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Summary: This is an AU romance between Remus and Sirius. Male/male! If you don't like, stop reading at this point and don't send me a flamer! It hasn't reached that point yet. Anyway, the summary is that Remus is a transfer from Beauxbatons, and he's super hot, so everyone falls for him, not only the girls, and least of all Sirius Black. Got that? Lotsa chasing around of our poor werewolf...what's he going to do? Carry on reading if you want to find out!

Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were sitting in a compartment abroad the Hogwarts Express. Sirius Black, a handsome young man with a lean, lanky frame and stylishly ruffled hair gazed around the compartment with barely disguised boredom. His friend, James Potter, a young man slightly taller than him, with messy hair sticking up in all directions, but cute in his own way, was looking out of the window at the passing trees, no doubt dreaming of his 6-year crush, Lily Evans, who currently thought he was the scum of the Earth created by a drunken Mother Nature in a fit of insanity. Peter was a short, chubby boy whose looks were reminiscent of a rat, if a rat could have limp, dirty blond hair and no tail that is.

Normally, the three of them, the infamous Marauders of Hogwarts, would be planning their next big prank or chuckling gleefully as the recipients of their current prank, mainly Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape, or the rest of the Slytherins, made their displeasure known, mainly by shrieks or yells of, "I'll get you for this!"

However, in this particular year and particular train all of them were feeling melancholy for differing reasons. Sirius, because this year was his last year spent in Hogwarts, and he had yet to beat James' record for the most detentions, James; because this year was also his last, and he had yet to snare the flower of his affections, Lily. Peter; because the witch with the food trolley had run out of Pumpkin Pastries.

Sirius had this nagging feeling in his head, that somehow their group was not complete. Ever since 4th year, after they had been caught for the 1 189th time by McGonagall for changing all the Slytherins hair color to pink, the silly voice in his head would not leave him alone. Their group needed someone with a little more brains and cunning then the three of them combined could ever have. But who could that person be? Not any of the Ravenclaws, they preferred burying their noses in books to sharing their knowledge with someone else. The Slytherins were definitely not an option, cunning as they were, as the result of their mutual hatred of Gryffindors and the multitude of humiliating pranks played on them. The Hufflepuffs were a lost cause, they would tell all the plans to a teacher or prefect in a heartbeat had the person even looked at them. Sirius personally thought they were a sniveling bunch of weak fools. He often wondered how Peter had managed to get into Gryffindor when he was obviously Hufflepuff material.

So, all in all, Sirius could not answer the riddle in his head, and was one frustrated Black as a result of it.

Sirius tried to make a very gallant attempt to make James cheer up.

"Hey, buddy, why don't you look for Lily, I'll go with you for morale, y'know? Maybe she's changed her opinion of you since last year!"

As any mention of Lily was certain to make James perk up, James immediately agreed, and leaving the now snoring Peter behind in the compartment, both of them went in the search of Lily, with James carrying a one-sided conversation with Sirius on his usual topic; how he thought Lily was just amazing, and what he would do to make her his girl.

With Sirius looking straight at James, pretending to listen to him, and James completely immersed in his conversation, and looking for Lily, and no one else but her, both of them completely missed the lone figure in the compartment next to theirs, reading a book.

His name was Remus Lupin, and he was a recent transfer to Hogwarts from Beauxbatons.

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