Chapter 3

Keiko and Jade walked back to Yusuke's house and were greeted by Toge. He ran over and hugged his sister."Jade these guys are cool." Keiko laughed lightly, "Really, even that man over there?" she asked pointing to Hiei.

"Yeah he's the one that I'm talking about." Toge said tugging Jade to the television. Keiko walked over to Hiei and sat down next to him. "You really like kids don't you?" "Hn, he was just bored so I played a few games with him." Keiko leaned in and kisses Hiei on the cheek. Even that form of effection made him still blushed. "Are you blushing?" Keiko laughed hugging him.

Jade walked over to Kurama and sat down. "So...what are you ganna do with us?" Kurama looked surprized at the sudden question and responded, "Why your going to stay here for a while. Yusuke has agreed for you and your brother to stay here till we find you a good home." Jade weakly smiled, "What about Jannie"
"Well who's Jannie?"

Jade responded, "Jannie is Toge and mine's younger sister." Kurama had a very surprized look on his face, "What? You have another sibling?" At that comment everyone in the house had heard him and gathered around them. "Yeah Darien, has her"

"So Kurama what are you going to do?" Hiei asked ask Keiko put the childeren to bed. "Hiei I don't know. I know I have to go and get Jannie but who will adopt three kids."

Hiei watched as Keiko kissed each of the kids on the forehead. "What you don't think that Morgan wants three kids?"

Kurama laughed at the idea of Morgan and himself with three kids along with the one they already have. "Oh yeah she'll just love that."

Kieko reentered the room where they were. "Those poor kids have been threw a lot. It's just so sad, their story I mean." Hiei came closer to Keiko, "I-I'll see you later. "she told Hiei walking fast out of the room.

"I'll see you tomorrow Kurama." Hiei said disappearing into the darkness. Kurama smiled. 'Somethings going on with them' he thought turning off the light and leaving the house too.

Later that night

"Keiko what's wrong?" Hiei asked coming into their room. "You took off really fast."

"I'm sorry Hiei. I guess the kids just remind me of when Kiyono and I were enslaved by Kiyoto. You know how I get when I see children or adults being abused."

Hiei sat down on the bed with her. "Yeah you and Kurama are the same when it comes to that." He took her hand and pulled her into his arms. "What if we had kids of our own?" he whispered into her ear.

Shocked and embarassed, she just stared at him, "You mean it? But I thought that you said that you'd never have kids?"

Hiei smiled, "Only if you want to...we can always adopt if you don't want to have a baby."

"You mean Jade, Toge, and Jannie right?" She said, "It doesn't matter, just as long as I'm with you."

back at the house

"Moran, you know how much I love you. Yes I'll be staying the night here so the kids don't feel scared. Okay I'll see you in the morning. Good night." Kurama said hanging up the phone. 'Morgan your so understanding.'

Kurama headed toward the couch but saw that Toge was standing in the doorway of his bedroom, "Kurama, can I stay up with you for a while. I had a bad dream."

"Sure." he said throwing a blanket around them both.

"What will happen to my sisters and me? Will we have to go back to Darien?" Toge asked in a weak voice.

Surprised to find himself smiling, Kurama answered, "Hopefully I can find you three a great home. I won't let him get you. I promise." Without getting a response, Kurama looked down to see Toge asleep on his stomach. "Good night."

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