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Paige POV

"Lisa wait up!" I called as I ran to catch up with her at the church children's retreat my aunt insisted I go on.

"Come on you slow poke, we will get caught if we don't get to your hotel room soon and you have the key!" Lisa yelled back.

"But Piper ain't in there, she is downstairs, where WE should be" I couldn't help but whine. Lisa got a wicked smile, that sort of sent a chill down my spine…but she is always doing crazy things, so I just passed it off.

"That's the point dummy, don't be such a kid! Now hurry up!" I sighed and jogged beside her till we got to the room. Luckily we got in unnoticed, and we then went to go sit on the bed and watched TV.

It was fine until she turned to channel…I wasn't really sure what it was, but I knew I shouldn't be watching it.

"Lisa they are…you know what they're doing! We shouldn't be watching this" I scolded as I covered my eyes.

"Don't be a baby Paige, my cousin watches makes me watch it with him all the time, he calls it…umm…porn I think" she said as she came and sat next to me.

"It's nasty, turn it off! Please, if Piper comes in, she will tan both our butts for sure!" I begged.

"Oh fine you baby, your too young for it anyway"

"No I'm not!" I want so bad to be like her, and not be a 'baby', she has the friends, the looks, she has it all…

"I'm 9 years old, and your 6, yes you are" Lisa snarled.

"I can do anything you can do" I snapped, she lifted her eyebrow and scooted closer to me.

"Oh really now?" she said as she ran her hand up my chest, it was making me really uncomfortable.

"Ye…Yes" I stuttered. She pinched my nipple as her hand traveled down my pants…I closed my eyes as she kept it up.

"All big girls my age go through this, I bet even your sister did, I did too…" I was in tears now, I really want to be a big girl, but…I don't know, but I guess if Piper went through it I can too.

"And your parents already know, so you don't have to tell them" I nodded and scooted away from her; she then grabbed my wrist and roughly pulled me back.

"You'll go when I tell you I'm done"

"Sorry, sorry" I said as I rubbed my wrist from where she grabbed it, then she started the rubbing again, but not for long, as we heard Piper's voice from outside the door with her best friend Prue, who is 18.

Lisa quickly pulled away and jumped to the other bed where she sleeps, just as Piper walked in the door. I quickly face my back to her so I can wipe away my tears.

"Paige sweetie why weren't you down there?" Piper asked.

"I umm…I didn't feel well, so Lisa came with me up here with me" 'Wait, if she knows this happens, why am I lying?' I think as Lisa words to me 'good job'…well, it's a big girl thing I guess, so I will ask Lisa later about that.

Piper walked over and felt my forehead "You don't feel warm, just lay down hun" I nodded and laid my head back and closed my eyes and she walked on to the bathroom.

"Hey sweetie" I heard Prue from behind me, her hand went to rub my back, but I flinched, she gave me a questioning look

"I…I'm just hot, that's all" Prue just nodded as if not sure, but passed it off.

"Hey Pipe, I'm going to my room now, see you tomorrow, bye Paige, Lisa" She said as she walked to the door.

"Bye Prue" Piper yelled from the bathroom. A couple minutes after Prue left she walked out ready for bed.

"Alright babes time for bed, Lisa turn off the TV and get under those sheets" She told us. "Scoot over Paige" she shooed with her hand as she got in bed next to me.

Piper POV

I reached my hand back over to feel her head, again, it wasn't warm, but I could tell she was shaking. I pulled her in close and felt her relax slightly.

I glanced over at Lisa to see her sleeping peacefully…I wonder what's going on between these two. I just sigh and lay my head on top of Paige's and try to sleep, maybe I'm just over reacting.