Darkened World

How can you tell the difference between helping and hindering,

When no one trusts me, not even myself?

I have always been traveling in the dark, never fully

Putting the trust in anyone, always alone

Just like my birth parents abandoned me, just like my thief tribe as well.

That's how I learned never to trust anyone; therefore, I wouldn't be heartbroken

At the end, putting a veil of ice around and through my heart and only

Staying alive because of my other half, my warded powers of fire

So why do I help these foolish humans so much then?

What do they have that wants me to help them? Is it Kurama or

Is it my sister that makes me want to help these human fools?

Does the sword that is strapped to my back symbolize the struggle to

Survive? Why do I go on in this darkened world, Why?