The Adventure Of Ash, Misty, and Brock! SPECIAL EDITION

When we last left our heroes, they were heading to Pallet Town. But first, they stop to hunt for Pokémon in a nearby patch of grass.

Ash: I think I'm gonna hunt for...

Brock: What?

Ash: a Rattata!

Misty and Brock fall down.

Brock: Hey, why not a Raticate, idiot?

Ash: Because I don't have a Rattata yet! Good trainers always get Rattatas first.

Brock: That explains your failures.

Misty: Hey, how about that?

Misty points to a wild Tangela.

Ash: I gotta catch it!

Ash gets into battle with the Tangela.

Ash: Go, Wartortle!

Wartortle pops out of the Pok'eball.

Ash: Wartortle, Water Gun attack!

Wartortle weakened the wimpy Tangela so much that it was ready for capture.

Ash: Pok'eball, go!

The Pok'eball hit Tangela. It held the Tangela. 1...2...Ding! Tangela was caught!

Ash: Alright, I caught Tangela!

Brock: Using my Pok'eball. Thanks for the Tangela!

Ash: Oh, well. Wartortle, return!

Wartortle returns.

Misty: Come on, let's go!

They surf to the edge of Pallet Town.

Misty: Come on, we're gonna miss it!

They run to Ash's Mom's house.

Ash: Hi, Mom!

Ash's Mom: Oh, Ash you came! Oh, you have 7 badges!

Ash: Uh, yeah. I'll turn on the TV.

TV: And now back to Pokémon.

Later, after a great episode of Pokémon...

Ash: Let's get going.

Ash, Misty, and Brock head out.

Misty: Hey, what's that?

Misty points to Prof. Oak's Lab.

Ash: Oh, that's Prof. Oak's Lab.

Suddenly, a dark figure stepped out of the laboratory.

Misty: Who is that?

Brock: I'll call him. Hey, idiot!

The figure approaches the group. It turns out to be...

Ash: Prof. Oak!

Misty: Prof. Oak!

Brock: A science nerd?

Prof. Oak: Yes, it's me, science, Prof. Oak.(to Ash) Ash, I have very important info for you in my lab.(To Brock) Hey, aren't you Pewter's Gym Leader?

Brock: Why, yes I am.

Prof. Oak: Well stay out here. You stink in raising Pokémon.

Ash: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go! Except you, Brock.

Everyone bursts into laughter. Then it fades out. Then it fades in again.

Brock: (to you) Yeah, I'm a human joke.(to himself) That's right. You'll get your revenge.

In Prof. Oak's Lab...

Prof. Oak: Ash, I have to inform you about a new species of Pokémon. The 151st!

Prof. Oak pulls down a picture of Mew.

Ash: That looks like the one in your...

Prof. Oak: (desperately) Uh...well, this creature is the mother of the horrible creation, Mewtwo.

Ash: How do you know this?

Prof. Oak: Simple, I have Mew...

Ash: What?!

Prof. Oak: In my Pokémon Red Version...

Misty: you cheating piece of crud! You used a GameShark!

Prof. Oak: (voice cracking) Um... no. I won a contest from Nintendo Power yesterday.

Misty: Hey... that contest is over!

Misty turns around she sees Prof. Oak run to his Luxury Sedan.

Prof. Oak: So long, !

He drove off. Later, he crashed into a chestnut tree.

Ash: Let's get out of here.

Ash, Misty, and Brock continue their journey after a visit to a nearby music store.

A song played through Ash's head as he continued his journey.

Song: We're on the road to Viridian City...Viridian City... We keep on tryin,' And the n we try some more... Stayin' together, tryin to find a place worth fighting for... Ash: Brock, please shut that music off!

Brock shuts his CD player off.

Brock: I'm sorry, Ash. That Nickelodeon store sold this for a discount.

Ash: Sick!

Our heroes finally arrive in Viridian City. Once there, they head to the Viridian PokéCenter, giving their Pok'emon to a familiar face.

Nurse Joy: Hi, Ash!

Ash: Hello, Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy: Well, you're lucky today. We just bought a new Speed-Heal machine, like in the game!

3 hours later...

Ash:(quietly) Some Speed-Heal.

