The Warrior

It was in the middle of the day. A sandstorm was starting where the legend started. It is said that a great fight took place at the very spot where a legendary hero lived. This is the story about the legendary hero:
It was just turning morning when a strange space pod landed in the middle of the desert. Inside it was a baby. Little did he know he was going to be the most amazing warrior ever to live. After a few years he started walking around trying to figure out who he was and why he was there, in the middle of nowhere.

His possessions included a sword and the clothes on his back which were made by camel skin which he got from a camel walking through the desert. He even had his own little house which he made from sand. He used his space pod to store dead lizards which he killed by stabbing them with his sword, he ate the lizards, and he got water from the many cactuses growing in the desert.

By the time he was 10 somebody found him out in the desert while taking a camel ride and immediately took him to her house and took care of him and made him go to school, which he liked, mostly because there were other kids to talk to. Most of the kids called him "the kid" because they didn't know what else to call him. The teachers usually called him "boy" or "kid", but his parents called him Mike. To everybody's eyes he was just a normal kid, 4 feet, 6 in., blond hair, blue eyes. He wasn't fat but nobody would call him skinny. To them he was an average 10 yr. old boy, but he was more, much more.

A/n: Sorry it's so sort, it will get longer I promise.