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The longly anticipated:

Mittens - Part 9

Zoro woke up to the brightness of the sun on his eyes and the first smell of the morning; Sanji's perfectly groomed hair. 'Today will be a good day.' Zoro thought.

Little did he know, he was wrong.

It was raining. A sun-shower, but none the less raining. Zoro almost cuddled back up against the blond and go back to sleep; those slender shoulders and Sanji's nicely toned back beckoned for him to wrap his arms around him and never let go. But he had morning routines and exercises to get to. So with a nudge and a push from his inner self he reluctantly crawled out of the bed ever so softly, as to not wake up the slightly temperamental cook sleeping next to him. Oh how that soft face and shimmering hair caught the light just right; the ability to ravage Sanji was well within his grasp. But Zoro's predominant masculinity made his body stand up and trudge to the bathroom. The shower was much more peaceful then the hectic torrent just outside the window. Zoro enjoyed his cleansing ritual and took his time getting dried off just to be drenched when he stepped out onto the deck. Zoro sighed.

"I should have slept in..." Zoro whined. The cold rain wasn't nearly as soothing as the warm water in the shower. It pounded all over his body. His hands stung with frozen pain. His bare arms burning with muscle aches, pains and freezing rain. The breeze was cold and made benching three hundred pounds extremely difficult; the torrential winds blowing the heavy weight to and fro. He finally slammed down the weight after only forty repetitions in defeat. Exercising was definitely not an option on a crappy day like this.

"Should've stayed in bed..." Zoro grumbled to himself throwing the weights back into storage.

He was soaked. Cold. Pissed. And worst of all, tired. He shuffled back into the sleeping quarters he and Sanji shared to be greeted by an empty bed. Zoro smelled the air. No food smells. That meant the cook was doing something else. Zoro stripped back down into nothing and creaked open the door to the bathroom they share in their quarters. And there was Sanji. In all his naked glory, taking a shower. Zoro heaved a sigh of ecstasy upon glancing on the naked cook. It was his fix for the morning. It was usually working out, but since that had to be canceled, this will do nicely.

"Who's there?!" The blond exclaimed. Zoro had forgotten how well Sanji could hear. Zoro laughed at his own inability to sneak around.

"An alien! I've come to steal your children and your virginity!" Zoro exclaimed pulling back the clear glass shower doors and cramming himself in the shower with Sanji. Sanji let out a quite femmine squeak and quickly moved his hands in front of his face; a small attempt to try to shield his face from a frontal assault. Zoro laughed. He wrapped his hand around Sanji's waist and hoisted him up off his feet. His other hand traveled skillfully up Sanji's torso, teasing the skin and muscle. His hand landed on Sanji's face. He gently grabbed Sanji's chin and tilted his head up to meet his own. "Now, Sanji." Zoro started, a smile spreading across his face. "Do you know an alien that looks this good?" The smile quickly turned into a smirk.

Sanji playfully smacked him across the face. "How am I supposed to know?" Sanji asked raising his hands in an innocent gesture. "You could be one. Your green hair does frighten little children." Sanji struggled to get out of Zoro's grasp, using the water as a medium, he slid out of Zoro's arm.

"But," Zoro said, wrapping both arms around Sanji this time. "It's my green hair that makes me so irresistible." Zoro put on a smug little smile. Sanji blushed. He did think that the swordsman's hair was indeed amazing. Zoro then put on a straight face and leaned down to the cook. "Don't you think so?" He asked, not expecting to be answered. The gap between their lips closed. Zoro's thin lips matched Sanji's beautifully full lips. They shared a passionate kiss beneath the gentle drum of the warm shower water. Zoro had won this little game of theirs, and Sanji wasn't complaining.

Zoro's tongue soon invaded Sanji's mouth, his own tongue not refusing the teasing of Zoro's. Sanji placed both hands on Zoro's chest, feeling the defined torso and shuddering as Zoro glided his hand up and down his own back. Sanji and Zoro's hardening members had already started to call out to them; their lower bodies acting instinctivly to the call. The amazing sensation sweept through both of them, making them want more. More of each other. More of that feeling. Sanji's hips grinded against Zoro's and Zoro's against Sanji's. Sanji let out a deep moan through their parted lips; Zoro responding when his own lovely noises. Sanji felt his muscles tighten, his stomach twist and contort itself in amazing ways. He opened his eyes and saw all sorts of astounding colors. He felt the need to release, but Zoro suddenly stopped; a hurt cry coming from Sanji's lips. Sanji's hands quickly traveled down his own chest down to his needy member. Zoro stopped him, a cry of protest yet again from Sanji. Zoro turned Sanji around, his face pressing against the clear glass door of the shower. Zoro wrapped his arms around Sanji's wait and started to tease him. Sanji moaned for more and more; greedily taking everything from every touch of Zoro's rough hands. Sanji lifted his face and put his hands on the door, supporting himself as much as he could. Zoro had scambled to find body wash that would work perfectly for lubrication. He squeezed some from the container. The smell of raspberries and a fresh spring day wafted throughout the room. Sanji smiled. That was his body wash.

