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Chapter 2

Kurama arrived in time to see a ford pick-up drive away with Jade in the back. The gang arrived a little after he did. "What happened here?" Urameshi asked walking closer to Kurama.

"I don't know at the time. Go ask one of the policemen." he responded turning in the direction of the pick-up went.

"And what will you be doing?" Hiei asked. Kurama looked at the fire demon and said, "I'll be getting answers from Jade." And with that he took off.

Jade looked over at the man and sighed. He stopped the truck in front of an old run down house. As they walked up the steps, onto a porch, the man turned and hit her. She fell to the ground as the man yelled at her. A few more hits and kicks happened, untill they stopped. She opened her eyes to see Kurama holding the mans hand in mid air, like it was about to hit her again.

Kurama spoke," The one thing I can't stand is when humans get hurt by other humans, especially when its children being hurt." With that he quickly hit the man in the stomach, which knocked him out.

Kurama looked over at Jade. She was leaning up against a support beam to the roof, with blood dripping down her face. He walked over to her and tore a piece of cloth, from his shirt, and started wiping the blood away from her face. He picked her up and started walking back toward the accident and the gang. She hadn't noticed the first time that he carried her. But, he smelled of roses.

"Kurama-" she started to say. "You don't have to explain anything to me, just yet." he said coming closer to the gang. "Just tell me when your ready." Before she could stop it, tears started forming in her eyes.

They got to the gang and Yusuke explained that the little boy was beaten by someone. "They took him to the hospital and someone can come and pick him up. So what happen to you?" he asked brushing away some of Jades bangs. "I'll tell you about it later." Kurama said. "Lets go back to the house."

"Oh Toge!" Jade said running to her younger brother. She pulled him into a hug. "What happened? Did Darien hurt you again?"

Her little brother smiled at her. "Yeah but I was bad. I didn't take the nice old mans wallet, cause he wanted to buy his grandson a toy." Tears formed in Toge eye's. "I couldn't do it, Jade." Jade hugged him tighter, "It's okay, Toge. You did the right thing."

Kurama walked into the room and said that they could leave now. Toge and Jade got off the bed and walked over to him. Kurama looked over at Jade and smiled. She smiled back. Hiei was waiting out side the door with a women. They turned toward them, and Kurama said, "Jade this is Keiko. She is going to take you out for a while. Don't worry she's nice, exspecially if your nice to her too."

"Oh Kurama, stop." Keiko said walking over to them. She smiled at Jade and said, "You ready to go?" Jade looked over at Kurama, "Who will take care of Toge?" "Don't worry I'll make sure he gets to Yusuke's home, without harm." Kurama said taking Toge's hand. "Hiei will help." Keiko whispered to Jade as they left.

Keiko and Jade walked a few block till they came to a park. "You wanna go swing awhile?" Keiko asked and Jade nodded. They made their way to the swings and sat down. After a few swings, Keiko asked, "So what happened to your parents?"

Jade sighed,"Our parents died when Toge was 3. I took care of him till a man named Darien took us in. He made us do things that went so good. He had us take things. No matter how much we complained he always had us do it again and again. Soon he started to beat us." tears rolled down her cheeks. Keiko pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry. Don't worry your with friends now.

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