Brock: Where did you get that, anyway?

Nurse Joy: Uh... Sega.


Our heroes find themselves in a Pokémon Mart.

Cashier: 3 Potions, 1 Max Revive, 2 full restores, and 1 Max Potion. Will that be all?

Ash: Yes.

Cashier: That will be $300.

Ash gives the Cashier $300.

Misty: Ash is really loaded with money!

Cashier: Would you like this new Potion? I hear it works wonders.

Ash: Alright!

Cashier: 50 dollars!

Ash pays him 50 dollars.

Ash: Well, let's get going!

Ash sees a man by the gym.

Man: The gym leader has returned!

Ash talked to him again.

Man: The gym leader has returned!

Ash: That's funny. That's all he can say.

Ash, Misty, and Brock enter the gym. Inside they are in a maze of walls.

They hear 2 familiar voices.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

James: Make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from...( to Brock ) Hey! Hand over the boombox with the CD!

Brock gives it to Jessie. James turned it to the song, "Prepare for Trouble."

CD Jessie: (in a singsong voice) To protect the world from devastation...

CD James:(also in a singsong voice) To unite all people within our nation...

Giovanni breaks in with the music still on.

Giovanni: Stop this at once!

Meowth was dancing, not saying a word.

Suddenly, Team Rocket and the boombox were hurled into the air.

CD Jessie & CD James: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

With that, they disappeared.

Giovanni:(sarcastically) Oops! It looks like I accidentally pressed the "Look's like Team Rocket's Blasting off Again" button. Oh, well.(to Ash) Well, do you want a match or what?

Ash: Yeah!

Giovanni: Go, Dugtrio!

Dugtrio pops out of the Pokéball.

Ash: OK, Wartortle, GO!

Giovanni: Dugtrio, Dig!

Dugtrio dug a hole. After a few seconds, it attacked! It weakened Wartortle a lot! Ash tried to use a Potion but Pikachu(there he is), who was still in his backpack, threw everything except the special Potion.

Ash:(picking up the Potion) This will have to do.

Ash sprayed it on Wartortle. Nothing happened. Then he looked at the seal. It said: Made by Nickelodeon.

Ash: Oh, no! That stupid company ripped me off!

He looks at Wartortle.

Ash: You're evolving!

Wartortle evolved into Blastoise!

Misty: Wow! that's awesome!

Misty sees Brock crying.

Misty: Why are you crying?

Brock: Team Rocket stole my boombox! It cost me $650!

Brock sobs some more.

Giovanni: ( to Ash ) What are you waiting for, Christmas?

Ash: Now that you mentioned it, yes.

Giovanni: Come on!

Ash: Alright already! Blastoise, Hydro Pump!

Blastoise used a powerful blast of water that made Dugtrio faint!

Giovanni: I can't take any chances. Pok'eballs, GO!

Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Rhydon popped out of Giovanni's Pokéballs.

Ash: Hey, that's against the rules!

Giovanni: Team Rocket never play by the rules! If I win, you'll have to surrender your Pokémon.

Ash: Fine. Blastoise, give them...BLIZZARD!

Giovanni: Drat. You Cheap shot!

Blastoise froze his opponents.

Giovanni: You have beaten me.

Giovanni gives Ash the Earthbadge.


Giovanni pulls out a gun.

Giovanni: Gimme your Pokémon!

Ash: Oh, yeah? Blastoise, Hydro Pump!

The Hydro Pump sent Giovanni into the air.

Giovanni: Looks like Team Rocket's boss is blasting off again!

Giovanni disappeared like Jessie, James, & Meowth

Ash: Let's get out of here.

Ash, Misty and Brock get out and head on to Victory Road.

Ash: Yes! I'm ready for the Pok'emon League. Hey, where's Brock?

Misty: I dunno.

Ash: He'll catch up.

As Ash heads to the Pok'emon League, an inspiring song circled through his head.

Song: 2 B a Master, Pok'emon Master. I will B writin, A brand new...

Ash: Hey, it's Brock!

Ash spots Brock following them with a new boombox

Brock: I picked 2B a Master from a Pokémon CD!

Ash: Cool. Now shut that horrid music off!