Title: Jack's Confession

Author: LadyJaye

Setting: Post season 1

Spoilers: Season 1 finale

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Summary: After a long day Tru and Jack hash it out and he makes a startling confession.

A/N: I don't know if I have the facts right, Tru Calling is still not on TV again and won't be until January so I made up some of the background stuff. I only caught on to the show midway through the first season. I apologize for the inaccuracy. I hope you enjoy it despite this fact.

Tru Davies walked into her apartment after another day of saving yet another person. She went into her washroom and looked at herself in the mirror. It had been 6 months since Luc had died and she hadn't had any run-in's with Jack lately. She washed up and got into her pyjamas. When she walked out of the washroom she was stunned to see Jack sitting at her kitchen table waiting for her.

"You've been stepping in my way for too long now Tru, my boss is getting upset. I've been lenient because I like you, but now this has to stop" he said.

"You've been lenient with me? That's an understatement. I'm exhausted; you're trying to kill people, innocent people and it's my job to stop you whether you like it or not" she said walking toward him.

"If you're tired you should take a rest. Let me do my job and then you can get all the rest you need."

"If you think that I'm going to stop you are wrong" she said now standing right in front of him.

"It's that attitude that got your mother killed you know."

Tru raised her hand and slapped Jack right across the face.

"How dare you bring my mother into this? You didn't even know her."

"No I didn't... but my boss did. He arranged for her to die Tru" he said rubbing his face where she had slapped him.

"Who is your boss Jack? I know you want to tell me, just tell me you want this rivalry between us to end."

"I do Tru, but I can't tell you who he is. For your own good; if you know then you will be in danger also."

Jack had tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He quickly turned away from her to leave; he would not let her see the tears. He had already said too much. Jack cared for Tru to much to see her father hurt her, and hurt her he would if she ever found out the truth. She came up behind him and grabbed him by the arm and turned him to face her.

"You are not leaving here Jack until you tell me who your boss is and why you are doing what you are doing."

"Tru, I'm sorry I can't. I care about you too much to see you hurt." He paused before continuing, "I am sorry about Luc. I did not want you to get hurt and I did not want him to get killed, but I had a quota to fill" he said the tears now gone.

He had a cold look in his eyes, the same look Tru saw in his eyes that same day at the cemetery after the funeral. Tru looked at his cold eyes and shuddered. She stepped back and began to fill the anger build within her. She clenched her fists as she said the next words.

"YOU HAD A QUOTA TO FILL! Is that what these innocent people you help to die are to you, merely a quota? What did you do to deserve this job; it must have been a doozy?"

Jack finally let his guard down. It was time to tell her everything; he did not want her mad at him. He wanted to love her, to be loved by her. He wanted a chance to feel again, to feel anything. Since the accident he had felt so empty. He walked towards her and put his hands on her arms to keep her from swinging at him.

"Alright, you want to know everything, I'll tell you."

He led her to the couch and sat down next to her never breaking eye contact with her.

"When I received my gift 5 years ago I was literally at death's door. I was out riding with my girlfriend on my motorcycle when we were suddenly cut off by a semi. I dropped the bike and we slid 100 metres before coming to a complete stop. I barely managed to turn myself over to find her when I blacked out. I was not an evil person but I was not a saint either, I had done some questionable things in my life as most people have done. The next thing I remember is a man standing above me; I thought he was an angel and that I was dead. He was not that kind of angel though. He was death himself, he helped me to stand up and told me to look down. I could see myself lying on the highway dead and my girlfriend a few feet from me pinned underneath my bike, but not dead yet.

Death looked at me and asked me what I would do to save her, would I sacrifice myself to save her? I told him that if she could live I would give up myself for her. He told me he was ready to 'retire' and told me that he would save us both, but that I would have to continue his work in exchange. I agreed for her. There was a flash and then I woke up in the hospital a few days later. She was still in critical condition and they told me that unfortunately she had lost the baby; I didn't even know she was pregnant. I went up to her room to see her couple of days after I woke up. She was awake and started to cry when I came in. She told me that she hadn't known about the baby either, and said that she would rather die than live the way she was. She was paralyzed from the waist down and would never be able to have another baby. I told her that none of that mattered, that we could still be happy. The way she looked at me made me realize that something was wrong, that something had changed.

