr. Wesker. All my instincts tell me I should leave you marooned on this world"

"Is that a threat?"

"Just a friendly piece of advice, shall we move on"

"By all means lead on"

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