"I like this smell." Zoro started, "Can I use it some time?" Zoro playfully asked. Sanji laughed.

"If you wanna smell like me." Sanji looked over his shoulder at a smiling Zoro. Sanji turned away when he felt Zoro insert a coated finger inside of him. He moaned in response. He wanted more. One just wasn't enough anymore. Zoro added in two more fingers, Sanji gasped, the sudden change taking Sanji by surprise. Zoro laughed.

"What's so fun-" Sanji started to ask, but was cut off by Zoro changing out his fingers for his own member. Sanji groaned at the feeling of Zoro inside him. It always comforted him. It calmed his stress. This was his medicine for life. Zoro began thrusting into him. Every one made Sanji dizzy. His erection became blissfully painful to touch. It screamed at him and forced all of his attention to it. But Zoro got there first. Stroking him with careful intensity. Sanji let out a series of moans and gasp to every thrust, every stroke. His stomach turned and spasmed, the muscles on his torso retracting and seizing. Zoro breathed heavily into Sanji's wet hair, engulfed into the abyss of Sanji. They both shared the blissful end; Sanji screaming Zoro's name and Zoro letting out a deep groan in response. Sanji and Zoro both had broken breathing.

"If every shower is going to be like this, I don't think I'll ever get clean." Sanji complained, sinking to the bottom of the shower. Zoro stepped out.

"Every shower wouldn't be like if you didn't look so damned good naked." Zoro responded, chastely walking out of the bathroom, stumbling over the threshold. He wasn't that strong to be able to walk after an amazing orgasm like that. Sanji laughed and enjoyed the calming water washing away the mess over of his stomach and backside. After a good scrubbing, Sanji came out of the shower, quickly covering himself with a towel.

"God damn it's cold!" Sanji exclaimed once in the bedroom.

"I noticed..." Zoro replied, pointing to Sanji's perky nipples. Sanji blushed.

"Well, now that I'm embarrassed, why don't you take a shower?"

"No. I'm alright. I already did."


"I stepped outside... Naked."

Sanji blushed again. "Did anyone see you?"

Zoro laughed. "The rain's so think now, I don't think anyone could have." Sanji glanced outside. A heavy heet of rain covered the view of the sea. He breathed a sigh of relief.

After getting dressed, the cook quickly dashed across the deck into the kitchen. He promptly set the table and began to make breakfast. Pancakes and Bacon. He was in a very good mood this morning. As usual, Luffy was the first one into the kitchen.

"Pancakes and BACON?!" Luffy asked peeking over Sanji's shoulder. "YAY! MEAT MEAT!" Luffy danced around the kitchen until Sanji scolded him with a hot spatula. "Ow! That hurts!" Luffy sucked on his red hand.

"Yeah, well, I don't like it when people dance in my kitchen." Sanji exclaimed, raising his spatula for more dramatic effect.

"What happened for you to be in a good enough mood to make pancakes?" Luffy asked, a puzzled look in his face. "Did you get laid last night?"

Sanji almost went face first into the hot skillet. "What... Did you say?" Sanji asked, turning his head quite slowly.

"N-Nothing!" Luffy said, nervously rubbing the back of his head. Sanji came to stand next to him.

"There will be none of that coming out of your mouth mister." Sanji stated, looming over Luffy.

"Y-Y-Yes mom." Luffy stuttered out, trembling under the sight of his mother figure. Sanji scooted back over to the pancakes. He pulled out a ciggarette to calm his newly rattled state.

"I don't want you smoking near my food!" Luffy protested.

"I'll do what I want!" Sanji yelled, his head inflating four times it's normal size, reaching over to Luffy.

Zoro came into the kitchen and wrapped and arm around Sanji's waist. The defiant cook smacked him with a hot, bacon grease covered spatula. Zoro laughed it off and tightened his grip. Sanji blushed. "Don't get so mad at Luffy. He was just being honest." Zoro planted a kiss on Sanji's forhead.

'Today is not going to be a good day...' Sanji thought, flipping the pancakes.

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