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Jack's Confession – Chapter 7

Jack walked right into the man in the black leather jacket. He tried to turn away to run the opposite direction, but it was too late. The man threw him against the wall. Jack kneed the man in the stomach and fought back his attacker. This commotion in the hallway attracted Davis, Harrison and Tru's attention.

"JACK," Tru called out as they noticed the commotion.

"Get in here Jack, quickly!" Davis shouted to him.

Jack managed to put some quick distance between himself and his attacker once more and made a run for the morgue doors. Once inside, they blocked the door and looked for something to defend them with.

"Who is that man?" Harrison asked frantically, "And what does he want with you?"

"He's the man who attacked me in my apartment. Do you know who he is Jack?"

"His name is Jonathon, at least that's what his drivers licence says." Jack said holding up the man's wallet.

"Is it possible that he is your 'replacement'?"

"Possibly! Do you think it's possible that your father knows this is a rewind day even though I don't remember; knows that we spent last night together and sent Jonathon after me?"

"If he does know it's a rewind day, then he'd have to know that you asked for my help and set all this in motion. He has to make sure that you die again in order for you to be replaced, and to keep me from passing on the call." She said the last part quietly to herself.

Jonathon had given up on trying to open the door; instead he had gone to find another way to lure them out. Tru looked for Davis and Harrison and saw that they had both gone into the far corner of the room. Neither of them was up for a confrontation, but Jack and Tru were ready for about anything now. The four of them waited a few minutes more and once they were sure the coast was clear, they moved the barricade.

"Davis, keep Harry here with you. If something happens I don't want him getting hurt too."

"Tru, I can go with you, I can help."

"Harry, you were just cowering in the corner, not a bad move may I add. This is something that Jack and I have to do alone."

"You are going to confront him, aren't you? Jack told me about mom."

"Yes we are. We are going to end this once and for all."

Harrison stretched his hand out to Jack before they left.

"Take care of her please; she's pretty much all the family I have."

"I will, I promise" he said also glancing toward Davis.

They left the morgue hand in hand; ready to face whatever came at them.

Tru and Jack arrived at Richard Davies' house a half hour later. His wife and kids were not there which was best. They knocked on the door and heard her father tell them to come in, he was expecting them.

"Well hello you two, you are late."

Behind Richard Davies stood Jonathon. He glared at Jack who took his wallet out of his pocket and tossed it to him.

"I think you lost something in the fight. Here you go."

"I seem to recall telling you yesterday to stay away from Jack and me. He doesn't want anything to do with you any more."

"It's not that easy, he can't just walk away from this just as you can't. The only way is for him to die. So if he really wants to give it up, he has to die, and since you can only have one 'rewind day' as you call it; well I'm sorry. You are going to have to bury another lover dear."

"You are right 'dad'" she said sarcastically, "But if you want me to stop then you are going to have to kill me also."

"I had your mother killed; I can do the same with you."

"No, YOU are going to have to do it. Not some flunky you've brought over or hired. Jack might not be able to ask for my help, but there's no reason that my unborn child couldn't cause a rewind to happen, is there?"

Jack took hold of her arm and looked at her with shock in his eyes. 'Unborn child' he thought. This wasn't possible, was it? They had only been together last night, or were there more that he was not remembering. She looked at him and gave him a look that said 'play along'. They both looked at her father.

"You are not pregnant my dear. You two were only together last night, that's impossible."

"How do you know that last night was the only time? For all you know, we could have been together many times and kept it from everyone."

Richard Davies took a moment to ponder this thought. He supposed that it was possible and Tru was right; he would have to be the one to kill her, to make it 'stick', but could he really murder his own child. He was death, but he wasn't completely heartless, he still loved all his children; just as he had loved his wife. That's why he couldn't bring himself to be the one to kill her. For now, he would deal with Jack and figure out what to do with Tru later on.

"Alright Tru, you win. I'll release Jack from his curse so he can be with you… on one condition" he said getting up from his seat.

"What's that?"

"You keep out of Jonathon's way until the baby is born and then you give the child to me."

Tru looked at Jack and then back to her father.

"No deal" she said matter-of-factly.