She was afraid; she told me that she could not live with someone without a soul. She said it would be the death of her. That very moment she started to seizure, I panicked and called for a nurse or doctor to come help her but there was no one around. I watched helplessly as she died. Then there was a hand on my shoulder, it was death. I told him that he had promised to save her; he told me that he did, but I did not specify how long she was to live. It was then he explained to me the deal I had made with the devil that I was now death and it was me who had brought about her untimely demise. I ran from the room not believing what I had heard and upon my release checked myself into the mental hospital. It was there I realized that what he had told me was true and that I just had to accept it."

"You came to accept the fact that you would now be responsible for the deaths of innocent people, people whose circumstances could have been avoided if not for your interference? That's cold Jack, really cold. Do you think this sob story is supposed to make me feel sorry for you and what you've become?"

"No, I just want you to understand I made my deal to save a life, much like you do all the time. I thought I was doing the right thing, it wasn't until later I realized the mistake I had made. None of this mattered to me until I met you."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you realize that we were meant to meet Tru? You're life, I'm death. The two co-exist with each other in the universe; they must co-exist with each other in this realm also. If there was something I could do to stop what I do I would, if only to prove to you how much you mean to me."

Jack reached out and put his hand on her face, he then leaned in to kiss her. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him away.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"You can't deny that there is an attraction between us. I've wanted to do this since the first day I met you at the morgue."

Tru stood up and moved away from the couch to the window. It had started to rain, she felt a shiver down her spine as she sensed that Jack too had gotten up and was moving toward her. She wanted to kiss him so badly, but she had to remember that he was responsible for Luc's death and the death of many other people who didn't deserve it. She was completely conflicted. What was it he had said, that life and death must co-exist together. If that was the case and her mother was life, then that could only mean that... Jack interrupted her thoughts.

"Yes Tru. I know what you are thinking; your mother was life so that could only make one person death."

"It's not possible" she said turning to face him, tears beginning to fall from her eyes. "HE loved her; they were married, had children, and had a life together. Did she know what he was when she married him? Oh God" she put her hand over her mouth to stop from screaming.

Jack caught her as she fell to the floor in shock. She finally figured out the truth her mother had wanted to tell her. Her father had arranged for her mother's death. Did he mean for her to witness it also?

"I don't know if your mother knew when she married your father about who he was, but she must have figured it out soon after. She hoped that she would pass her gift onto one of her children and that they would continue her quest. Tru, if there was a way that I could give this curse back and be the man I used to be I would. I don't want to pass this onto anyone and I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I just want to love you and be with you."

Tru had stopped crying now and realized that she was sitting on the floor of her apartment curled up in Jack's arms soaking his shirt with her tears; and it felt right. The thunder crashed outside loudly and as she lifted her face to his lightning crashed in the sky illuminating his face. She looked into his eyes and saw that what he spoke was the truth. She raised her hand to his face. She brushed his cheek and could tell that it had been a couple of days since he had last shaved, but she didn't mind. She looked at his lips and then back at his eyes.

"Maybe there is a way to break the curse. My gift was passed onto me from my mother, but yours was given in exchange for your soul. My mother always told me that our souls were not ours to give away, that they did not belong to us. So if something does not belong to you to begin with, how can you give it away?"

"How do you propose I get what isn't mine back."

"Take it back. Let me save you."

With those words she leaned in to close the gap between them with a kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, but then Jack deepened the kiss. She responded and they only parted when they needed air. Tru stood up and held her hands out to Jack; she helped him up and led him toward the bedroom. She couldn't deny that she had wanted this from the moment she had met him also and now she understood why. Not only had she grown to love him, but he also needed saving.

"Tru are you sure about this? I don't want you to do something you will regret later."

"Jack, I've wanted this as long as you have. Make love to me" she said kissing him. "Let me save you."

They went the rest of the way into the bedroom and made love for the rest of the night. Below Tru's apartment on the street was a black car with one occupant. Her father slammed his hand on the steering wheel; he would not allow himself to be beat. He would deal with this, he had after all dealt with his own wife, and his daughter should be no different.

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