"What's this?" Luffy asked eyeing Sanji's new pink fluffy mittens.

"Nami-san made them for me!" Sanji ran his hands up and down his cheeks, "So soft" His mouth curled up at the end.

Zoro, all of a sudden behind them looked at Sanji's new mittens with disgust.

"HEY THERE ZORO!" Luffy bursted out, "WHOO!" Luffy poked Zoro's newly knit yellow scarf.

Zoro twitched a bit but then noticed Luffy's new hat.

"What happened to your straw hat?" Zoro asked.

"It's on under this one!" Luffy lifted up the corner of his new hat to reveal his straw hat poking out.

Luffy looked around.

"What happened to Sanji?" he asked still looking around.

"I dunno." Zoro shrugged and walked out of deck, and there of course was Sanji standing the right of Nami with his hand still on his cheeks feeling the fluffy softness of his mittens. At least his scarf was of use.

He sat down to the left of Nami but very far away from Nami. He sat with a stern look on his face saying 'If you say anything, and I mean ANYTHING, about my die'. So, no one said anything about the scarf.

Luffy came out and sat next to Zoro, but more closer to Nami, who was knitting a white looking potholder type thing. Luffy was rolling the ball of yarn back and forth when he noticed Nami's newly knitted yellow socks.

"Pretty!" Luffy said with an ear to ear smile.

Nami has just learned, or remembered, how to knit so she was knitting like crazy.

"I HAVE COME WITH THREAD!" Ussop said busting through a door with a hand full of yarn of different colors. There was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

"It's called yarn, and thanks Ussop." Nami said strangely clam.

Sanji had removed his mittens and put them in his pockets. It wasn't exactly cold outside and his hands were sweating.

"I might as well start some sort of dinner, huh?" Sanji said standing up and heading towards the kitchen. He felt the mittens in his pocket and took them out. He lied them in the counter in the kitchen.

Bringing out Chicken, Mushrooms, and such he started to make 'Cream of Chicken', something he picked up after a while of having to cook from scratch on the Going Merry.

The smell of chicken wafted through the air and once it reached the deck all of their stomachs started growling.

"I'll go check on the food." Zoro said, his stomach talking to him rather then his brain. When he walked in Sanji was over at the stove mixing something with an apron on. He had covered his mittens with tinfoil so they wouldn't get stained.

The smell of Chicken and some other sort of base was stronger in the kitchen then on the deck. Sanji had been singing a happy song as he chopped up some green veggies.

"What's taking so long?" Zoro asked his stomach growling even more.

"You try chopping all these vegetables into perfect sizes WITHOUT getting your finger cut." Sanji, trying not to get pissed off my Zoro's appearance still sang, rather hummed the peppy tune until he was calm.

"Ok then, I will." Zoro said trying to state the fact it's not hard to chop vegetables. Zoro reached for his swords when Sanji stopped him.

"I don't want you using your nasty swords to cut MY vegetables!" Sanji handed Zoro a knife. "Try not to cut yourself."

Try not to cut myself, BAH! This knife was just a miniature sword to Zoro and he started to chop a thick, green vegetable into even pieces.

"Too thick." Sanji said sticking a fork into the chicken.


"You heard me, the slices are too thick, cut them thinner."


Zoro tried again.

"Too thick."


"Try again."

After an agonizing 3 minutes of 'too thick', 'too thin' and 'almost there' Zoro finally got frustrated and cut one more piece, this piece was just right.

"Good job." Sanji said, "but next time, try to miss your finger."

Zoro looked down at his index finger and saw it bleeding, not a lot, but just enough for him to get pissed.

"GOD DAMNIT!" Zoro screamed and stared at his finger wishing the flow of blood would stop.

"Jeez you're an idiot." Sanji, without thinking, acted out of reflex and put Zoro's cut finger in his mouth, his tongue absorbing the blood and licking the wound. He removed the finger from his mouth and looked at it. "It's not serious, but you might wanna run it under a cold tap."

"What the fuck?" Zoro asked looking at Sanji.

"What? Run it un-"

"I don't mean that!" Zoro's face got beat red and he looked at his finger, the blood has stopped.

"What? Me cleaning your finger?"

"You didn't FUCKING clean it, you LICKED it!"

"So? I don't have cooties. You're supposed to do that when you cut yourself, you we're just too stupid to do so, so I did it." Sanji continued to cut the vegetables into even pieces and then put them into the mix.

Zoro looked at his finger and grabbed a dishtowel, tearing a strip of it from the side and wrapping it around his wounded finger.

"Thanks." Zoro added and sat down in a corner.

Sanji tore himself away from his cooking, squatted down in front of the sitting Zoro and said happily, "Your welcome."

That night after eating Sanji's wonderful cooking, Nami, Luffy, and Ussop retired to their rooms. Sanji retreated to the crows' nest and lit a cigarette.

"That's a horrible habit." Zoro said peeking over the ladder to the sitting Sanji who had finished lighting his cig and pulled it out of his mouth.

"I know." Sanji said and blew out smoke, "But it's only one per day."

And it's true. Sanji never smokes while he's cooking...pretty much only when he needs to relax.

Zoro came over the ladder and sat down in front of Sanji. The crows' nest was fairly big and could comfortable seat two, although it wasn't meant for sitting.

There was an awkward silence and it lasted the whole night.

To be continued...