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Seeing Betrayal, Finding True Love

My heart started to tear as he walked away
But he turned and said, 'I'll be gone a day.'
That was three days ago, but I was still waiting
Until I saw the other girl he had started dating
To the park, I ran and cried
Until I felt a hand on my lower thigh.
I saw a man sitting next to me as the day began latening
His hair was long, brown, and braided, and his eyes looked like they were explaining

His eyes were violet-blue and said the world
And suddenly I didn't care about Josh and the other girl.
'My name is Duo Maxwell,' I heard him whisper
And I couldn't stop my body's shiver.
'Gabrille Tuskino,' I said, suddenly shy
And I couldn't figure out for the life of me why.
He pulled me, suddenly, into his arms, unhindered
And I knew, there, I could not be harmed no matter what I endeavored.
And then, I knew, I had found True Love
Because of Josh's betrayal and Duo's hug.

That is not the end, you see.
I want to tell you why Duo hugged me.
He hugged me because I was sad
And when I told him why, he got really mad
'How could someone hurt a pretty girl like you?'
And then I turned a dark red hue
Duo smiled and asked, 'Now, are you glad?'
I nodded and we then walked together, hand in hand.


I hope you all liked that! I wrote it for my English class and thought that you all might like it!