"Didn't think so."

Richard Davies pulled a gun and aimed at Jack. Everything slowed down as he pulled the trigger. The bullet flew through the air and Tru pushed Jack ever so slightly so the bullet hit him in the shoulder. She leapt at her father releasing the gun from his grip as Jack fell to the floor. The gun fired as she and Jonathon struggled over it, he fell to the ground with a mortal wound to the abdomen. Richard Davies ran out the back door of his house before his daughter could turn the gun on him, Tru let him leave without pursuit. She took the phone and dialled 911. The operator told her that an ambulance was on its way.

She took a towel from the kitchen and applied pressure to Jack's shoulder. The bullet had nicked an artery and was still in his shoulder. He was bleeding profusely, but still conscious.

"Are you really pregnant?" he asked between the painful breaths.

"No, but I got the idea from something he said to me yesterday."

"Darn, here I was hoping for something to live for" he joked.

"What; I'm not good enough?" she joked back.

"Always, too good in fact."

Jack's breaths started to become laboured and shallower as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Tru could feel him starting to slip away as he continued to bleed out. His eyelids became very heavy and he was having difficulty keeping them open. Tru started to cry a bit and he lifted a hand to wipe away her tears.

"Don't cry. What we had was incredible; I only wish we'd had it sooner."

"I know, but you are going to die again and I can't take it. Maybe I should give up the fight; I hate to bury the ones I love."

"Tru, promise me that you won't give up. Don't let him win."

"I promise. Jack… I love you." she whispered to him.

"I love you too Tru Davies." he whispered back.

Jack took one last look at her, closed his eyes and drew one last breath. The ambulance was just arriving as Tru started to cry now more heavily. They rushed in the house with their equipment. One of the paramedics helped Tru away from Jack's body and sat her down in a chair. They proceeded to take life saving measures, trying to get a heart beat from Jack. They slowed the bleeding from the wound and after two minutes were ready to pronounce time of death.

The medic looked at his watch to pronounce while the other started to the door to call it in when all of a sudden the monitor attached to Jack started to beep. Both medics paused and Tru sat up straight and held her breath. Jack had a pulse, he was breathing, his chest rising and falling slowly. The paramedics put an oxygen mask on his face and put him on a stretcher. They took him to the ambulance with Tru holdinghis hand the entire way. She climbed into the ambulance and went with them. When they arrived at the hospital, she called Davis and Harrison to let them know what happened. They both said they were on their way there.

Two hours later, Tru, Davis and Harrison were sitting in the waiting area on the surgical ward. The doctor came out of the operating room and came toward them.

"Miss Davies;" he asked. Tru nodded., "Mr. Harper came through surgery fine. We had to give him 4 units of blood during surgery, but he proved to be a good patient."

"Thank you doctor" Tru said fresh tears falling down her face.

"We will be moving him to recovery and then to room 211. You will be able to see him shortly."

"Thank you again doctor."

Tru turned to Harrison and Davis and grinned. Harrison came over and gave her a while Davis continued to stay back.

"I can't explain it Harry, but I really do love him, despite everything."

"I can tell that he really loves you too sis, he was really worried about you earlier."

"What about your father Tru, he got away. What if he comes after you again?" Davis asked.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now I just want to concentrate on helping Jack while he heals and moving on with my life."

"Does this mean that he's free from the curse? Technically he did die, right?"

"I think it does, I guess we'll find out on my next rewind day, won't we."

Tru looked down the hallway towards recovery. Harrison came up beside her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Richard Davies may have intended to break the two of you up permanently, but fate obviously had other plans. You two will be fine."

"Does that mean you like Jack again Harry?"

"I'm still mad about Lindsay and me, but as long as he makes you happy, that's all that matters."

Tru turned to her brother and gave him a reassuring hug. Behind her she heard the doors to recovery open and turned. They were wheeling Jack out and taking him to his room. She thanked them both again for coming to the hospital and left to go to Jack's room. She wanted to be there when he woke, to make sure that it wasn't in fact a dream.

Harrison was right, Richard Davies may have intended to separate them, but fate had other plans. Tru was looking forward to the future, a future that included Jack Harper.

The End

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